There’s A Song On The New Deftones Album That Has Seagulls On It

As the release of Deftones’ new album Ohms creeps closer, the band have started to tease what’s to come from their highly-anticipated ninth studio effort – and while frontman Chino Moreno has already said that the title-track is a good indication of where things are headed, there are seemingly some unexpected musical choices taken, too.

Case in point: the song Pompeji, which Chino and drummer Abe Cunningham reveal exclusively to Kerrang! has seagulls on it. It wasn’t planned that they would feature in the track, but Chino decided to add them into the fold once it was finished, finding a 12-minute recording of the birds and putting in a few choice highlights.


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“It’s funny, because I’ve always wanted to put them in a song,” he explains. “They’re sort of spooky. Don Henley’s Boys Of Summer has this one little section where you hear seagulls and it always made me feel creepy.

“I like it because it changes the setting of the song,” Chino continues. “It takes you somewhere.”

“We’ve had crickets before,” jokes Abe. “There are always teeny hidden beasts and insects stashed away.”

Chino also recently elaborated on why Deftones opted for the title Ohms: “It’s that balance and polarity of things. I’ve always described our band as having that yin and yang. As people, the music we make, and the lyrics that I write, there’s always this juxtaposition and that’s the beauty of what we’ve created.”

Ohms is due out on September 25 via Warner Records.

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Posted on August 25th 2020, 4:03pm

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