DEFTONES Part Ways With Longtime Bassist SERGIO VEGA

DEFTONES have parted ways with their longtime bassist Sergio Vega.

The 51-year-old musician, who officially joined DEFTONES in 2009, confirmed his exit Tuesday night (March 8), just days after a new photo of the band without him emerged online on various digital service providers (see below).

In a video message posted to his Instagram, Sergio said: “Hi everybody. I hope this finds you well. I didn’t wanna have to make a video about this, but after the recent band photo posted on DEFTONESSpotify, I feel the need to clear the air. I’m not very good at this, so I wrote out a statement and I will read it to you now.

“To give a brief history about me and my friendship with DEFTONES. We met in 1995. I filled in for [late DEFTONES bassist] Chi [Cheng] — rest in peace — in 1999 and was asked to work with the band after his tragedy in 2009. Because of the love they have for QUICKSAND, I was asked to bring the same approach as a songwriter and arranger to them as well. I was also told that, similarly to Frank [Delgado, DEFTONES keyboardist and turntablist], I would be brought in over time to become an official member. I had worked with the band for 12 years, and at the start of every album cycle, I asked about becoming an official member, but the contract would be improved instead.

“COVID was a breaking point for a lot of people and I started to question my place in the band and the future that I wanted for my career. I really started to need something stable, because, at that point, my contract with them was canceled. One day I got a call from the guys about an internal band situation, and they asked me if I was solid and that I would have to fly out to L.A. to help work it out right away. I said, of course, I was all in, and ‘we can handle my situation later. But I can’t go back to my old contract.’ Our respective management had a conversation to discuss a new contract and they offered me the same deal. At that point, it was clear there was no opportunity for growth for me, so I declined the offer. And then I called the guys immediately to see where the miscommunication was to resolve it but there was no response. A couple of days later, I received an e-mail from their lawyer that their offer was withdrawn and that they wished me the best. So I left the band early last year and since then I’ve been focused on my band QUICKSAND as well as working as a producer and writer for other artists and projects. And I’m mentioning this because there was some speculation about me selling my gear and quitting music altogether.

“Out of respect for the people who have held tickets for this tour the past couple of years and everyone who supports the band, I felt it important to bring some clarity to the situation.

“Lots of love and thanks to DEFTONES‘ amazing fanbase for always being engaged and supportive of the band through good times and bad. I appreciate every single one of you. All my love to the fans that have become friends, the people that have supported my other projects. It brought me so much joy to see DEFTONES shirts at QUICKSAND shows and I will cherish this forever.

“Lastly, thanks so much to the ‘TONES. I wish they had the chance to tell you this in person. I want you to know that I appreciate all the years we spent together, writing, performing, being taken into your worlds. I learned a lot from each one of you. When you brought me in, you created a new sense of passion for music that I will always cherish and carry with me. You truly changed my life.”

Vega cut his teeth in the New York City hardcore scene in the late 1980s before going on to play in the influential post-hardcore trio QUICKSAND. QUICKSAND released two major-label albums (“Manic Compression” and “Slip”) before calling it a day. Soon after, Vega found himself filling in with the DEFTONES and eventually joined the band as the full-time replacement for Cheng.

QUICKSAND reformed in 2012 and released a comeback album, “Interiors”, in 2017, ending the band’s 22-year interval between LPs. A follow-up effort, “Distant Populations”, arrived last August.

Chi died in April 2013 at the age of 42. He had been in a semi-comatose state for more than four years after being seriously injured in a car accident in November 2008. In addition to not recovering full consciousness, Cheng had been in and out of hospitals for various infections as his family has struggled with the mounting costs of care since he had lost his health insurance a few months after the accident.

Cheng required surgery after the car accident to remove part of his brain, but his recovery was strong enough that he was taken off life support seven months later.

Over the course of the last couple of years of his life, Cheng emerged from his coma for brief intervals. He was able to open his eyes and apparently could see and hear things going on around him but could not respond verbally.

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DEFTONES Bassist SERGIO VEGA Is Selling Music Gear Used On Albums And Tours

The official Sergio Vega Reverb shop has launched, allowing fans of the DEFTONES and QUICKSAND bassist a chance to purchase basses, guitars, and more music gear from throughout Vega’s career.

Gear in the shop includes:

* A Fractal Axe FX-II and Axe FX-II XL+ dual setup, complete with labeled Fractal Foot Controllers, that Vega used for live shows and recording. “They still contain all of my presets and patches throughout the years,” said Vega — including ones used for the songs “Diamond Eyes”, “Poltergeist” and “Tempest”.

* A suite of Fender Jaguar basses from Vega‘s collection. Said Vega: “These are the basses I’ve recorded everything from ‘Diamond Eyes’ to ‘Ohm’, to ‘Interiors’ with QUICKSAND as well.”

* A collection of Fender Squier Bass VIs. “These are things that I have loved and have been meticulously maintained over the years,” Vega explained.

