| Deftones on TV


• Latest: Deftones will be the musical guest tomorrow night (December 5th) on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. This marks the band’s first live Television performance in more than 3 years. Check your local listings for air times!
Confirmed is also Headbangers Ball appearance on the 9th of December.

| Instore + Family Values DVD/CD


• Deftones will be holding an in-store signing this Friday, December 1st before the show at the Avalon. The signing will be held at Best Buy located at 401 Park Dr (on the corner of Brookline Avenue), and will start promptly at 4pm EST. If this is anything like the past in-stores, make sure to get there very early. For more information, contact the store at 617-424-7900.

• The final track listing has been announced for THE FAMILY VALUES TOUR 2006 CD and DVD which will be released December 26 on Firm Music. The CD and DVD (sold separately) features live tracks from Korn, Deftones, Stone Sour, Flyleaf, Dir en grey, 10 Years and Deadsy. The DVD--which was filmed and recorded in Boston--takes viewers on-stage, backstage, behind-the-scenes and in the dressing room with exclusive concert footage, interviews and out-takes all in digital 5.1 Surround Sound. Those who pre-order the DVD/CD will be eligible for the following 6-pack of options:

Get a pass-code to enter a password protected site to view exclusive content (streaming only)
Free download of an exclusive track (MP3) from FVT 2006 not on the CD or DVD
Get a digital coupon for a free pair of lawn tickets for FVT 2007 with the purchase of a pair of regular tickets
Be automatically entered to win VIP passes for a hang at the VIP club at the venue for FVT 2007 with food/drink and meet and greet with the bands that are performing
Get signed merchandise
Get advance notice of special pre-sale for concert tickets for FVT 2007


The final track listing for the CD (recorded in San Bernardino, CA, Holmdel, NJ and Boston, MA) and DVD is as follows:

1. Korn – Right Now
2. Korn – Coming Undone
3. Flyleaf – I’m So Sick
4. 10 Years – Wasteland
5. Stone Sour - Through Glass
6. Deftones – My Own Summer
7. Dir en grey – Merciless Cult
8. Stone Sour – Reborn
9. 10 Years – Waking Up
10. Flyleaf – Pride (In The Name Of Love) featuring Richard Patrick
11. Dir en grey – Ryoujoku No Ame
12. Korn – Shoots and Ladders/Wicked featuring Chino Moreno
13. Deftones – Nosebleed
14. Korn – Freak on a Leash featuring Corey Taylor
15. Korn – Blind
16. Deadsy – Carrying Over


1. Deadsy – Carrying Over
2. 10 Years – Waking Up
3. 10 Years – The Autumn Effect
4. Dir en grey – Kodoku Ni Shisu, Yuni Kodoku
5. Dir en grey – The IID Empire
6. Flyleaf – I’m So Sick
7. Flyleaf – Something I Can Never Have
8. Stone Sour – Reborn
9. Stone Sour – Through Glass
10. Deftones – My On Summer
11. Deftones – Nosebleed

12. Korn – Right Now
13. Korn – Coming Undone
14. Korn – Freak On A Leash
15. Korn – Hollow Life
16. Korn – Blind


| SNW AT NR. 10


"SATURDAY NIGHT WRIST" has reached the Nr. 10 position on Billboards Top 200 Albums. Check out the listing at:


A new tour date has been added to the tour section. Here's the band's message:

So you missed the band at the Virgin Megastore performance last Tuesday, and you couldn't get tickets to the two sold-out shows at the Avalon this Thursday, so now is really your last chance to see Deftones in SoCal before '07. The band will be playing the 2007 KROQ Calendar in-Store and concert this Saturday, November 11th at the Best Buy in Tustin, located at 2982 El Camino Real Road. It's a free show and kicks off at noon, so don't be late! Go to KROQ.com for more info.

| Australian Tour Dates


The Deftones and Thrice have announced they're to tour Australia together next year.

Both bands will grace the stage at the Soundwave Festivals in Brisbane, Sydney and Perth as well as headlining their own shows in Melbourne and Adelaide.

