8. Dai The Flu

Guitar – Be quiet and drive (far away)
Tune (low to high): c#/g#/c#/f#/a#/d#
Credits to: aviolentfluid

Use an ultra-loud effector with loud reverb, and set your guitar to have as much feedback as possible, then simply let that microphony/feedback sound, without playing anything.


Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus


Use a echo effector on the maximum, and you should only play the first chord and the other would echo. This part should be played with two guitars, one with the effector, and the other doing the second little fill, with distortion. However Stef himself, while playing live, usually sacrifices a little of the echo to do the 2nd guitar fill.

Bridge variation
On the album, from 3:55 to 4:06, the Bridge is played one octave higher.