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  • Deftones' Hellraisers

You probably remember Chino riding a mini-Harley during Hexagram's video shoot. The truth is that Abe and Steff also have one of those mini-bikes, known as "Hellraisers". Here's the link to the website of the Hellraisers constructor. Check it out at:

And here's some pics of Chino, Abe and Stef's Hellraisers:


  • DeftonesWorld Poster

Once in a while I get some nice surprises that give me the strenght to go and keep this site alive... this is one of those surprises. I got an email some days ago with a pic,
with someone holding a poster saying "Deftones World rulez". I was happy with that, but I was blown away when I saw that it was a screenshot from Deftones new video. That's right, a fan called Rachel (our
board member InSpiteIstillLIE) held it up this poster, and has been lucky enough to be picked by Hexagram's director, Darren Doane. You can check Rachel holding her poster around the first 10 seconds of Hexagram. Check some screenshots HERE and HERE. Much respect to Rachel!


Windows Media Player: 56k 100k 300k // Real Player: 56k 100k 300k // Quicktime: 56k 100k 300k 600k

  • Resemblances between Chino and Morrissey's lyrics (The Smiths)

"I don't want a lover, I just want to be tied to the back of your car" - (I've got everything now- The Smiths)
"And just before I come to, Move to the back of the car .. First untie me Untie me for now, You said you would, right? And you were right" - (FEITICEIRA- DEFTONES)

PASSENGER - Deftones feat Maynard and THE CHARMING MAN - The Smiths
"Why pamper life's complexities, when leather runs smooth on the passenger seat?" (The Charming Man - The Smiths)
"Leather seats also mentioned again "It was dark as I drove the point home And on cold leather seats" (That Joke Isn't funny anymore- The Smiths)
"The chrome buttons, buckles on leather surfaces, These and other lucky witnesses, Now to calm me... seats there To cushion your knees Now to calm me" (Passenger - Deftones feat Maynard)

GIRL AFRAID- The Smiths and DIGITAL BATH - Deftones
" He never really looks at me, I give him the opportunity in the room downstairs, In the room downstairs he sat and stared I'll never make that mistake again" (Girl Afraid - The Smiths)
"You move - like I want to To see - like your eyes do We are...downstairs, Where no one can see, New life - breakaway" (Digital Bath - Deftones)

BE QUIET AND DRIVE (far away) - Deftones and THERE IS A LIGHT THAT NEVER GOES OUT - The Smiths
"Take me out tonight Oh, take me anywhere, I don't care I don't care, I don't care Driving in your car I never never want to go home" (There is a light that never goes out - The Smiths)
"Now drive me, Far... And I don't care where just, Far - away And I don't care" (Be Quiet and Drive (far away) - Deftones)

thanks to: Bev. Cheshire, England.

  • "Deftones" Connections

- Moana: Moana is the Maori (New Zealand native) word for the sea. Pronounced Mo-a-na, maw-a-na.
- Minerva:
Minerva was the multi-talented Roman goddess of wisdom, poetry, music, medicine, arts and crafts (especially wool) , dyeing, science, commerce, and war. More generally she was the patroness of intellect and learning, especially academics.
- Hexagram: An hexagram is a potent symbol of the macrocosm (God, the Universe or Higher Energies), and of the relationship between the macrocosm and the microcosm (Humankind, the Earth or Manifest Energies). In its regular form it is drawn as two intersecting equilateral triangles, and is most commonly seen as the Judaic Star of David.

  • "Deftones" Enhanced CD secrets

After you watch all the videos and all the flowers are colored (either red or blue), click on the right eye of the skull before you exit and you'll see a video titled "Stef cuts Chino's guitar strings". Then before you exit when the little box pops up, showing all the credits, click on the right eye again and you'll see a bunch of old pictures.

  • Deftones self-titled tentative song names

"Aria" was a working title for "Needles & Pins"
"White Women" was a working title for "Needles & Pins"
"Bukkake" was a working title for "When Girls Telephone Boys"
"Cracker" was a working title for "Bloody Cape"
"You Hate Fun" was a working title for "Battleaxe"
"The Late Great Planet Earth" was a working title for "Minerva"
"Red Faced" was a working title for "Minerva"
"Suckas" was a working title for "Hexagram"
The "DVD song" is "Hexagram" (not the full version)
"Up On Blocks" was just a strong rumour...

