The first side project of international heavyweights Deftones is set to explode on the music world this September!!!

Drummer Abe Cunningham¹s "Phallucy" is a feast of dark, intensely melodic rock fortified with brilliant searing guitars and haunting vocals. Their debut album ³Valium² has been described as mix of Black Sabbath, Tool and Smashing Pumpkins. Phallucy has played a handful of SOLDOUT shows in the band¹s hometown of Sacramento, California and are preparing to head out on tour this fall playing select dates with Deftones frontman Chino Moreno¹s ³Team Sleep.² Chino Moreno surprised a packed crowd at Sacramento¹s Capital Garage June 7, 2001 by stepping onstage during Phallucy¹s set at a secret Deftones Tour warm-up show. He played guitar and sang with Phallucy on three songs to a mesmerized crowd. ³Valium² was mixed and mastered by singer David Garcia, guitarist Sonny Mayugba and drummer Abe Cunningham with producer Eric Broyhill (Knapsack, Deftones, !!!, Far) The first run of "Valium" will be a limited edition version, featuring special artwork. The first thousand copies will be hand numbered and signed by the band. Phallucy will be taking orders through their website ( It will not be available anywhere else.

  • STEF


             - B-Real "Cypress Hill" (vocals)
             - Stephen Carpenter "Deftones" (strings)
             - Christian Olde Wolbers  "Fear Factory" (bass)
             - Raymond Herrera "Fear Factory" (drums)

             - Debut Album: (cancelled, it was supposed to be 2002)
             - Stephen Carpenter words:
"I don't do anything in Kush different from what I do in the Deftones; it's just a whole different set of circumstances. The heavier stuff is more welcome in Kush. It's more accepted there because we all wanna play heavy stuff, so it just comes out. It's stuff I would be playing anyway, if it didn't get shot down where I'm at. If you like Deftones, chances are you'll probably like what I am doing in Kush. It's the same style of fun shit. We've been talking about it forever and now we're doing it."

Christian Olde Wolbers, bassist of Fear Factory and also part of Kush, the side project which also consists of Stephen Carpenter (deftones) on guitars, B-Real (Cypress Hill) on vocals, Raymond Hererra (Fear Factory) on drums recently commented on the status of the band in an interview with saying "Within a couple of days we all put it together and a week after that we'd already written 9 songs and now we have 17 recorded and we hope to put it out next year sometime...Me and Stef met in Houston in 95 and we became very good friends and always talked of playing together."



more info at:

             - Chino Moreno (vocals)
             - Todd Wilkinson (strings)
             - DJ Crook (turntables)
             - Zac Hill (drums)
             - Rick Verrett (bass)

             - Rob Cro "Pinback"(vocals)
             - Mary Timony "Helium" (vocals)
             - Mike Patton "ex-Faith No More" (vocals)

             - "Team Sleep" first release should be ready in March or April of 2002. Tone Def Records (Deftones imprint label) is Team Sleep's record company.

The core of Team Sleep is Moreno, DJ Crook, and Chino's childhood friend, guitarist Todd Wilkinson, but expect to see a variety of Moreno's musician buddies make contributions here and there. Melissa Auf Der Maur from Hole is singing vocals on one track. "I wanted Melissa because I wanted a vocal that sounded angelic," Moreno explains. "Frank [Delgado, Deftones' DJ] has been very involved in the music, and Abe [Cunningham, Deftones drummer] may do some drumming. Everyone in the Deftones will probably get a little piece of it," says Moreno.
"Deftones are touring a lot, and the road can be boring. I can put most of the equipment I use for this in a case, and bring it to my hotel room to work on after shows or on days off." Using guitar or keyboards, Moreno will put basic ideas down on a four-track, send the tape to Crook who transfers everything to a 16-track, then develops beats to the music using an old SP-12. Wilkinson does the same with his basic ideas. Everything goes through Crook, then he sends the tapes back to Chino who records his vocals. To date, Team Sleep has completed about four or five songs, and is looking to finish about a dozen.
The idea for Team Sleep came about when Deftones label Maverick asked for an acoustic version of the band's "Be Quiet and Drive." "I really enjoyed doing that. It was simple, I could work on the music by myself, and use my own ideas that weren't really typical Deftones-type material." The Deftones' track "Teenager" from "White Pony," originally started out as a Team Sleep song, and is the only song on that album that uses a drum machine. "I hadn't written any vocals for it," says Moreno. "I played it for the band, and they were cool with it being on the album. Then Stef [Carpenter, Deftones' guitarist] and Frank collaborated on adding extra sounds to it." ©




Frank is working with DJ Crook on their DJ beats project. Check their website at


  • CHI


             - Chi Cheng solo project

             - "The Bamboo Parachute" - June, 2000
                 1. The Man Who Made October
                 2. The Receiving Line
                 3. Goin' South
                 4. The Bitter Angels
                 5. Beautiful
                 6. Witness
                 7. Whiter Than God
                 8. It Would Be Good...
                 9. Don Pablos
                 10. What Kind Of Person Could Do That?
                 11. The Inside of my Pocket Knife
                 12. The Small Black Box
                 13. The Host Animal
                 14. My Life On A Swing
                 15. On Tour Car
                 16. Something's Better Left Unsaid
                 17. A Light Blue Afterthought
                 18. Blow The Whistle
                 19. You Make A Good Robot
                 20. Manzanita (for Gary Snider)
                 21. Do You Have Enough Stories
                 22. Sometimes Long Lines Work
                 23. The Halatosis Poets
                 24. Braces
                 25. The Protien Of An Ant

             - Chi Cheng, Deftones' bassist, gave to light in June, 2000 his first solo album "The Bamboo Parachute". Which is a spoken word poetry album, formed by 25 original poems.The spoken-word disc is available only through Deftones official web site ­ ­ and at the band¹s live concerts. Chi is also thinking on starting to make live readings of his poetry at various cafe's or small clubs. When "The Bamboo Parachute" was released, Chi said:

"I had six books worth of material sitting around collecting dust. Although I¹d like to get published, I convinced myself that I didn't have time to deal with all those rejection notices. Instead, I decided to cop out and do a spoken-word album (...) I think people should be more involved within their own communities. I'm starting a music program for homeless teens in Sacramento. They¹re good kids who are just trying to get by, and music means a lot to them (...) After I left school, they¹d ask me to come in and speak to their advanced poetry class (...) Unlike music, which I choose to do, poetry is something I have to do. It¹s like my head gets flooded with all this crazy shit and I have to write it down. Music, however, is much more of a release (...) These are my odd reflections on life, and hopefully they'll be applicable to everybody intrinsically. For example, everybody looks at a Matisse differently, but it still means something to each person (...) It is pretty wacky stuff. I'll read something to my wife, and she'll look at me and say, I don't know what the hell you're talking about."

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