“Radio 1” – March 2002 // Chino Moreno Interviewed

Chino Moreno from Deftones on BBC Radio 1 Rock Show
Broadcast 19 March, 2002
Chino Moreno from Deftones joined Mary Anne on the ‘phone to talk about his year-long project
‘Team Sleep’ and the impending Deftones album.

Where are you right now?
I’m walking down the street in Sacramento, where I live.
Tell me.. how low-slung are your trousers today?
About midway right now…

You were playing Howard’s Jones records last time you were on the Rock Show and discussing your
mad love of the 80s…
Yeah, I remember that.

Tell us about the new Team Sleep stuff you’re doing.
It’s really fun. It started off being a lot of electronic stuff that I recorded in my bedroom
and at home and then I brought in a few talented musicians from where I live. It’s really just
beat-orientated music. It’s kinda danceable in a way, but it’s not typical retro 80s or
anything. There are hints of what I grew up listening to… some of it was 80s y’know like trip

What’s it called?
It’s not going to be titled it’s just going to be Team Sleep and I think it’s gonna be out late
June. We’re planning to bring Team Sleep over and do a couple of months in July in Europe. The
West Coast dates we did were cool. A lot of the music was written on a machine and then we got
a band in and a lot of the guys had never played onstage live and so it was kinda new to us.
It’s not difficult because people won’t be stage-diving or anything. The crowds are cool – it’s
a real head-nod thing, with guitars too. So it’s not totally a retro thing.

Tell us about the new Deftones record.
It’s titled Lovers and it’s a really, really hardcore album. Half the songs written for it are
done and it’s pretty loud and heavy. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s angry, but it’s not
pretty by any means.

Any plans to come over with Deftones in Summer?
I’m sure we are, but the main thing is to complete the album. We hope to be finished at the end
of June with this album (June 30th) and then I plan on starting the Team Sleep thing over there.
I’m sure I’ll have promos of the Deftones stuff with me.

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