* Tour posters, a wardrobe case, and other road-worn memorabilia.

As Vega continues to build his collection of gear, he’s realized that it’s time to clean out the studio.

“The only reason I’m getting rid of [this gear] is because I find myself not using them as much, and also as you acquire more gear, you want to make space for that gear,” he said.

In a 2021 interview with Bass Magazine, Sergio stated about being in a rhythm section with DEFTONES drummer Abe Cunningham: “It’s a joy. We put a lot of effort into being a tight rhythm section. We call ourselves Too Right and we even got matching tattoos. We’re very serious about it. Whether we’re playing like a traditional rhythm section where I match his kick, or we’re interplaying, it’s mainly about keeping everything super tight. After a song is written, the final aspect of detailing for me is isolating Abe‘s drums and playing with them over and over, and making sure I’m locking in with every little thing he’s doing. Steph [guitarist Stephen Carpenter] is the same way and he approaches guitar a lot like a bass.”

Asked how he finds the space for his bass in DEFTONES‘s music, Sergio said: “If I’m coming in with a part, then everyone else is fitting in with how they hear it, but if someone else has a part, then it’s my job to do that. Stephen and I have a lot of fun matching each other, and we do role bending where he’ll play low and very rhythmically and I’ll go high on the neck and make it more melodic. A lot of it isn’t thought out; it’s just what sounds best.”

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DEFTONES Frontman’s CROSSES Releases Cover Of Q LAZZARUS’s ‘Goodbye Horses’ As A Digital Single

††† (CROSSES)DEFTONES frontman Chino Moreno‘s project with FAR guitarist Shaun Lopez — has released its cover of Q Lazzarus‘s “Goodbye Horses” as a digital single. The track was previously covered by ††† (CROSSES) back in 2014.

Earlier this week, Lopez confirmed that ††† (CROSSES) had signed a new deal with Warner Records.

Prior to “Goodbye Horses”‘ digital arrival, ††† (CROSSES)‘s last release was a cover of “The Beginning Of The End” by ’90s electropop band CAUSE & EFFECT. Made available last December, it was the first new music from the alternative band since its 2014-released, self-titled record.

Moreno told The Pulse Of Radio how he got involved with the group in the first place, which was started by Lopez and Chuck Doom. “Shaun and Chuck were working together for a while before I came into the picture, and I just so happened to come in one day,” he said. “These guys were, you know, writing some stuff and I heard it and I liked it right off the bat, and I sort of weaseled my way [Laughs] into the project. I think their idea was to get a bunch of different singers to, you know, just write different tracks, and… it didn’t happen.”

††† (CROSSES)’s CD included the songs from the band’s two previously released EPs along with five new tracks.

Moreno told Rolling Stone about ††† (CROSSES)’ sound: “By listening to the music, you can tell that a lot of the influences come from the new-wave era. That was basically the scene that I came up on. I just happened to wind up in a metal band when I was 15.”

Asked about ††† (CROSSES)’s heavy use of the cross in the band’s imagery and songtitles, Moreno said: “I think a lot of bands are influenced by religious symbolism and not even necessarily Christianity or Catholicism. Our band definitely doesn’t follow any of those. It’s more of the aesthetic. The art, the way it works. The initial name of the band was going to be HOLY GHOST. But at the last minute, another band came out with the name, so Shaun suggested CROSSES. It’s a very strong symbol. Three crosses is great. It’s great to look at, there’s three of us in the band.”

††† (CROSSES) made its live debut in January 2012 at The Glass House in Pomona, California.

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Deftones launch their own cannabis collection with The Passenger Box

Deftones have launched their own cannabis collection – check out the preview video below.

The band announced the first edition of the line – The Passenger Box – on social media yesterday (November 24), having teamed up with California-based cannabis brand Golden Barn for the venture.

“Throughout our career, it has been an ongoing mission to provide our fans with quality products,” the group wrote in a statement. “Whether it’s music, beer, or tequila, we put in the time, care and effort to make sure we’re delivering merchandise to the market that [has] been thoroughly scrutinised by all of us.

“The obvious next step in this progression is cannabis. In the foreseeable future, we will be rolling out several different products in this vertical via [Golden Barn], and we are excited to unveil our first: The Passenger Box.”

They continued: “[There are] nine locations that have our cannabis line in stock today in California. More will be distributed throughout the state in the following week. Stay tuned.”


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A post shared by @deftonescannabis

According to an official announcement video, the Passenger Box strain has a “great scent” and “tastes just like it smells”. The clip also previews buds, concentrates, edibles and vapes from the first instalment.

Creating the Deftones-branded packaging, meanwhile, was said to be “an awesome process” for the group, who enlisted Frank Maddocks – the designer behind some of their past album art – to create the graphics.

The Passenger Box takes its name from the band’s ‘White Pony’ track ‘Passenger’ and bears the 2000 album’s logo.

