4. You’ve Seen the Butcher

Dont wanna take it slow I wanna take you home And watch the world explode From underneath your glow I want to watch the rain You creep across the night sky You slowly enter Cause you know my room And then crawl your knees off Before you shake my tomb I wanna watch you close […]

5. Beauty School

I like you when when you take off your face put away all your teeth and take us way underneath cause you could die if you take it alone I watch you taste it I see your face and I know i’m alive you’re shooting stars from the barrel of your eyes it drives me […]

6. Prince

I relate to your kind, your design, your devotion to wave. Get your brain on the prize then dive inside… the mindset of a killer with your mind out of phase. It’s a game that we like. We crave yet nobody wins. Any way you decide, you try but you die… the mindset of a […]

7. Rocket Skates

You’re red, soaking wet. I’m right next to you. You’re red, soaking wet. Lets writhe, let me see you trip. One move that will keep you wet. Lets fall in a long sadistic trance. Put the keys in our hands. Guns. Razors. Knives. (Fuck with me) Guns. Razors. Knives You’re red soaking wet. I’m right […]

8. Sextape

Floating on the water ever changing picture hours out from land In tune with all our dreams The ocean takes me in to watch you shake it Watch you wave your powers Tempt with hours of pleasure Take me one more time Take me one more wave Take me for one last ride I’m out […]

9. Risk

You can’t talk I’m anxious I’m off the walls I’m right here just Come outside And see it But pack your heart You might need it [Chorus] I’ll find a way I’m confused though But I think I can try I will save your life I will save your life I’ll try for you You’re […]

10. 976-EVIL

For a thousand days You’ve been staring away Are you faint Are you thinking Crack a smile and wink It doesn’t scare me away Hit the brakes I feel like losing you To you So I gaze In your eyes And I wonder Can you take me up Your hands that I’m under Come wake […]

11. This Place is Death

You arrived! in my dream.. Beside me every night, you and me We explode! through the scene.. We try to drain the night empty No one ever goes off in every way Like you do… We got together We weaved our web Tangled in the waves We *expected* to see red We both erupt in […]

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