Deftones S/T (Song Secrets)

Anniversary Of An Uninteresting Event

. Here’s what Chino has to say about this song:

There was a piano in the studio, where we recorded the record, and it was just there.. And every day i walked by, i kinda fiddled with it and i kinda came up with this melody idea and this vocal line. And then stephen came in and played the drum part, and it’s just kinda like a simple beat, but we just recorded like really ambient and just added guitars and a little tiny bit of a mod in it, and it just turned out to work. I think you should never be afraid to use any types of instruments just try ur saxophone or hammond… (thanks to: Frank)

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  • Hugo Domingues

    Aww :( was hoping for some other song facts secrets on this album. It’s such a dark visceral mysterious album. Specially When Girls Telephone Boys and Death Blow.

  • Amy L Page

    One of my many favorite Deftones songs. Not many people know this song unless they are true Deftones fan. This song should be played more often over the airwaves.

  • XxRick3TsxX

    I love this song……

  • Pushit

    Carey youre a fucking loser. Go fuck yourself, twat.

  • Jonah Brubaker

    Groove Tang Dynasty
    For those that don’t know this is the contest we have entered to open for the Deftones. In order to vote you may have to register at The Point website… we will have that answer tomorrow. Regardless we will post a link to the voting in the… morning… please help us make a good showing on votes! Many many thanks to all that help.

    Point listeners will be able to vote once per day from Saturday, April 13th at 12:00am through Sunday, April 21st at 11:59pm on which band they think should “Open For Deftones”
    On Monday, April 22nd the TOP 3 voted band will be sent to Deftones management for review, and Deftones will choose the winner!
    Winning band will receive an opening set at the show featuring Deftones on May 1st at The Pageant.

  • Linda Ruiz-Linder

    this song is so melancholy, sounds really sad…but nice:)

  • ceci

    Such a beautifully played song that’s really under rated and not well known. I’m glad to know that it was made with curiosity and happy accidents.

  • gabby serrano

    When girls telephone boys, 2:17 the bass, it fucking just, it brought me to years, it’s mine an my sons fav song on the album, next to battle axe and deathblow, just thank you chi

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