February 24: Soundwave Festival, Brisbane
February 25: Soundwave Festival, Sydney
February 28: Festival Hall, Melbourne
March 2: Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide
March 4: Soundwave Festival, Perth

No ticketing information is available as yet but stay tuned for more information.

| Saturday Night Party


With less than 2 weeks away from the release of Saturday Night Wrist, Deftones has teamed up with MySpace to give you the first chance to hear the record in it's entirety.  Beginning Tuesday, October 24th, Saturday Night Wrist will be streaming from start to finish on Deftones MySpace page.   

In celebration of Saturday Night Wrist, Deftones got together with their good friends at WarpedTour.com to offer you the chance to win a one of a kind, exclusive Deftones/Warped Tour branded snowboard.  We repeat, there is only one of these on Earth and we want to give it you!  Head over to WarpedTour.com now and enter now!

| Deftones on BBC Radio 1


. Check out BBC Radio1 for a recorded podcast with the Deftones (Chino and Stef) on Zane Lowe's show.
Here's the direct link for the streaming cast: http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/aod/radio1_aod.shtml?radio1/zane_wed
(only available for some more days)

| Beware Australia


. The final version of "Beware" was posted online yeaterday at the Deftones myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/deftones

. The Deftones and Thrice are reportedly planning to tour Australia together next year.

| Deftones.com/Instore/Rapture


. DEFTONES.COM has a new face based on Saturday Night Wrist art. Check it out at www.deftones.com


Beginning Monday October 23 rd , all LA area fans will be able to pre-order their copy of Saturday Night Wrist in person at the Virgin Megastore located at Hollywood and Highland, in Hollywood, CA. Fans who do so will receive a wristband for entrance to Deftones in-store signing Tuesday, October 31, 2006 at 12:00am. This promises to be a HUGE EVENT, so don't miss out. Keep an eye on Deftones.com for more details.


Due to overwhelming demand, "Rapture" will be going back up on Deftones MySpace page tonight. Thank you to all the fans that have posted their pleas on message boards, through email, and on the band's myspace page to get the song back up.


If you haven't already, text "Deftones" to 56658 to unlock exclusive Saturday Night Wrist content. Last week we unveiled an exclusive Deftones wallpaper. What's in store for this week? Send your SMS on Friday to find out.


Just announced today, Deftones will be headlining KXTE's Holiday Havoc show on November 11 th at the Thomas & Mack Center. Tickets go on sale this Saturday, October 7 th at 9am. Click here to purchase yours.

A few more dates have been confirmed for Deftones Fall headline tour, check the TOUR section for more dates.

| ILL Chino / New Song / London Show


. ILL NINO's cover of FAITH NO MORE's "Zombie Eaters" - which reportedly features a guest appearance by DEFTONES frontman Chino Moreno - has been made available for download. (Source: Illninoworld.com)


. Deftones will be premiering a brand new song from Saturday Night Wrist this Thursday, September 28th for one day only on their MySpace PAGE. This is your chance to hear another song from the record before it comes out, so make sure you're there on Thursday to check it out.

. Deftones will be headlining a very special show at the Electric Ballroom in London on October 12th. Tickets will be available to Deftones fans in an exclusive pre-sale this Thursday, September 28th, and available to the general public Friday, September 29th. You can find the pre-sale HERE, and the general on-sale HERE.

| Deftones Instrumental Tribute


. The official release of The String Quartet Tribute to Deftones (Vitamin Records) is scheduled for next Tuesday. To listen to 30 sec previews of ach song and pre-order it go here: www.amazon.com

We have the full version of RX QUEEN to be downloaded. Download it HERE!

The rage and haunting beauty that is at the core of Deftones sound has been translated into percussive and sweeping arrangements for viola, violin and cello. Melodic numbers like "Change (In the House of Flies)" and "Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)" are taken to an unmatched, ethereal peak, while bruisers like "Teething" and "Engine No. 9" are stripped down to their staccato essence. There has never been a tribute like this to Deftones. This album doesn't rearrange what makes these songs great, so much as it emphasizes their very nexus. © Vitamin Records

| E-card / Hole Video / SNW Tracklist?


. Check out Deftones new e-card at:


Deftones just wrapped shooting the video for “Hole in the Earth” in New York last week. What happens when the Earth is swallowed by a Black Hole? Find out in two weeks when the video arrives. Premiere info coming soon!