  • Around the Fur video

As you all might know Stef Carpenter shot a video for "Around the Fur", but unfortunately, it has never been released. The video was mainly shot in Japan, back in 1998, it contained nudity/drugs scenes. The little secret in all this is that you have already seen a little bit of it. Just insert your White Pony cd in your pc, then let the enhanced program run. Go to the "Indulge" part and check Chino's section. See  Chino's short movie playin on the top? That's the ATF video... at least a part of it...see some screenshots HERE

  • Chi & Chi

Deftones' bassist - Chi Cheng - has a song with his own name, that is "Chi" from KoRn. Here's what Jonathan Davis had to say about that:

Paul: I know a lot of the other songs (from "Life is Peachy") are about childhood, what about some of the others like "Chi".

Jonathan: Chi is about a lot of alcohol and drug abuse, people turn to that when they have problems so that they won't have to feel their pain.

Paul: How does Chi fit into the whole thing?

Jonathan: Chi is actually Chi Cheng from the Deftones.

Paul: That's what I thought, he is the only Chi I know!

Jonathan: Yeah we named it after him because he used to call it reggae, and he loves reggae music. We nickname all of our songs before I have the lyrics, like, I had "dick nose" for one song, we name them fucked up because it's just the music and I have to write the lyrics before we name the song. So, it was first called "reggae" before I got the lyrics, then we renamed it "Chi" because we always think of him when we played it. Now we have a song called "Chi". 

Paul: So Chi is immortalized...

Also Thanks to: Hannes Tulatz

  • in '96 and Deftones Copyrights

1. Do you want to see how Deftones' official site was in 1996, 1997, 1998 or 1999? If yes then click HERE

2. I've accessed Deftones' official copyrights file. This file shows everything that the Deftones have
copyrighted with their own name. Please don't copy or adulterate this document. Check it HERE

  • Thanks Jackass!

Rick Kosick (the camera guy from MTV'sJackass) is listed in the linear notes of all 3 Deftones cd's. Chi and Steph thank him in the Adrenaline notes, he does the photography in Around the Fur and he's thanked in the White Pony notes. Lets assume it's the same Rick Kosick because Chino Moreno was about to join Kosick on one of the Jackass' episodes. Kosick is also behind the Big Brother skateboard magazine...I've also heard that some members of the Jackass crew are from Sacramento...drop me a line if you find more about this. By the way did you know that Todd Wilkinson's (Teamsleep) nickname is "Snagulia"? Look at Chino's thanks on your Adrenaline booklet... props to: Carlo

During an episode of Jackass (Episode 7 - Runtime: 15:33), you can see a huge White Pony banner on some street in the show. check it HERE
thanks to: Eric from Vancouver, Canada


  • About Scott...

This story was taken from the first Deftones Fan Page ever - DEFTONES SCREAMN CAT PAGE - 

a nice little story, written by Bryan Dailey (1998)

"About 5 years ago I was in a band called, (can you believe?) "ARGYLE WING-NUT" and we played shows at a place called the Cattle Club (check the liner notes of Adrenaline and the 7words video, where it was filmed). The Cattle Club is where the Deftones built up their huge following in Sacto. (that's what we natives call Sacramento) It has since closed down, but the owner, Jerry Perry really helped the Deftones out by letting them open for some of the bigger bands that already had a large following such as Mordred from San Francisco.
When they first started playing in clubs, they had a drummer named John Taylor and Chino was going by the last name Wong. A few years later, John quit the Deftones and joined a band called Prayer Wheel, who are also a pretty cool band. Anyway, the manager of the Deftones, Dave Park, (I don't know if you've ever heard the Deftones play the song, "He wears short shorts, Dave wears short shorts - they gave him alot of shit about his nut-hugger running shorts) called Scott, the drummer in my band, to try out for the Deftones. Scott received two demo tapes in the mail (which I happen to have kept) and went in for the audition. Scott was really nervous so I went with him that day. The funniest thing about all of this is that Scott used to be the drummer for Prayer Wheel.
Chino was sick, but we got to hang out with Chi and Stephen. In fact Scott and I drove Stephen home afterwords because his ride didn't show up. At the time of the auditions, Abe, who was in the band Phallucy, was filling in on drums until they could find a replacement. Stephen told Scott that he was the front runner for the spot, but the guys in the band really wanted Abe to quit Phallucy and stay with them. (I saw a couple of their shows when Abe first joined and I knew then that he was perfect for the Deftones).
They finally convinced Abe to stay in the band and before we knew it, the Deftones were signed to Maverick and recorded Adrenaline. A few of the songs on the CD were from the demos i.e. 7 words, Engine #9, Root, Nosebleed but hopefully they will put "Like Linus" (later renamed simply "Linus"), Some People, Christmas, and Hump, on their next CD."

