I got more secrets for the enhanced White Pony CD:

– Clicking the 3 in Worldwide gives you the Abe ballooning animation.
– In the credits page (exit) if you click on these names: Mike Donk, Darren  Eggleston and Fred Croshal, you’ll have some exclusive pics
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Some are rumored to be true but didn’t work with me:

– If you use the cheat Easter egg on the edge walls something strange will happen to your pony.
– Watching Abe’s indulge screen too long gives you a wicked shot.

In the lung section all the lyrics that have “fuck” in them have it scratched out and in change at then end instead of saying “give you the gun, blow me away” it says “give you everything, blew me away” which was probably the original lyric – Thanks to Jessyca.

So if you find more secrets let me know — thanks!