. According to hmv.co.uk the tracklist will be the following:

1. Hole In The Earth
2. Rapture
3. Beware
4. Cherry Waves
5. Mein
6. u, u, d, d, l ,r, l, r,a, b, Select, Start
7. Xerces
8. Rats! Rats! Rats!
9. Pink Cellphone
10. Combat
11. The Earth
12. Riviere

Weird han? Or true.....

| Saturday Night Wrist Previewed


. Someone at www.drownedinsound.com had the chance to listen to SNW before its release this OCtober 31. Here's what this person thought about each track on the album:

‘Hole In The Earth’
Totally melodic in structure, but packing meaty riffs alongside its more
ear-friendly moments. This is as good a lead track as could have been hoped for:
immediate and catchy, with overtones of first-album Hundred Reasons. Although
that comparison might be based solely on the “Whoooos” one can hear through the
noise. Very Colin Doran.

An instant upping of volume, and the first real indication of Saturday Night
Wrist’s similarities to 2000’s White Pony long-player. The riffs and vocals are
aggressive, but there’s an ethereal quality to ‘FM’ that has more in common with
Deftones’ album before last than either 1997’s Around The Fur or their
self-titled effort of 2003. Keyboards are more prominent than you might expect
on such a heavy song.

The pace shifts again: ‘Beware’ is slow and brooding, but remains oppressive in
feel. Structurally almost post-rock, ‘Beware’ finds vocalist Chino Moreno
hitting a good few high notes. Here he sings, stretching words to fit the
lengthy drones, whereas on the track before he spat his lyrics viciously. The
song’s closing minute-or-so is dominated by a particularly savage riff.

‘Cherry Waves’
Abe Cunningham’s consistently brilliant drumming becomes absolutely apparent
here, and Chino’s vocals float, ghost-like, in the mix. Again, White Pony is
brought to mind: this is soft-rock by Deftones standards, but executed in such a
way that metalheads won’t feel embarrassed to slow-dance to it. It ends with
disjointed screams punching their way through eerie atmospherics.

Slightly reminiscent of ‘Knife Party’, at least initially; it soon shifts gears
and becomes a totally different beast. Like the album’s opener, ‘Mein’ is rooted
in melody – it’s the kind of song you imagine guitarist Stephen Carpenter
gritting his teeth through, wishing it was just slightly more metal in
execution. Not that it’s particularly quiet, you understand. The song’s most
notable for a vocal contribution from System Of A Down’s Serj Tankian.

A fairly self-explanatory track, ‘Interlude’ is exactly that, only it lasts for
four minutes. Purely instrumental, the song could pass for a ‘proper’ post-rock
song, in a stereotypical sense, and serves to split Saturday Night Wrist into
easier-to-digest halves. One wonders what side of an LP version it’ll be on…

Well this is unexpected: after the above effort, all bets were on track seven
exploding from the speakers like a bullet from a gun. But ‘Tilde’ is a subtle,
gentle number, Chino’s voice caressing the listener’s ears rather then rupturing
them. It’s not so far away from the material of Team Sleep’s self-titled album
of last year. Whether this is a good or bad thing is entirely dependant on your
take on Chino’s more introspective side project.

A song late, the explosion arrives: ‘Rats’ is, for the most part, the most
aggressive track on Saturday Night Wrist. Chino screams absolute bloody murder
over choppy riffs that know no limits whatsoever. The chorus is slightly more
controlled, but long-standing fans will lap this up – at times it’s reminiscent
of the fantastic breakdowns of Around The Fur, and with roughly a minute to go
Cunningham and Carpenter combine on an instrumental passage that’ll leave your
brain bruised.

‘Pink Cellphone’
Alarm bells ring like air raid sirens from the very beginning of this song. A
hip-hop beat is accompanied by strangely industrial noises and skittering
percussion loops, while Chino plays second fiddle to a lead vocal from Giant
Drag’s Annie Hardy. Really, the less said about her foul-mouthed
train-of-thought vocals at this song’s end, the better. ‘Pink Cellphone’ will
have fans scratching their heads: where the fuck is the rock, guys?

