“The Connection” – May 2005 // Chino Interviewed

Deftones singer plans new albums
By Angela Rosas

Right after their October 2004 tour, Sacramento’s own Deftones jumped from the stage
straight into the studio to begin working on their fifth, full length album due to
release this summer.

It has been two years since their self-titled “Deftones,” was released; a worthy cause
but not a huge success. Now the Deftones are giving it another shot. They are going
into the studio prepared, energized, fresh off tour and ready to capture their listeners
with a variety of new sounds.

“We spent a lot of time on our last record, but it wasn’t all work all the time.
We would take a lot of time off,” said Chino Moreno, Deftones lead singer. “This one
has been pretty constant. I think we are really dissecting our songs and trying to
write a little more technical, meaning the song structures and the way we are
approaching our songs.”

“With the ‘White Pony’ album, me and Stephen Carpenter (Deftones guitarist) were butting
heads a lot and it caused a lot of tension. But I think it made for a good album, we
were trying to top each other the whole time. Our mistake with the last album was I
made such a point to not have any conflict with anybody in the band. So our communication
wasn’t strong cause we were avoiding conflict,” Moreno said.

“We are on the same page right now with what we want to do. We are making something
interesting, not just making a record for the sake of making a record,” Moreno said.
“We all want to make something that 10 years from now people will still want to listen to.”

Bob Ezner, Deftones new producer, is much more hands on than their previous producer
Terry Date. Ezner, who has been producing since the 70s, has had a lot of experience
with the technicalities of writing songs and has been working with Deftones on song
structures, something not brought up during past album recordings.

“We never really had any outside opinion, besides the band. This way it will be opened up
a little bit and we have another opinion,” Moreno said. “Which sometimes is good and
sometimes it sucks.”

Besides a change in song structure expect to hear a variety of new sounds. The Deftones
are including key boards, jazz piano and some electronic mixes to their music. “We’re
adding elements of sound that we’ve always been into but never really took the time to
work into our music,” Moreno said.

Look forward to the new Deftones release to be a thinking album, nothing about this is
novelty. Its theme so far, according to Moreno, is loneliness.

“I want to make a record were there is not one second of it that is just there to be
there, I want every single moment of it to be interesting. And that is the most time
consuming thing,” Moreno said.

Deftones release date for their upcoming album is to be announced.