Resemblances between Chino and Morrissey’s lyrics (The Smiths)

“I don’t want a lover, I just want to be tied to the back of your car” – (I’ve got everything now- The Smiths)
“And just before I come to, Move to the back of the car .. First untie me Untie me for now, You said you would, right? And you were right” – (FEITICEIRA- DEFTONES)

PASSENGER – Deftones feat Maynard and THE CHARMING MAN – The Smiths
“Why pamper life’s complexities, when leather runs smooth on the passenger seat?” (The Charming Man – The Smiths)
“Leather seats also mentioned again “It was dark as I drove the point home And on cold leather seats” (That Joke Isn’t funny anymore- The Smiths)
“The chrome buttons, buckles on leather surfaces, These and other lucky witnesses, Now to calm me… Nice…cool seats there To cushion your knees Now to calm me” (Passenger – Deftones feat Maynard)

GIRL AFRAID- The Smiths and DIGITAL BATH – Deftones
” He never really looks at me, I give him the opportunity in the room downstairs, In the room downstairs he sat and stared I’ll never make that mistake again” (Girl Afraid – The Smiths)
“You move – like I want to To see – like your eyes do We are…downstairs, Where no one can see, New life – breakaway” (Digital Bath – Deftones)

BE QUIET AND DRIVE (far away) – Deftones and THERE IS A LIGHT THAT NEVER GOES OUT – The Smiths
“Take me out tonight Oh, take me anywhere, I don’t care I don’t care, I don’t care Driving in your car I never never want to go home” (There is a light that never goes out – The Smiths)
“Now drive me, Far… And I don’t care where just, Far – away And I don’t care” (Be Quiet and Drive (far away) – Deftones)

thanks to: Bev. Cheshire, England.