  • Frank's Brother

Bobby Nero is Frank Delgado's brother. Fame is often a by-product of being in a big band like the Deftones. While a Deftones member, Frank Delgado is not the most recognizable Deftones member, but he is fairly well-known. But despite what Frank might accomplish in his band, he probably figures not even to be the most famous member of his family. In California everyfootball fan knows Bobby Nero, he joined the UNLV Rebels in 2000 to play as a wide receiver.
Here's a piece of an interview (by the time Frank was receiving a Grammy Award):
"I was going to class, and my mom called me on my cell phone,'' said Nero. "She said, 'He won it! He won it!' At first, I didn't know what she was talking about, and then it clicked. I let him enjoy it for a day, and then I called him. I congratulated him and, man, he was just tickled pink. I was, too. Having a Grammy in the family is like having a Heisman Trophy.''

So does Nero automatically get back-stage passes? 

"If I was in the NFL, would my parents not get front-row seats?'' Nero said. "Of course, I get the back-stage passes and all that. ... Anytime he comes to L.A. or Vegas, anywhere around here, we go.'' Away from the concerts and trips back stage, Nero is hoping for a bigger role with the Rebels next season. 
Last year, his first with UNLV, Nero had eight catches for 131 yards and three touchdowns.

Check HERE Bobby's profile, it will probably help you to know more about Deftones' DJ, Frank Delgado.

  • Chino - THE MOVIE

Well here's anther old movie with a deftones-related name: "Charles Bronson is CHINO, a "HALF-INDIAN" horse rancher in New Mexico who takes in a teenage runaway, played by Vincent Van Patten. He classes with Maral, a wealthy breeder and falls in love with Maral's sister. When Maral sees what is going on, he has Chino beaten and jailed. In an interesting departure from the vengeance-obsessed killer seen so many times before and after, Bronson plays a sensitive man who just wants to be left alone."

Here's a pic of "Chino" the movie

  • Chino's hair

Here's Murray's:
murrays_can.jpg (31884 bytes)

Here's something interesting for the ones who emailed me asking how to put their hairs like Chino's hairstyle. I've found this on the Deftones newsgroup:

"Chino uses Murray's Hair Dressing Pomade. It's an orange tin container with 2 black people on it and they both have afros. Someone asked Chino in a chat once what he uses in his hair and this was his response. It's pretty cool stuff. It's cheap, too. As for the styling technique itself, you'll have to work with it. The key with the pomade is to use hot water after it is in your hair (which should be sort of damp). The pomade with the water will work basically like gel as far as styling goes. When messing with your hair, keep pulling it straight up and back a little. Eventually the right amount of pomade and water will do the trick. Unlike gel or hairspray, if you mess your hair up, you can fix it with some hot water. I would NOT comb it. Just use your fingers. They work better. From pics that I have, I think Chino's hair sticks together more than you realize. It's less individual hairs and more small groupings." 
There you go. I hope you stop sending emails asking me that.

You can buy Murray's HERE

UPDATE: "Murray's is a pomade which is like beezwax... yes do you use hot water after putting it in your hair.. but it does not make it easy to work with can get anywhere like Wal-Mart and its like $1.50 for a can.. it does not wash out until about 2 weeks. it does wear out though. its very messy and it even touch to wash it off your hands.. and it leaves a residue where ever you put your head.. like your pillow will get greasy and sticky when you sleep."
by Ryan

MORE TECHNIQUES: to apply: warm water and a comb...comb the pomade into your hair then style...get thick parts out with comb...
to style:
pretty much use your hands to shape your hair how you want it...
the secret:
for all of those people that don't want it in for weeks at a can remove it with dawn dishwashing soap...just use that when taking a shower and then your regular shampoo and extra conditioner... if that fails can use wd-40 used to remove grease of engines n stuff...but i wouldn't recommend that one... im not liable for hair damage due to the wd-40 thing... but i know the dawn wont hurt your hair...(BY BINARY)

Chino Moreno: "It's called Murray's. It's pomade. It has a lady with an afro on the can, so I think it's for black people, but it seems to do wonders with me.
You need thick shit to put in your hair, and this stuff stays in your hair for days. Put it on for a day or two and then you're set for the week. You can wash your hair and it'll still be there."

  • Back to School - THE MOVIE

No, it's not the Deftones homevideo. This is a movie with the same title as the Deftones song "Back to School". Here's a description of that movie:

"A self-made millionaire decides to join his only son who is having difficulty in fitting in at school as a freshman in college. This impulse gesture sets him on a path to much laughter, a little romance, a lesson in things that money can't buy and unanimous acclaim as the most popular man on campus."