Samples, seemingly of radio communication, litter the spooky intro to this
track, its depth of sound welcomed after the previous song’s sparseness. When
the vocals kick in, it switches from second to fifth gear in a heartbeat. Much
like ‘Mein’, ‘Combat’ neatly balances primal aggression with compositional
control, and the layered vocals wrap themselves around the listener with ease.
Chino’s screaming of “Whose side are you on?” is peculiarly unnerving.

‘The Earth’
Chino sings through the same kind of filters that made themselves heard on
‘Elite’, from White Pony, only this time around the accompanying song’s pace is
slowed considerably. A sludgy riff breaks into a crisper cousin, with every
directional tangent orchestrated by Cunningham’s excellent drumming.

Saturday Night Wrist’s closer is another echo of the band’s
turn-of-the-millennium past. ‘Comanche’ is a sweet end to an album possessing a
wealth of variety, a song that’ll appease fans old and new alike. It seems to
pack a dozen Deftones traits into its short running time, from the crunching
breakdown to Chino adopting a vocal style that’s more lullaby than

| Saturday Night Wrist Album Cover


. Deftones' official website - www.deftones.com - has been update with a new flash design, in one of those flash animations we have the chance to download Deftones new album cover art in high resolution.
Check it out at: http://www.deftones.com/5_2/snw/journey_0_v2.swf
Or preview it in a smaller scale below:

Deftones - Saturday Night Wrist (album cover)

. DeftonesWorld is again on the DMA's votation for the best fansite on the web. Help us out by voting below, thanks.

Vote for this site in the DMA06 Awards 

| Stephen in Beatles Tribute


. On October 24, 2006, Restless Records will release "Butchering The Beatles" - featuring the biggest, the baddest, the heaviest all-star line-up ever assembled to honor what is arguably the greatest band ever - THE BEATLES . All-in-all, over 50 internationally known recording artists bring their unique bone-crushing slant to these remarkable songs.

Deftones guitar player, Stephen Carpenter will play his ESP on track #8 - "I Feel Fine" - along with John Bush (ANTHRAX) - Vocals, Mike Inez (OZZY OSBOURNE / ALICE IN CHAINS) - Bass and John Tempesta (THE CULT / TESTAMENT) - Drums.

All-in-all, over 50 internationally known recording artists bring their unique bone-crushing slant to these remarkable songs. Produced by Grammy award-winning producer/guitarist Bob Kulick and ace engineer Brett Chassen , "Butchering The Beatles" features 12 new, ass-kicking versions of THE BEATLES ' chart-topping hits, including "Hey Jude" , "I Feel Fine" and "Day Tripper" , plus the more esoteric "Hey Bulldog" , barked out by the legendary Alice Cooper and "Tomorrow Never Knows" , uniquely interpreted by the iconic Billy Idol , alongside classic concept songs like "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" and "Magical Mystery Tour" .

When asked by Guitar Player magazine what possessed him to go all metal on THE BEATLES , Bob Kulick stated that, " BEATLES songs are the Holy Grail. They're the best rock songs ever written. These new recordings are totally faithful, yet completely different. Billy Gibbons singing 'Revolution' or ( MOTÖRHEAD frontman) Lemmy singing 'Back In The USSR' are not exactly Paul McCartney or John Lennon . And of course, the guitar solo sections were lengthened to accommodate all the artists' solo styles."

| Hole in the Earth


. A brand new DEFTONES song, entitled "Hole in the Earth", has been posted online at the band's MySpace page. The track is the first single off the band's upcoming album, "Saturday Night Wrist", due on October 31 through Maverick. You can also download the track (mp3) here.

| Saturday Night Tracklisting


. Theprp.com reports:

The Deftones have set the tenative track listing for their upcoming new album " Saturday Night Wrist ", which is currently due out in stores on October 31st through Maverick . The outing will feature guest appearances from System Of A Down frontman Serj Tankian on the track " Mein " and Annie Hardy of Giant Drag fame on " Pink Cellphone ". Here's how the effort will roughly shape up:
01 - " Hole In The Earth "
02 - " Fm "
03 - " Beware "
04 - " Cherry Waves "
05 - " Mein " (Feat. Serj Tankian )
06 - " Interlude "
07 - " Tilde "
08 - " Rats "
09 - " Pink Cellphone " (Feat. Annie Hardy )
10 - " Combat "
11 - " The Earth "
12 - " Comanche "

| Pre-Order SN / Album Art


. This message was recenlty posted on deftones myspace:

Beginning this Tuesday, Aug 15th, everyone attending the Family Values tour will be able to pre-order a copy of Saturday Night Wrist exclusively at the FYE booth at all of the venues. Along with the purchase of the new record, you guys will receive a hand numbered, limited edition Deftones lithograph and a chance to hang with the band after the set. This is your first chance to be a part of the Saturday Night Wrist experience, don't miss it!

