Nick Raskulinecz to produce new Deftones Album

Nick Raskulinecz, who produced Deftones’ “Diamond Eyes”, has confirmed that he’s producing Deftones’ forthcoming. When asked whether Raskulinecz has any cool projects around the bend, he told Ultimate Guitar,:

“Yes, I just spent six months on the new Evanescence record which turned out amazing. I am currently going into the studio with a new band for Atlantic. And I have also got Alice In Chains doing preproduction in Los Angeles for the rest of the year and we’ll be gearing up to make a new Alice In Chains record. And after I’ve done the Rush record, hopefully I’ll begin work on another new Deftones record too”

  • Matthew Andrikut

    its about time! this is gonna be awesome!

  • Anon

    How about Terry Date?

    I always wondered what the Deftones would do if they worked with Ross Robinson…

    • Zoooomiez

      acually ross robinson pruced a couple of team sleep songs… blvd nights and ataraxia i think

  • Anon

    Sweet! Can’t wait for their next album to drop. Also can’t wait for the day we get to hear Eros!

  • Shade

    Very nice, this is great news. This will be some kind of a record for Deftones, by that I mean releasing another album after only 2 years! Needless to say I am stoked.

  • Rageboy

    please let it be EROS

  • Wyatt Hicks

    deftones- seriously.. the BEST band EVER EVER EVER.

  • Daniel Anthony Mecca

    Damn, who isn’t this guy producing that’s good….impressed m/

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  • Ancelotti27

    Yeahh they need Terry Date back..Though I loved Diamond Eyes, when Deftones work with Terry Date it’s just a completely magical process

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