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  • Shay


  • Anonymous

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  • youremygirl665

    Yo carey4life who the fuck are you? I see your comment everywhere I go. Freak.

  • youremygirl665

    Yo carey4life who the fuck are you? I see your comment everywhere I go. Freak.

  • Titodamack1

    come to dallas tx again

  • Jmannxx13

    come back to pittsburgh

  • Deftones97

    Please come to Mexico city!!!

  • Deftones97

    You are my favorite band , I heard deftones since I was 5 ,I saw them in vive latino festival 2010 they were great I cant stop listening to them my favorite song is Be quiet and drive ; chino you are my heroe let me see you with your fucking screams!!! Please DEFTONES come to Mexico City…

  • Ac_virus99

    come back to Colombia, please!!!

  • Angelanicole919

    Come to Houston tx, y’all are amazing <3

  • Soccerteamusa

  • Gabot66

    come to venezuela por favor!!!!!!!

  • pandalov3R666

    hey yo… um just here passing by and um just wanted to tell Chino um for him… well the band t come to Laredo Tx man i love you all

    • Christina Ornelas

      Yeah! Laredo loves y’all!

  • Rosanna

    Where’s SEATTLE!!???!

  • http://www.facebook.com/nemanja.sikuljak Nemanja Šikuljak


  • Matt Johnson

    Doesn’t look like you guys are dropping through Oklahoma this time. So, I’ll just come to you.

  • deftoneslover1

    PLEASE PLEASE come to Wisconsin. Best band in the entire world, hands down!!!

  • Cheli<3

    Please come back to san antonio!!!! Ya’ll guys are awesome!!!

  • Suzy

    Los Angeles

  • carisa joy

    AZ, please come to az. i have missed your last few shows… my heart aches to see you guys! sounds gay but for real man! lol he ll im about to hop on a plane somewhere!

  • Fran

    You guys have to make a concert here in Brazil!

  • Kaleb

    SPOKANE WA!!!!!!

  • edgar402

    Come back to Omaha NE

  • Enrico

    Come to Milan I can Hook you up! All our prayer go out for Chi. UnAmor

  • Teshina

    PLEASE COME TO WICHITA,KS ASAP <3 it would be a dreams come true, can't wait to see you again!

  • Jaime

    Deftones come back to Atlanta Georgia, we need our deftones fix.

  • Sabrina

    Please,come to São Paulo-Brasil. We S2 you guys!!

  • Luke

    Plz come to germany next time ;’D need you here. U were awesome in Atlanta (Y)

  • mariaR

    can’t wait to see you in ventura!!

  • Debanhy

    Can’t wait to see you in Mexico asdjkfa:c

  • http://www.facebook.com/debanhylml Debanhy Lugo

    pleaseeee come to mexico:(

  • Cher Jacques

    Please come to the Netherlands!



  • Matt

    You guys always come to Columbus Ohio, why not on this tour?

  • eddie

    Somewhere in Ohio………….please!

  • Danny


  • sebastian riveros g.

    gran show que hicieron esta semana en espacio broadway y maquinaria, los esperaremos nuevamente acá en chile en alguna ocasión

    • Joe

      Que suerte para toda la gente de chile,no sabes la envidia que me das.

  • http://www.facebook.com/afta924 Omar Rivera

    come back to guadalajara mexico!!!

  • link himura

    im begging you guys please come to peru :(

  • Joe

    Please when you will you come to Spain,please

  • DunnDro

    Boston got cancelled because of Sandy. When are you coming back!!!???!!!

  • Valentina

    Come to Serbia!!


    BRAAAZZZIIILLLL PLEAEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Valentina

    Please, please, please come to Serbia!!!! I love you!! x)

  • Mario

    when you come to Panama, we are waiting for you guys!!!

  • gabriel taibo

    Come to venezuela again please!! No quiero morir antes de verlos en tarima!! Son unos de los mejores panas!

  • http://twitter.com/WaelHaz Wael Hazimeh

    Please come to Lebanon. I am one of the biggest fans of Deftones and always dreamed of seeing them live for they know how to put a great show.

  • http://twitter.com/jeykusuma Jey K.

    yeah I’ve bought the ticket for May 30th. I just can’t wait!

  • Jordan

    Come back to DC!!

  • Adelino Cruz

    Portugal is waiting! Hurry up.

    • Pedro Veiga

      É verdade Adelino, Portugal is waiting for you DEFTONES

  • Ralou Joseph Aguirre


  • Katie

    Please come to Spokane, WA!!!


  • Za32


  • ejp4life

    Chino! D-tones ATL tabernacle turn down for what!!!!!!

  • ejp4life

    Ohhh yeaaahh crossess album was trippy sick fasho!

  • Yetlanetzi BF

    ¿México DF?

  • Tiffany


  • Jan_teatro

    Lisbon! On my birthday!!! 😀

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