If only tonight we could sleep In a bed made of flowers If only tonight we could fall In a deathless spell If only tonight we could slide Into deep black water And breathe And breathe… Then an angel would come With burning eyes like stars And bury us deep In his velvet arms And […]


Good times for a change See the luck I’ve had Would make a good man…turn bad So please please please Let me get what I want Lord knows it would be the first time Haven’t a dream in a long time See the life I’ve had can make a good man…bad So for once in […]

12. DIGITAL BATH – acoustic

You move – like I want to To see – like your eyes do We are…downstairs Where no one can see New life – breakaway ‘Cause tonight… I feel like more Tonight I… You make the water warm You taste – foreign And I know – you can see The cord – breakaway ‘Cause tonight… […]


Out on the tar plains, the glides are moving All looking for a new place to drive You sit beside me so newly charming Sweating dew drops glisten freshing your side And the sun drips down bedding heavy behind The front of your dress all shadowy lined And the drowning engine throbs in time With […]

13. BE QUIET AND DRIVE (FAR AWAY) – acoustic

 This town, don’t feel mine I’m fast to, get away (far) I dressed you, in her clothes Now drive me, far… Away, away, away It feels good, to know you’re all mine Now drive with me, far… Away, away, away Away, away, away Away, away, away ………….

1. Hole In The Earth

Can you explain to me how You’re so evil (how) It’s too late for me now There’s a hole in the earth (hole in the earth) I’m out There’s a hole in the earth (I’m out) Can you explain to me now If you’re still able (whilst) I think you know the truth There’s a […]

2. Rapture

Two different sides The same kind of thread Different needle Sewn on, hey! hey! hey! It’s a rapture But it’s a different style It’s a rapture The same kind of thread Go ahead I can’t I can’t feel like I can’t difuse It feels like What’s inside of me? I will curse you out from […]

3. Beware

you should know (by now) really that this could end, really you should know i could never make it work wake up let’s pretend, really really babe do you like the way the water tastes like god’s fire for you but you could never say then come forth cause its coming round round the water […]

4. Cherry Waves

a sea of waves we hug the same plank just as i rehearsed over an hour break the waves suck you in, and you drown if you’d just stay down with me i’ll swim down with you, you you hang ancors over my neck i liked it at first but the more you laugh – […]

5. Mein

Chino: I’ve looked outside But I’ve never wandered out I’d like to pull you into me Intercept you, in between but I will never walk without, outside Thatta way, outta the way, stay away from you (x2) I’ve looked inside but I never wandered in I’d like to pull you into me Intercept you, in […]

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