Watch: Deftones release Ceremony video by horror director Leigh Whannell

Deftones’ 2020 album Ohms remains as awesome as ever, and the band are continuing to celebrate its success with an eerie, gripping video for Ceremony.

The Sacramento alt.metal titans teamed up with Leigh Whannell for the promo following a simple tweet from the director announcing that he was a fan. Previously, he has worked on the likes of 2020’s The Invisible Man, as well as co-creating the Saw and Insidious franchises with James Wan. The Ceremony collaboration also features Cleopatra Coleman in the video’s starring role.

I’ve been a huge Deftones fan for over 20 years and have always admired the devotion they have dedicated to every aspect of their art – from music videos to album covers to their cryptic and intriguing lyrics. To get a chance to be a part of that art was a dream come true.”

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Deftones frontman Chino Moreno adds: When Leigh tweeted that he was a fan, we immediately thought it would be cool to collaborate with him given the chance. We’re fans of his as well, so it made sense that we should reach out. One moment we’re DMing each other on Twitter, and the next we’re on set making Ceremony. This has always been the best way for us to collaborate: organically, collaboratively and in this case, expeditiously.”

Watch the video for Ceremony below:

Posted on April 21st 2021, 4:50p.m.

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