When I met the band for the second time I asked them if I could take some photos of their tattoos... They were a bit dubious, but they accepted. After I took some shots, I asked if I could use them on my website, they said yes since I put here some protections or advices... so here's the advice...



chino_right_arm.jpg (83754 bytes)  chino_left_arm.jpg (125223 bytes) 
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chino_right.jpg (91237 bytes)  chino_left.jpg (120749 bytes) 
chino_butt.jpg (15776 bytes)

 Chino's right arm:  near his wrist he has a sun with a red face with 8 rays. On the middle is written 'Celeste', his wife's name. And near his shoulder he has two hands touching each other (like praying) holding a roseary.
 Chino's left arm: 
on the middle he has a huge tattoo of a saint which is - LA VIRGEN DE GUADALUPE - the biggest icon of a saint in the Mexican culture. She's an indigenous woman (mother and protector of the native believers). She's a mix between the ancient beliefs of Mexican culture and the catholic saints by the Spanish conquering. She has a big temple on Mexico City that is call "La basilica", the fact is that she was an apparition for a native - indigenous named Juan Diego. This image really appeared on a type of blanket that he use to wear, and this image really exists on "La basilica". the majority of catholic believers here swear that this fact happened, but one thing is true the faith of the people here is very strong and there are thousands of miracles on relation with La Virgen that the science could not explain. (props straight to Hardkore from Mexico City)
 Chino's back:
On his back it's written "CHINO". (much thanks to Sonia "morena"... Deftones BB)
 Chino's upper chest:
This is the logo of a skateboard company called Anti-Hero. That's an eagle. As you know Chino love to skate, so that should be a reason for that tattoo. He got this one around May/June 2001. As you can see on that pic he also got a piercing on his nipple. (pic thanks to Marco Gamboa and Brian)
 Chino's comments:
" I've got three, this is the first one I got [a sun on his wrist], I don't like it, but our bass player has it, and I got it. Actually, the sun is probably my biggest enemy, so I'll probably get it laser removed or cut off my arm. This one [a virgin Mary on his forearm] is the only one I like, I'm really into Catholic art. And I have a tattoo on my back with my name on it. I don't really like that either."

CHI'S TATTOOS (normal)

chi_right_arm.jpg (143360 bytes)  deftones_arms.jpg (7410 bytes)


chi_right.jpg (96202 bytes)  chi_shoulder.jpg (165290 bytes)

 Chi's right arm: near his wrist he has a sun like Chino, but it was used only blue ink on it. On the middle like Chino too he has his wife's name written 'Adrienne'. Unfortunately he has some great tattoos near his shoulder, like the 'karma sutra' or something, it's like Indian drawings, but my camera was out of batteries and I couldn't take pics of that.
 Chi's left arm: 
The batteries of my camera were about to die but I still took a poor picture of the tattoo he has near his left s
houlder, it looks like White Tara (a Buddhist Goddess) and it's really colorful (the right one is similar), and I think he has something written under his arm. I didn't saw but I'm seeing pics with something there.
Chi got most or all his tattoos at Triangle Tattoo in Fort Bragg, CA.

ABE'S TATTOOS (normal)

abe_body.jpg (95282 bytes)  abe_fullchest.jpg (26391 bytes)


abe_chest.jpg (180154 bytes)

 Abe's chest: Abe was really 'psycho' on that night, and when I asked him for tattoos he looked straight at me with a wicked face and showed me his chest. On his right side he has a Koi Fish in a wave of water and on the left side is written 'Sidney'. Sidney is Abe's son! (thanks to Lucidanne/Trese Gomez for this info)


stef_arms.jpg (92539 bytes)


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 Stef's right arm: near his wrist he has a little angel, with his wings wide open.
 Stef's left arm: 
a symmetric angel like the one on his right arm.   


frank_tat.jpg (11685 bytes)  frank&dave.jpg (20496 bytes)*


  frank_tat1.jpg (16425 bytes)  frank_sacred.jpg (35063 bytes)

 Frank got a tattoo of the "sacred heart" in his right forearm a couple of weeks after White Pony's release.
* Frank and Dave from Rock-A-Billy "Tattoos & Piercings" Exclusive Pics (thanks also to Gonzalo Cancino)


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