“deftonesworld.com” – July 2001 // Rodleen Interviewed

Rodleen interviewed by Nuno Rolinho (www.deftonesworld.com)
July, 2001


NUNO: how did your appearance on the white pony happen?

RODLEEN: At the time I lived up near Santa Barbara on Rincon
Point. I came to Larabee Studios in West Hollywood
that week to check out Rob Wasserman (an incredible
bass player who plays with Bob Weir, amongst others)
master his solo album with Dave Aron (Snoop’s
producer). These were the same studios that The
Deftones were recording their album in. Up in the
lounge above the studios someone played a recording of
mine from a show I had recently done. Just me my
guitar. Anyway, the guys heard my voice and asked me
to sing on the album. I didnt know what to expect.
The Deftones were new to me, and I didnt even know
what kind of music it was going to be.

NUNO: what do you think about the song “knife party”? I
mean chino wrote it, and it means something for
him…what does it mean for you? suicide perhaps?

RODLEEN: When I sing knife party with Chino, I am floating
around the room forever. The song is psychedelic.
And, honestly, it does always put me in a
sensual/sexual feel. When Chino asked if I would sing
on his song, I asked what it was about. He replied
that it is a song about his fantasies, his sexual
fantasies. But, wow. I never thot of it as relating
to death. Now that you mention it, certainly it is
dark enough to represent a passage of some sort of
death. Hey, Im all for opportune spiritual rebirths.

NUNO: do you sing on that song? or it’s just “screams”?

RODLEEN: We were up in that lounge at Larabee, and Chino asked
if I wanted to ‘sing’ on this song. As he began to
play it, I said, let’s just go down in the studio
right now and see how it hits my soul. My voice came
out in this operatic screamsing. Never before had I
known it. I love how we are always learning new
things in life, and that different people inspire us
to express and reveal our arts in different ways. So,
an answer to your question: I call it operatic

NUNO: how is your relationship with the guys?

RODLEEN: Like brothers. They are my brothers. And their wives
and children are respectful and kind. I have a love
for the whole crew.

NUNO: what’s your favorite deftones song (behind knife party)?

RODLEEN: Honestly, Im not great with names of songs and all.
But I would have to say the one song that I love with
a passion that rides me -superduper doped up high
like- everytime I hear it, I jump. It’s the one that
goes “Why dont you just get sic! Get sic!” Cause
“get sic” is my last name.

NUNO: what do you think about the deftones as a new rock

RODLEEN: They rock in a true way, a new way, which involves the
audience. Integrating the whole into a participation
on levels of motion/emotion and pure performance;
somehow Chino gets out there and gives and gives and
receives and receives. Something amazing and
powerful. And then, with this TeenSleep, it is as if
they can keep changing; as if change is what they are.
Which is cool and really something special.

NUNO: what’s your favorite band?

RODLEEN: I dont play favorites. I love good live shows, and I
love to sing and make music.

NUNO: do you have a band, or some kind of side project?

RODLEEN: Lately Ive been extremely busy working for Jubilee and
Perry Farrell and Jane’s Addiction, on a
administrative/coordinating level. I want to be
singing more in the future,
and I will be.

NUNO: do you have some special friends like chino, i mean
“star people”?

RODLEEN: Yeah. I know lot’s of star people. And I wouldnt
even say that star people have to be celebrities.
Tho, I do brush shoulders (and wings) with many

NUNO: what do you think about today’s music scene?

RODLEEN: It feels to me like it is on the verge of change in a
massive and global way. I think the actual music
‘scene’ itself has been almost dormant, but I feel the
inner cult i vation of some hugely beautiful span
about to emerge.

NUNO: one last question, a tricky one…what’s your
opinion about chino, as a sex symbol?

RODLEEN: The way he moves and moves his crowd of fanatics IS
…Tonight I heard teamsleep… It told a story
when I listened to it tonight over the phone.
Methodic. Creepy. Creeping up at me then without
words one song sounded like birds flocking and rain
and fire, then into the earth. Happy stuff, too.
Hits my gut, championing and grabbing the soul. I
want to sing it. I heard children’s laughter, too,
echoing in the forefront sounding like over time and
through water. It was Crook’s kid. But everything
else was real…