“Deftones” Connections

– Moana: Moana is the Maori (New Zealand native) word for the sea. Pronounced Mo-a-na, maw-a-na.
– Minerva: Minerva was the multi-talented Roman goddess of wisdom, poetry, music, medicine, arts and crafts (especially wool) , dyeing, science, commerce, and war. More generally she was the patroness of intellect and learning, especially academics.
– Hexagram: An hexagram is a potent symbol of the macrocosm (God, the Universe or Higher Energies), and of the relationship between the macrocosm and the microcosm (Humankind, the Earth or Manifest Energies). In its regular form it is drawn as two intersecting equilateral triangles, and is most commonly seen as the Judaic Star of David.