Deftones Drop Teaser of Single From New Ohms Album

Following cryptic social media teasers, Deftones’ revealed that their ninth album, Ohms, will be out Sept. 25 on Reprise Records, while the single — which is the album’s last song and title track — drops Aug. 21. Ohms is 10 songs long, and includes such quirky titles as “Errorr” and “This Link is Dead.” Further to the spiritual album title, songs “Urantia” (a name used to refer to earth in a tome called The Urantia Book) and “Genesis” may also deal with philosophical/spiritual matters,

Ohms was produced by Terry Date, who also helmed the group’s Around the Fur, White Pony, and the self-titled album.

Recently, White Pony turned 20 and we caught up with a number of the band’s friends, collaborators and admirers to talk about the importance of the album.

Listen here to a 30-second snippet of Ohms here.

See the tracklisting and art below:

Credit: Reprise Records

1. Genesis
2. Ceremony
3. Urantia
4. Errorr
5. The Spell of Mathematics
6. Pompeji
7. This Link Is Dead
8. Radiant City
9. Headless
10. Ohms

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