Starring: Rodney Dangerfield, Keith Gordon, Burt Young, Ned Beatty, Robert Downey, Sally Kellerman
Director: Alan Metter
Label Name: MGM Home Entertainment
Released Date: 03/28/2000

Here's a pic of "Back to School" DVD

thanks to: CARLOS ANAYA

  • Around the Fur cover

I talked with Chino and Stef (last February) about the girl on the "Around the Fur" cover. First I asked Chino about her. He told me that I had to talk with Stef cause that was a friend of him. So I talked with Stef and he told me that the girl on the cover of ATF was a friend called Lisa. She used to work as a freelance model. Some thought that this girl was Celeste (Chino's wife) but it's not. You can check some pics of Celeste |here| and |here|. I've also noticed some weird things on the ATF cover... if you look closer to Lisa's right hand you'll see that she has two rings. To me those rings always seemed like a face (rings= eyes, middle finger=nose). ATF was a album in which Chino talked a lot about alcohol. "I drink too much" So the glass in the cover (near Lisa's right hand) might mean that.

  • Stef's Pics

On Ebay there was an auction for a Deftones pick, the description is pretty funny, obviously this person doesn't listen to much Deftones, the description went like this: 

"This Deftones guitar pick is a cool find. The guitar player has violently scratched both sides of his picks, to go with his satanic mind frame. This pick is black and has a "$" on one side in white, and a circle with a satanic star in it on the other. These picks are thrown into the audience, they are pretty hard to catch in the mosh pit. They do not sell these to the public, the only way to get one of these is to go to the show. Highest bidder to include $1.00 for s/h. Be sure to check out our other items for sale on ebay!"

(thanks to Dan D)

You can check Stef's pics |here| --> Thanks to Gonzalo Cancino

  • Mad Stef

At the Zetafest 2000 show at the Bicentennial Park in Miami, FL (July 23rd 2000) something really weird happened with Stephen Carpenter. During the whole show this man was pissed off with the crowd or something. While they were playing "Bored" he was really mad and he threw 2 guitars against the other side of the stage. Some songs after they played "Root" the crowd started to mosh so hard and stupidly, then Steph stopped playing and said "we just told you motherfuckers to be careful and you assholes keep fucking around you're gonna get hurt, and if I could I would come down and kick your ass motherfuckers" and he just walked away threw the mic to the floor and threw again one of his guitars which they look so clean and cool...

Another point of vie
w on this: I was at the show and the whole time (not just during the Deftones) the guys were taking it kinda rough with the girls, pushing them around and groping them while crowdsurfing and no one was doing anything.  So the band was mainly pissed about that and they stopped the show several times which I guess created a trend because all the bands after that stopped playing whenever they saw someone getting hurt.  Unfortunately for me, I got kicked in the face and broke my nose right before the Deftones came on, kinda ironic huh?   Liz H.

This show was taped and it is one of my Deftones bootlegs, so I watch it and I've never seen Stef, so furious like in this concert.


One week after I post this, my friend Matt asked Chi about this incident...

Matt: Is this true?! What made Steph get so angry? Did you guys cut your set short because of it? Did you guys feel the same way as Steph? I was just wondering this because I've never heard of any of you guys being so angry at a concert. I'm sure he had a good reason to be pissed anyway...
Chi Cheng: hello matt - good question. i think he was pissed at all the mindless agression in the crowd. were really not into anyone getting hurt. personally, i thought it was funny how mad he was, but seems like a good enough reason. thanx-chi

  • Before Chi

Before Chi Cheng filled the bass shoes in the band, there was another bass player. The Deftones' first bass player was in fact a guy named Dominic Garcia (Dom). Dominic was Abe's schoolmate and was invited to jam with the band. But Abe was constantly moving from band to band, so  Dominic moved to drums and bassist Chi joined the band. But Dominic was only a few weeks the Deftones' drummer cause he left the band earlier and Abe definitely took that place.

"Dominic E. Garcia

One of Ebo Okokan's newest sensations, Sacramento-bred Dominic Garcia has been making noise with his hands as long as he can remember. He started officially playing "drums" at age 7, which he taught himself to play listening to classic Latin Rock and R & B. Dominic began dancing in his teens, break dancing and competing on the streets under the rubric of "KidCraze." Dominic has experimented with a wide range of musical instruments including E-Flat Alto Horn, Trumpet, and Saxophone. He picked up guitar and bass, moving into the rock scene in 1988, performing most notably with the Deftones, and Phallusy. Dominic began his study of Latin percussion, (congas, timbales, and bongos) in 1995 and has just recently started studying Afro-Cuban rhythms, dance, and song with Harold and Beatriz Muñiz. Over the years Dominic has performed with numerous bands, including Les Moncada y su Orchestra, Salsa Monumental, Up from the Roots, Urban Fiya, and Rick Martin. And along with Ebo, he is currently performing with the West Coast Rhythm Section. In addition to performance, Dominic is studying musical theory, composition, and arrangement, and is in the process of forming a Sacto-based Charanga band."