Thanks to all.

. Streetwise has sent these cards to some fans, it might be the album cover art;


| Production Photos


. Shaun Lopes (from Far) recently posted some photos related to Deftones new album production...check'em out:

Some tentative track titles are confirmed after these: "Fm", "Combat", "Kim Dracula", "Pink Cell Phone", "Cherry Waves" and "Denehee", you can also check on those Annie Hardy (recording vocals), Shaun Lopes playing/producing.

Shaun Lopez comments:

"I just wrapped up the Deftones record for Maverick/Warner. Arguments were had, feelings were hurt, tears were shed, hugs were present, legs were pee'd on, but we are finished. Mixing began earlier this week. It's coming out so well, that I have decided to forgive Chino and the gang for stealing Far's version of Savory and calling it their own. Punk asses."

thanks to; buddyboy101 from our board

| Deftones on Rockline


. Deftones will be the featured guests on the nationally syndicated radio show "Rockline" airing Monday, July 31. The live show begins at 8:30 p.m. PT / 11:30 p.m. ET, and fans are encouraged to call in with questions during the program at (800) 344-ROCK (7625). To find a station near you, check out www.rocklineradio.com .

| Ryan Williams Finishes the Album


. The final touches to Deftones' new album are being made in West Hollywood by engineer Ryan Williams who have already worked with Train, Staind, 10 Years and Linkin Park, the album will be released this fall.

| Violins, Kerrang and Death


. A new tribute to the Deftones will be released on August 29th. It is called "THe String Quartet Tribute to the Deftones" and will be performed the Sring Quartet (instrumental). Here's a brief description of the album:

« The rage and haunting beauty that is at the core of Deftones sound has been translated into percussive and sweeping arrangements for viola, violin and cello. Melodic numbers like "Change (In the House of Flies)" and "Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)" are taken to an unmatched, ethereal peak, while bruisers like "Teething" and "Engine No. 9" are stripped down to their staccato essence. There has never been a tribute like this to Deftones. This album doesn't rearrange what makes these songs great, so much as it emphasizes their very nexus. »

You can pre-order it FROM AMAZON.COM HERE!

. Kerrang! magazine will be celebrating its 25th birthday by giving away a CD with its 06.06.06 issue (in stores in the U.K. Wednesday, May 31). Entitled "High Voltage", the 15-track disc is made up of classic rock and metal songs covered by contemporary bands, with 10 of the tracks recorded exclusively for the CD.

"After the phenomenal response we got from our 'Re-Mastered' album, we knew we had to put together an equally special CD for our 25th birthday," says K! editor Paul Brannigan. "The songs you'll hear on 'High Voltage' are the foundations upon which Kerrang! built its reputation as 'the rock bible'. This CD is our way of uniting Kerrang!'s past, present and future."

The track listing is as follows:

01. FALL OUT BOY - "Start Today" (originally by GORILLA BISCUITS)
02. AIDEN - "Die, Die My Darling" (originally by THE MISFITS)*
03. AVENGED SEVENFOLD - "Walk" (originally by PANTERA)*
04. KILLSWITCH ENGAGE - "Holy Diver" (originally by DIO)*
05. BIFFY CLYRO - "Buddy Holly" (originally by WEEZER)*
06. FIGHTSTAR - "My Own Summer (Shove It)" (originally by DEFTONES)*
07. THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN - "Jesus Christ Pose" (originally by SOUNDGARDEN)*
08. STILL REMAINS - "Head Like A Hole" (originally by NINE INCH NAILS)*
09. DEFTONES - "Simple Man" (originally by LYNYRD SKYNYRD)
10. THE ANSWER - "Sweet Emotion" (originally by AEROSMITH)*
11. BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE - "Crazy Train" (originally by OZZY OSBOURNE)*
12. 36 CRAZYFISTS - "Digging The Grave" (originally by FAITH NO MORE)*
13. ARCH ENEMY - "Symphony Of Destruction" (originally by MEGADETH)
14. ATREYU - "You Give Love A Bad Name" (originally by BON JOVI)
15. NOFX - "Straight Edge" (originally by MINOR THREAT)

* Recorded exclusively for Kerrang!

