Stef’s Cool Interview

Here’s one of the coolest interviews in a long time from Stef Carpenter, talking about his ESP guitars.

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  • Cloud Stock Music

    coo vid, Steph one of the best IMO

  • frumundayours

    ugh. i cannot wait to get me onna those.

  • Hardcore Native

    Steph seems so chill. I’d give my kidney to chill with the deftones for a day

  • Camilo Olarte

    How come no one comments on other posts. Is it because of this “new” website? I’ve been a Deftones fan for about 3 years now and I found this website just a couple months ago and started reading weird facts, secrets, etc. I would imagine at least some fan base would comment. Maybe years ago they did? Not sure if it existed in 2000 and if the posts are from that era (White Pony posts). No forums where I can talk to fans and stuff? Shit I can’t find on YouTube so I wanna ask long time fans stuff.

    • VIII if you want to chat it up with deftones cats, & I don’t believe there was a comment place for stuff back then (early years of this website). I’ve been following this website for years, it’s changed a lot. Always has been & continues to be a great source for all thing deftones.

  • Lux

    Pretty bogus .. I’d love to have an interview with Stef of anyone from Deftones haha

    • lux


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