much thanks to: Tania Silva

  • Napster Rant MP3 Secrets

In the White Pony enhanced CD right after you hit exit, (Macromedia's log) you hear Chino's son saying something like "take this" and if you listen to the Napster rant, you can see that this exit sound was taken off the Napster Rant. (mp3 runtime= 44"). (props to Abby Diaz)

Possibly the Linus from Like a real person the Deftones know.... on the Napster Rant they put up before WP came out they're jokin around saying "buy WP, why are u stealing music...blah blah blah" so then (I guess Abe) starts jammin on the drums and the whole mp3 sounds like they're recording this funny shit at a party (chino, Abe and Frank are there for sure) so anyway after they start jabbering abe starts drummin and stops and Chino starts calling "LINUS! LINUS!" no one answers so chino gets on the mic and says "linus come here" and u hear some dude sayin "what's up mother fuckers.." and Chino says "get on the bass and give me a c sharp" (Much Thanks to Matt)


In 1999 there was a movie made called "The White Pony". It was about a leprechaun that helps a girl befriend a magical pony. It stared Olivier Gruner who played the uncle. At the end the white pony goes into a light and turns into a women and leaves. It was a very touching children's movie. (props to Michael Young)


I got more secrets for the enhanced White Pony CD:

- Clicking the 3 in Worldwide gives you the Abe ballooning animation.
- In the credits page (exit) if you click on these names: Mike Donk, Darren  Eggleston and Fred Croshal, you'll have some exclusive pics
LIKE THESE: 01 | 02

Some are rumored to be true but didn't work with me:

- If you use the cheat Easter egg on the edge walls something strange will happen to your pony.
- Watching Abe's indulge screen too long gives you a wicked shot.

In the lung section all the lyrics that have "fuck" in them have it scratched out and in change at then end instead of saying "give you the gun, blow me away" it says "give you everything, blew me away" which was probably the original lyric - Thanks to Jessyca.

So if you find more secrets let me know -- thanks!


- Any time the color white is used, immediately there's a belief it's a cocaine reference. Is that the case here? 

Chino: "In a way. There's a lot of different references for White Pony. One of them is a cocaine reference and there's a lot of stuff...have you ever heard stuff like in dream books that if you dream about a white pony then you're having a sexual dream? There's a lot stuff that kinda  goes around it. And there's an old song [that goes] "ride the white horse." That's obviously a  drug reference song. I just kinda dug it. " (thanks to Matt)


I got this one from the last Much Music Show with the Deftones (November,  2000). The chick who was interviewing them asked something to Chi about the reason why he studied feminism back in college and he answered:

Chi: "I took everything that I was interested in college rather than following a format, so I was there for maybe 3 or 4 years."

...Stef whispered "So he can hang with the chicks".

(thanks to Travis for sending me that show)


On almost all old Deftones shows and pics, Chino just holds his mic. But later like after he cut his hair he winds the wire of the mic around his hands and fingers. First I thought it was because he doesn't want to lose his mic when he dives into the crowd, but I've also watched shows that he doesn't dive so I think it's just because he feels more comfortable that way or something like that. Another difference from the "new Chino" and the "old Chino" is his behavior on stage. Nowadays he stands a lot on the inner speakers and he doesn't dive that much, he just climbs the crowd fence and stands there singing with the fans. (also thanks to Sly)

Additional info: With some Mics you can get some nasty sounds (clicking & popping) from the cord right at the base of mic moving around. If you take up a bit of the slack and isolate it (ie wrap it around your arm like Chino does) it'll eliminate those clicks and pops. (thanks to Kieran)

  • Found a Grave

This is some freaky shit that. There's a dude named Camilo Moreno that was born June 12th (8 days before Chino) that died in Texas.
Check his grave |here| (thanks to Liz)

  • How does Chino dives off the stage?

1chino_no.jpg (34697 bytes) 2chino_no.jpg (36720 bytes) 3chino_no.jpg (32873 bytes) 4chino_no.jpg (34617 bytes) 5chino_no.jpg (39158 bytes)

Much Thanks to my dear friend Robin Perkins
Pics from the "Back to School Tour" show at New Orleans / December 5th, 2000

  • Chino: tattoos comments

Here's a little bit of an old interview with Chino:

Tattoos? How do you feel about 'em? 

Chino: I've got three, this is the first one I got [a sun on his wrist], I don't like it, but our bass player has it, and I got it. Actually, the sun is probably my biggest enemy, so I'll probably get it laser removed or cut off my arm. This one [a virgin Mary on his forearm] is the only one I like, I'm really into Catholic art. And I have a tattoo on my back with my name on it. I don't really like that either.
------Check Chino's tattoos |here|

  • Chino: a city's name

Did you know that CHINO is also a name of a city near L.A.? That's true. (mainly all new houses and cows there)
Also in California there's Moreno Valley and near there you can find Chino Hills. In Chino Hills there's Chino Avenue and below Chino Hills there's the Boys Republic...|. (thanks to Jessica, Carlos and Defteny)

  • Chino in Papa's Video

If you check really close Papa Roach video "Last Resort", you can see that between all the fans showed there, there's a girl who has a poster of Chino in her bedroom.

