Chino caught in the act

This story was told by Chino’s mom and it happened when he was a young teenager…it starts like this;
One evening Chino grabbed his skate and went straight to his girlfriend house. When he reached her house he climbed to her bedroom window and asked her: “Well, can I come up?” and she leaned out and whispered “Yeah, but be careful! Don’t wake my parents up!”. One minute after young Chino stepped into the frightened girl bedroom, he heard her parents hallway door slam open…suddenly Chino started to run like a psycho in the middle of the street with big daddy right behind him. But the old man couldn’t sustained Chino’s speed and gave up…”I know who you are, Chino! I’m going to call your mother in the morning! You’re in deep, mister!” said Chino’s worst enemy. When Chino arrived home he couldn’t sleep ’cause he was sweatin’ like a damaged faucet. In the morning he waked his big sister up and convinced her to call his girlfriends’ folks. He figured: “I’m gonna preemptive strike this shit before it gets out of hand”. So she called and pretended that she was Chino’s mom and yes, Chino told her about the whole shameful thing and he will be punished, blah, blah, blah. And it worked because the pissed off dad believed that he was talking to Chino’s mom! And that was it, Chino’s mom never knew about this wicked story until someone slipped recently during a conversation.