Before Chi

Before Chi Cheng filled the bass shoes in the band, there was another bass player. The Deftones’ first bass player was in fact a guy named Dominic Garcia (Dom). Dominic was Abe’s schoolmate and was invited to jam with the band. But Abe was constantly moving from band to band, so  Dominic moved to drums and bassist Chi joined the band. But Dominic was only a few weeks the Deftones’ drummer cause he left the band earlier and Abe definitely took that place.

“Dominic E. Garcia

One of Ebo Okokan’s newest sensations, Sacramento-bred Dominic Garcia has been making noise with his hands as long as he can remember. He started officially playing “drums” at age 7, which he taught himself to play listening to classic Latin Rock and R & B. Dominic began dancing in his teens, break dancing and competing on the streets under the rubric of “KidCraze.” Dominic has experimented with a wide range of musical instruments including E-Flat Alto Horn, Trumpet, and Saxophone. He picked up guitar and bass, moving into the rock scene in 1988, performing most notably with the Deftones, and Phallusy. Dominic began his study of Latin percussion, (congas, timbales, and bongos) in 1995 and has just recently started studying Afro-Cuban rhythms, dance, and song with Harold and Beatriz Muñiz. Over the years Dominic has performed with numerous bands, including Les Moncada y su Orchestra, Salsa Monumental, Up from the Roots, Urban Fiya, and Rick Martin. And along with Ebo, he is currently performing with the West Coast Rhythm Section. In addition to performance, Dominic is studying musical theory, composition, and arrangement, and is in the process of forming a Sacto-based Charanga band.”

much thanks to: Tania Silva