Chino Moreno reveals which Deftones album will “always” be his favourite


Deftones frontman Chino Moreno has revealed which of the band’s albums will “always” be his favourite.

The band released ninth album ‘Ohms’ last month, their first since 2016’s ‘Gore’.

Speaking to Zane Lowe on Apple Music about the new album and more, Moreno spoke of the band’s history, revealing that he believes his favourite Deftones album will always be their second LP, 1997’s ‘Around The Fur’.

“Honestly, I still think that record will always be my favourite record,” Moreno said. “One of the main reasons why… For one, we were pretty young. We were probably late, maybe mid-20s then, something like that. But we were on fire.”

Deftones return with ‘Ohms’. Credit: Tamar Levine

“There’s something about it that’s really, really special,” the frontman said of the album. “And then we had a lot of attention obviously, but I don’t think it affected like as far as in a negative way at least of like, ‘Oh, we need to do,’ like all of that stress of, ‘Oh, we need to make something that’s going to be up to par.’

“It was like I was looking at the record before it going, ‘Oh, we’re about to crush that. I don’t even care about that.’ I was just so excited to show people what was to come, you know? And I think we all were. It just one of those things where we definitely captured lightning in a bottle, like straight-up.”

Reviewing Deftones’ new album ‘Ohms’, NME wrote: “‘Ohms’ is a very 2020 sort of album. This isn’t a year in which beauty makes all that much sense. These songs are as ugly as the news. As disfigured as the environment. As barren as the hope felt by the majority of the world’s inhabitants.”

Speaking to NME about the new album, Moreno spoke about the band’s history and their nine records to date. “I think that every record has a special place in our past, and hopefully our future,” he said. “Even in our worst moments, we persevere in making music together as the same people we were growing up as kids. We’re just lucky that we still want to and we still can.”

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