Earlier this week, Deftones were nominated in the Best Rock Performance (‘Ohms’) and Best Metal Performance (‘Genesis’) categories for the Grammys 2022. Additionally, the Mike Shinoda remix of ‘Passenger’ is up for Best Remixed Recording.

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Deftones, Halsey, Gojira, Weezer and more nominated for GRAMMYs

Deftones, Halsey, Gojira, Weezer and more have been nominated for 2022 GRAMMY Awards.

They all feature in rock, metal and alternative categories, with Deftones scooping two nominations for Best Rock Performance and Best Metal Performance. AC/DC, Black Pumas, Chris Cornell and Foo Fighters round out the rest of the rock category, while Dream Theater, Gojira, Mastodon and Rob Zombie complete the metal.

Elsewhere, AC/DC and Foos also find themselves with nods for Best Rock Album, alongside Black Pumas, Chris Cornell, and Paul McCartney. Weezer, Mammoth WVH and – again – Foo Fighters have Best Rock Song nominations, and Halsey and St. Vincent are both up for Best Alternative Music Album.

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Check out the rock, metal and alternative lists below:

Best Rock Performance

1. AC/DC – Shot In The Dark
2. Black Pumas – Know You Better (Live From Capitol Studio A)
3. Chris Cornell – Nothing Compares 2 U
4. Deftones – Ohms
5. Foo Fighters – Making A Fire

Best Metal Performance

1. Deftones – Genesis
2. Dream Theater – The Alien
3. Gojira – Amazonia
4. Mastodon – Pushing The Tides
5. Rob Zombie – The Triumph Of King Freak

Best Rock Album

2. Black Pumas – Capitol Cuts (Live From Studio A)
3. Chris Cornell – No One Sings Like You Anymore Vol. 1 
4. Foo Fighters – Medicine At Midnight
5. Paul McCartney – McCartney III

Best Rock Song

1. Weezer – All My Favorite Songs
2. Kings Of Leon – The Bandit
3. Mammoth WVH – Distance
4. Paul McCartney – Find My Way
5. Foo Fighters – Waiting On A War

Best Alternative Music Album

1. Fleet Foxes – Shore
2. Halsey – If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power
3. Japanese Breakfast – Jubilee
4. Arlo Parks – Collapsed In Sunbeams
5. St. Vincent – Daddy’s Home

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Halsey, Rob Zombie, Deftones & more nominated for GRAMMY Awards

grammy awards nominations rock metal

Award season is upon us, finally unveiling the nominees for the 64th Annual Grammy Awards. The window for nomination ran from Sept. 1, 2020 through Sept. 20, 2021, with many of the nominations emerging last year.

In the realm of rock, metal and alternative, artists from AC/DC and Foo Fighters to Halsey and St. Vincent have earned nominations. 

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Of the 86 categories, many artists in the rock and metal fields have multiple nominations. Paul McCartney, Japanese Breakfast, Billie Eilish and Foo Fighters are among those who received more than one nomination.

Rob Zombie, Deftones, Dream Theater, Gojira and Mastodon make up the nominees for Best Metal Performance, which is the Grammys’ only metal-based category.

In the general field, rising artists in the Best New Artist category include FINNEAS, Glass Animals, the Kid LAROI, Japanese Breakfast and Olivia Rodrigo, to name a few.

In the running for Best Rock Performance are AC/DC with “Shot In The Dark,” Black Pumas with “Know You Better (Live From Capitol Studio A),” the late Chris Cornell’s “Nothing Compares 2 U,” Deftones’ “Ohms” and Foo Fighters with “Making A Fire.”

Additionally, those nominated for Best Alternative Music Album are Fleet Foxes with Shore, Halsey’s August release of If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power, Japanese Breakfast’s Jubilee, Arlo ParksCollapsed In Sunbeams and St. Vincent’s Daddy’s Home.

The 2022 Grammy Awards ceremony is set to be held at the Arena in Los Angeles Jan. 31, 2022 and will air on CBS at 8 p.m. ET. Check out the full list of nominations here.

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UFC 266: Watch Nick Diaz walk out to Deftones for first fight in six years

Nick Diaz returned to the octagon for the first time in six years at UFC 266 this weekend, and made a badass entrance soundtracked by Deftones’ Ceremony.

The Ohms single replaced Nick’s previous walkout song Feiticeira (from 2000’s White Pony), with the internet clearly extremely happy to hear that the fighting legend was repping Chino Moreno and co. – despite him then ultimately losing to Robbie Lawler in a five-round non-title fight on the night.

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According to Sherdog, Nick wasn’t the only one showing his Deftones fandom at UFC 266 either, as Nick Maximov opted to walk out to Digital Bath. Nice!

Check out Nick Diaz’ walkout below:

Nick has shown a lot of love for Deftones on his Instagram in the past – including photos with the band:

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