  • Pony's Leakage

This article was at the official BB. And apparently it came from a reliable source. It's about how White Pony got leaked and why there's different track names on Napster...

"The band only initially finished 12 tracks, and then finished Back to School over the summer making that 13 finished tracks for the White Pony sessions. If they had any leftover material, the band would have to go and finish it in the studio if they ever planned on releasing it. There's nothing really in the can right now. There's preliminary Team Sleep stuff being worked on and there's talk about a remix album. The only other things they did recently in the studio was work on some acoustic renditions of White Pony songs. Change acoustic was the only one they finished, and it was pretty much following the original version of the song. They started working on acoustic renditions of Digital Bath, Boy's Republic, and Knife Prty but didn't complete these tracks yet. These tracks were much more in the way of RADICAL REWORKINGS of them. There is an unfinished version of the Boy's Republic acoustic out there from those sessions, it remains unmixed, unfinished, and without vocals, and overdubs and whatever else the band needed to do to that song as well as Digital Bath and Knife Prty acoustic. Someone snuck a disc with that and the other unfinished tracks out of the studio and it was leaked by that way. Knife Prty and Digital Bath, did not get leaked however. One day these tracks may surface in a finished form as b-sides on singles, or if they have been reworked to the point that they would be deemed appropriate for inclusion on the proposed Black Stallion, then so be it.


- Flint Eastwood became Flint and then Change
- Pink Maggot, ... well is Pink Maggit
- CYUA - no idea, probably a working title for something that ended on White Pony
- Iceskates - I've heard a lot that this was RX Queen's working title
- Teenager was always called Teenager
- White Pony was the supposed name for Korea
- New Murderer was the working title for Feiticeira
- Webster was a working title for the Boy's Republic
- Knife Party at the Niko, was a much better title, but then became simply Knife Prty
- Timbaland was the working title for none other than Passenger, that is a fact, straight from Stef's mouth.
- Nightrider, working title for something they had, I don't think it was Digital Bath though even though early mp3's of it were mislabeled as Nightrider.

One last thing, in an early fan site review, i believe, the band said they had finished up 2 songs that were from Team Sleep and BOTH of them were going to turn up on White Pony. Now as we all know, only Teenager turned up on it. Some say that RX Queen may have originated from Team Sleep but the band has said otherwise saying it was something Chino and Abe made together halfway through the album's sessions, as opposed to the various Team Sleep recording sessions the previous year.

BTW White Pony was leaked to the internet starting April 26, but it wasn't readily available until the 27th when it had been circulated to various FTP's and then eventually Napster."

(thanks to Brent Starr)

  • FUCT This Job

A Texas newspaper editor was fired for running a photo of the Deftones featuring singer Chino Moreno in a sweatshirt with the letters "fuct."
Nora Garza said her supervisors at The Monitor, a daily in McAllen, cited the photo's "obscene" language when they dismissed her on Monday. The photo ran Friday on the cover of the paper's entertainment section, which previewed the Deftones' Halloween night show in the South Texas town.
"My first thought was, 'Damn, that's fucked,' " Moreno said Tuesday afternoon. "For one, it's not obscene language. Two, it's just silly. If they went to grammar school, they know the word's spelled wrong."
Moreno's sweatshirt was made by the Los Angeles clothing company Fuct, whose clothes he said he's been wearing for years. Former Rage Against the Machine frontman Zack de la Rocha wore a T-shirt reading "fuct" in that band's "Bullet in the Head" video.
Garza, who was the paper's features editor, said she chose the photo of the Sacramento, California, rap-rock band standing before a sunset for its artistic quality, and because she needed a vertical image for the section cover. The photo is a Maverick Records publicity shot. She said she never took a second look at the lettering on Moreno's sweatshirt, assuming it was a brand name or initials "like on a college sweater."
"I don't use that language, and that's why I never interpreted it as an obscene word," she said.
She said she would not have run the photo if she had pronounced the word out loud.
Garza said she received one call from a reader who was offended by the photo, and another editor at The Monitor told her he'd also received a call from an upset reader.
The Monitor's top editors did not return calls Tuesday.
"It's pretty hilarious other than a lady losing her job," Moreno said. "It's just sad that you can open up the front page of the paper and see slain bodies and people being shot, and somebody has a word that resembles a bad word on a sweatshirt, and they've gotta make a big deal. I don't understand what people are thinking."
Moreno, who dressed up like Prince for the band's show Tuesday night, said he did not plan to mention the incident from the stage. The Deftones are touring in support of their album White Pony, released in June.