. Some photos of Chino with Dead Poetic were posted on Dead Poetic's myspace. Chino is producing their new album, so keep an eye at: http://www.myspace.com/deadpoetic

| Secret Show + Family Tickets


. In commemoration of the on-sale for the upcoming Family Values Tour, Deftones will be playing a very special free show this Thursday, May 18th at Cesar Chavez Park in Sacramento starting at 5pm.  The show is one of four shows on Thursday that will feature Korn playing a free show in Chicago, and other main stage bands Stone Sour and Flyleaf performing in Kansas City and Portland, OR respectively.  Make sure to get there early so you don't miss this epic event!  

Cesar Chavez Park is located at 901 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

. The first group of dates for the Family Values Tour featuring Korn and Deftones will go on-sale this weekend. A full list of dates and on-sale information is listed below:

Thur July 27 Verizon Wireless Amphitheater Virginia Beach, VA – ON SALE 5/19
Sat July 29 Starwood Amphitheater Nashville, TN – ON SALE 5/19
Sun July 30 Hi-Fi Buys Atlanta, GA – ON SALE 5/20
Tue Aug 1 tba Greenville, NC
Fri Aug 4 Verizon Wireless Amphitheater San Antonio, TX – ON SALE 5/20
Sat Aug 5 tba Dallas, TX
Sun Aug 6 tba Houtson, TX
Tue Aug 15 Coors Amphitheater Denver, CO – ON SALE 5/20
Wed Aug 16 tba Albuquerque, NM
Fri Aug 18 Cricket Pavilion Phoenix, AZ – ON SALE 5/20
Sat Aug 19 tba San Bernardino, CA
Sun Aug 20 Sleep Train Sacramento, CA – ON SALE 5/20
Thur Aug 24 Verizon Wireless Amphitheater Kansas City, MO – ON SALE 5/20
Fri Aug 25 tba St. Louis, MO
Sat Aug 26 Alpine Valley East Troy, WI – ON SALE 5/20
Mon Aug 28 tba Cincinnati, OH
Tue Aug 29 tba Indianapolis, IN
Fri Sep 1 tba Holmdel, NJ
Sat Sep 2 tba Wantagh, NY
Sun Sep 3 tba Hartford, CT
Tue Sep 5 tba Saratoga, NY
Wed Sep 6 tba Cleveland, OH
Fri Sep 8 tba Pittsburgh, PA
Sat Sep 9 tba Detroit, MI
Sun Sep 10 tba Buffalo, NY
Tue Sep 12 tba Toronto, ONT.
Wed Sep 13 tba Columbus, OH
Fri Sep 15 Tweeter Waterfront Camden, NJ – ON SALE 5/20
Sat Sep 16 tba Boston, MA
Sun Sep 17 tba Washington, DC
Wed Sep 20 tba West Palm Beach, FL

Tickets will go on-sale exclusively to Deftones fans in the aforementioned cities this Wednesday, May 17th starting at 10am local time . Log-on to Family Values Presale and enter in the password Deftones to get first crack at the best tickets before they're available to the public.    

| Deftones vs Korn was 'Media-Up'


. Launch Radio Networks reports: This summer's Family Values tour will mark the first time that KORN and the DEFTONES have hit the road together in nearly a decade, and during that time there's always been rumors of a rivalry between the two groups. But DEFTONES guitarist Stephen Carpenter told Launch that the so-called feud between the two California groups has never existed. "The rivalry is media-made up," he said. "It's been that way ever since the start. Those guys are friends of ours, you know. We all met each other before either of us put our first record out and played shows together, and we just had great times hanging out and all that, you know. It was always just made up. We were always constantly going, 'Man, how does this stuff happen?'"

