Chino Marries

Congrats are in order for Chino Moreno, who has married Risa Mora, his girlfriend of two years, reports.

The couple tied the knot on Wednesday, March 7, and judging by the photos on Moreno’s Facebook page, the Hawaiian wedding was a rocking good time. Mora is Moreno’s third wife, and the rocker has two sons from a previous marriage to Celeste Schroeder.

In addition to a new bride, Moreno may soon have a new record to fawn over. Last year, the Deftones began work on the follow-up to 2010’s ‘Diamond Eyes,’ and the album — the California alt-metal crew’s seventh overall — could be out before the end of the year.

  • Aaron Durst

    only been married twice not 3 times. where are people getting the number 3 from? he married celeste and now risa, thats it

    • Stephanie Thomas

      I thought it was cuz he remarried Celeste?

      • IceKoldKilla

        Really? When?

  • Ludmila

    hola deftones!!! desde cordoba argentina! quiero saber si deftones sigue! o solo la banda crossers!!
    gracias, los esperamos en argentina!

  • Mike

    congrats chino!

  • Rosie

    YAY GO YOU ^_^ Cannot wait for the new album 😀 <3

  • alicia blunt


  • Alix

    I want to marry him :(

  • Matt Johnson

    Congrats Chino. Kinda pissed I didn’t receive an invite. It’s alright though, man. I understand. (Sigh) I understand.

  • Mica Pratt

    ( Congrats ) wish you and your new beautiful bride all the best <3

  • Ashby

    How can they be bf-gf for only 2 years when their kid is around 5 or 6 already?

  • Ashby

    How can they be bf-gf for only 2 years when their kid is around 5 or 6 already?

    • Patrick G Quinones

      those kids are from his previous marriage

  • random grl

    should of been marrying me…

  • Justmeyo!

    Hey Chino you GOTTA make another album with crosses.never seen that side of you bro but I liked it a love for Chi!

  • lux

    I…..plan on meeting this amazing guy someday…

  • lux

    Wish you both the best…

  • Artem Golubev

    he is awesome,,yyeyah

  • Artem Golubev


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