Chino's hair

Most of you (men) want to know what Chino used to put in his hair (mostly before 'White Pony') to get that spikey style. Here's what he has to say about that:

Chino Moreno: "It's called Murray's. It's pomade. It has a lady with an afro on the can, so I think it's for black people, but it seems to do wonders with me."

  • Depeche/Gus Font

There's a Depeche Mode cover with the font used on the 'White Pony'. That is called 'Avant Garde' font (Corel name). Coincidence I guess... 
You can check that cover |here|. (thanks to Ramon Bravo)
Gus Gus, a well known Icelandic band, has a CD with the Deftones Ribbon font on it as their logo.|here| (thanks to Jeremy Clymer)

  • Break Dancer Chino

I read in Flavir Magazine a very old interview with Chino. He stated that before he went into music or skateboarding he got himself into break dance when he was about 11. Read this great interview |here|

  • Headup Max

Max Cavalera named his band - Soulfly - thanks to 'Headup' from "Around the Fur". Here's Max own words:

Max Cavalera: "The name came up on the Deftones 'Around the Fur' record (..) we wrote 'Headup' together. On 'Headup' says SOULFLY on it (...) And when we did this TV show, I announced the name (...) when I played with them... I grabbed the mic and said 'Hey I have a new band, it's called Soulfly...' and then we announced it right there." 

Check these comments in |this| cool video. ( thanks to Hardkore)

  • Chino Autographs

Have you ever got autographed stuff from Chino? If yes, perhaps you've watched that he writes in a very funny way... He holds the pen with the back of his thumb!!! It's damn weird how he writes! You can see a pic of him signing some stuff |here|.
Also about Chino autographs I remember that I asked him why he draws 'pentagrams' and 'hearts' before his name, but he said he make that for no reason at all. Before I met him I thought the 'pentagrams' where for boys and 'hearts' for girls. But I was wrong cause he signed my 'White Pony' with a heart. 

  • Chi's Spirit

I read in Chi's personal liner notes on 'Adrenaline' that the first person he thanked was - "The Almighty Spirit That Moves Through All Things". I also read Chi's comments about that:

Chi: "A guy named Tom Brown Jr. studied under an Apache elder. instead of categorizing under one God-head, he saw that everyone was going to have their own interpretation of God and a sense of harmony. So, "The Almighty Spirit That Moves Through All Things" refers to the harmonious nature of whatever you chose to call God, as it moves through everything, even down through sub-atomics. The way Tom Brown summed it up was the best. He didn't have any prejudices when talking about The Spirit That Moves Through All Things. He wasn't' being judgmental. He was describing the harmonious, underlying thing, which kind of rolls everything together."

  • Greg Moreno

Did you ever see the 'Felicity' show? There's a character on this show called Sean. His real name is Greg Grunberg, and let me tell you that he looks just like Chino, specially his eyes and mouth.  Greg also plays a role in the movie 'Hollow Man'.  I guess if I made a defmorphation of both you probably wouldn't see the difference. Check a pic of both  |here|. (thanks to Abby Diaz for this cool stuff)

  • Adrenaline cover

The object on the Deftones' first album - Adrenaline - ain't a kid's top, like it appears to be. That is an aspirator, used for babies when they have mucous in their lungs or nose since they cannot blow it out themselves. You squeeze the hollow air filled ball and place it into their nose or throat and release and it sucks up unwanted matter.

  • Chino Nosedive

You can't pick your fans, and you can't pick your fans' noses. But, as Chino Moreno learned on June, 20th 1998 (his birthday) during a show at Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre in Irvine, Ca., occasionally, if the timing's right, a fan can pick your nose. It seems when Moreno dove headfirst into the crowd during the band's performance of its hard- driving song "Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)," from the Around the Fur album, an audience member's finger somehow got lodged up inside of Moreno's nose. After being returned to the stage by the accommodating crowd, he swabbed at his bleeding proboscis with a towel and completed the song, before launching into the final number of the set, the appropriate "Headup." "In all the years that I've been diving into crowds, no one has ever stuck their finger so far up my nose that they touched my brain!" Moreno later quipped.

  • DefMorphation

Morphation is the technology that some directors use on the making of movies or some other kind of audiovisual work. It became famous on the unforgettable Michael Jackson's "Black and White" video. Since then "Terminator 2" or more recently "Matrix" also used the same technique to mix images, people faces are the main target. With this same idea, I used morphation to mix Deftones' faces. This is the DEFmorphation gallery, simply click on the link to see how it worked.

