Napster Rant MP3 Secrets

In the White Pony enhanced CD right after you hit exit, (Macromedia’s log) you hear Chino’s son saying something like “take this” and if you listen to the Napster rant, you can see that this exit sound was taken off the Napster Rant. (mp3 runtime= 44″). (props to Abby Diaz)

Possibly the Linus from Like Linus… a real person the Deftones know…. on the Napster Rant they put up before WP came out they’re jokin around saying “buy WP, why are u stealing music…blah blah blah” so then (I guess Abe) starts jammin on the drums and the whole mp3 sounds like they’re recording this funny shit at a party (chino, Abe and Frank are there for sure) so anyway after they start jabbering abe starts drummin and stops and Chino starts calling “LINUS! LINUS!” no one answers so chino gets on the mic and says “linus come here” and u hear some dude sayin “what’s up mother fuckers..” and Chino says “get on the bass and give me a c sharp” (Much Thanks to Matt)