Chino vs Stef   .    Frank vs Stef     .    Abe vs Chi    .    Chi vs Frank   .    Chino vs Frank  

Abe vs Frank    .    Stef vs Abe    .    Chino vs Chi    .    Abe vs Chino   .    Stef vs Chi    .    Chino vs Me :)

  • Chino played drums

Yes! Chino played drums when he was invited by Grady Avenell in a Will Haven concert.
Who saw this rare moment said that he really did a good job. Rhythm took possession of him since he was a little kid. At age 12, Chino traded some of his skates for some funky latin-percussion-type drums, and he used to make crazy sounds with it. His mother was furious with him, because so much noise until the day he met Stef and the percussion-drums were moved to Stef's garage.

  • Chi similar to Lara Croft

Here's a funny comparison between Chi Cheng and Tomb Raider's heroin Lara Croft...
chicroft.jpg (66173 bytes)
click on picture to enlarge

  • Frozen 'Tones

It was a frozen day. In the middle of the "Around the fur" European Tour the band faced a setback when their bus broke down on the way to Stockholm (Sweden) leaving the group stranded in sub-zero temperatures until the bus was repaired. This happened just a few days after the Deftones tour van been assaulted.

  • Deftones: 'Living in me is so poor'

As so many bands out there, the Deftones are no exception. They've been robbed several times. Once was on the "Around the fur" European Tour while the band was playing a gig in Berlin (Germany), thieves pillaged the group's tour van making off with camera equipment and CDs. The most valuable were video tapes containing performance and behind-the-scenes footage, that the band had hoped to compile on a home video release. This pillage also left the band with no clothes, except for what they were wearing on stage that night.
Another robbery scene was surprisingly on February 14th, 1999 (Valentine's Day) in a hotel parking lot at Dearborn, Michigan. This time thieves made it on the morning, while everyone were asleep. They stole the touring truck containing all the band's gear and instruments. It all happened when Deftones were supposed to opening Black Sabbath's Reunion tour. The first show was cancelled due to this crime. Then with the help of Pantera and Black Sabbath, the band was able to play with borrowed instruments. In both cases rewards were offered.

  • Chino caught in the act

This story was told by Chino's mom and it happened when he was a young starts like this;
One evening Chino grabbed his skate and went straight to his girlfriend house. When he reached her house he climbed to her bedroom window and asked her: "Well, can I come up?" and she leaned out and whispered "Yeah, but be careful! Don't wake my parents up!". One minute after young Chino stepped into the frightened girl bedroom, he heard her parents hallway door slam open...suddenly Chino started to run like a psycho in the middle of the street with big daddy right behind him. But the old man couldn't sustained Chino's speed and gave up..."I know who you are, Chino! I'm going to call your mother in the morning! You're in deep, mister!" said Chino's worst enemy. When Chino arrived home he couldn't sleep 'cause he was sweatin' like a damaged faucet. In the morning he waked his big sister up and convinced her to call his girlfriends' folks. He figured: "I'm gonna preemptive strike this shit before it gets out of hand". So she called and pretended that she was Chino's mom and yes, Chino told her about the whole shameful thing and he will be punished, blah, blah, blah. And it worked because the pissed off dad believed that he was talking to Chino's mom! And that was it, Chino's mom never knew about this wicked story until someone slipped recently during a conversation. 

  • Abe wasn't the 1st drummer

Abe Cunningham wasn't the first Deftones drummer. John Taylor (photo) was the drummer before Abe. John stayed with the band a couple of months before Abe definitively agreed to be the drummer. Then John left Deftones and went to a band called Prayer Wheel.
defold.jpg (31749 bytes)
photo © 

  • Cavalera and Durst wearing Deftones' shirt

Max Cavalera formerly Sepultura's vocalist, was wearing a Deftones t-shirt on Sepultura's video "Roots Bloody Roots". It was a red t-shirt and it appeared a lot during the video, that t-shirt contained this Deftones logo:

deflogo.jpg (10391 bytes)

Max seems to be a defanatic too. He also invited Chino to trade lines with him on "First Commandment", from Soulfly's debut album. And Max also sang "Headup" on Deftones' "Around the Fur" album. But this isn't the end because Chino will make another guest appearance on Soulfly's new album "Primitive", the song is called "Pain".

  • Defgame ends with 'Elite'

For the ones that didn't reach the end of the pac-man style game that came with the "White Pony" enhanced cd, I tell you if you end the game you can hear an extra track, that is "Elite", played on a Deftones' rehearsal. It's not like the movie that came with the cd, but it contains the entire song. You only have to reach the end of the 6th level. There's also a trick on this game, if you double click on the walls you can pass through them, but watch out cause the Deftones also pass this same walls...

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