KORN and the DEFTONES will begin the Family Values tour on July 27 in Virginia Beach, with STONE SOUR , FLYLEAF and DIR EN GREY joining them on the main stage. Second stage acts have not been confirmed.

Each stop on the 30-city tour will feature lawn tickets for just $9.99. Exact dates and venues are still to be announced.

The DEFTONES will release their fifth album on September 12. A title has yet to be determined, although a song called "Hole in the Earth" is the tentative first single.

| Annie Hardy Interview


. Deftnz.net recently interviewed Annie Hardy from Giant Drag regarding her collaboration with the Deftones on one of the tracks tentatively called "Pink Cell Phone". You can read that interview HERE.

| Velvet Hammer Online


. Strauight from Deftones Managment:

"Velvet Hammer launches website! www.velvethammer.net Velvet Hammer is  the LA based  management company  representing System of A Down, Deftones, Mudvayne, Taproot, Rise Against, and The Spill Canvas to name a few. We have a Columbia Records JV record label, as well as a publishing company through Sony/ATV  and our sister company Streetwise is a youth culture marketing machine . Basically, we're an entire music industry Eco-system right here in one place.

We wanted to let you know that we've launched our website and a myspace page. Our website will keep you up to date on tours, you can sign up for our mailing list, and most importantly we have opened up our doors and are accepting demos! 

We know that you guys are on the pulse of what's going on in your local scene, and we want to hear about it. Come check out all our bands, shows, add us on myspace, and make sure to keep us in the loop on kickass bands that are worthy of an incredible team.  



| Chi w/ Dredg & Unofficial DVD


. The following message was posted at Dredg's official website:

we are very proud to announce that chi cheng (bass player from the deftones) will be opening for us at our may 11th fillmore date.......he will be doing spoken word from his own personal material and should not be missed........please hurry and get your entrance key, tickets are going faster than........................? fast - er - ed - ing................ cheers.

. A new unofficial DVD will be released this Summer through United States of Distribution called: "Deftones - School of Brilliant Things". You can pre-order this item by clicking on its cover below:

Buy Deftones DVD

| Family Values confirmed


. Deftones will be Co-Headlining the Family Values 2006 tour this summer with Korn. MTV.com has posted an article about the tour you can read here , and a news piece about the tour will be airing today on MTV, MTV2, and MTVU. Air times are :

Wed 4/19: 250am, 1150am, 450pm
Wed 4/19: 930am, 230pm, 630pm, 730pm
Wed 4/19: 115am, 315am, 515am, 715am, 915am, 1115am, 115pm, 315pm, 515pm, 815pm

Stay tuned for more information.

| Deftones on Family Values?


. It seems that the rumour of Deftones touring with Korn is turning into reality. Deftones' latest official mailing list message says: "Family Values 2006 Is Coming... ". So it might happen after Deftones European Tour.

| 2006 Entertain Me: A Film About the Deftones


. A new DVD filmed back in the White Pony days seems to be ready to be released, but it's still waiting for Maverick's approval. There's a small trailer at the director's website (download the latest quicktime player first, or watch it with WMP)


Or youtube it at http://youtube.com/watch?v=j4CpAmuzStY

A petition for this DVD release was created at: http://www.petitiononline.com/tonesdvd/petition.html

| 2006 Album Release Date?


. Launch Radio Networks reports: DEFTONES has set September 12 as the release date for its fifth album, the band's management has told Launch . No title has been revealed yet for the disc, which the band has been working on for the better part of two years.

| Deftones tour with Korn


. Although it wasnt posted on April's fool day, this seems more like it, so here's what was posted at Blabbermouth:

According to a posting on the KORN fan site Korn Unleashed , the band's guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer told fans after the group's show at the Continental Airlines Arena in East Rutherford, New Jersey on Tuesday, March 28 that KORN will be touring with DEFTONES on the second leg of their U.S. tour this summer. Opening the trek will be FLYLEAF .

And by the way I've just uploaded a video of Chino with Korn, check the videos section.

| Deftones on Fuse TV


. Deftones will be appearing on FUSE!'s "Steven's Untitled Rock Show" today at 4pm PST/7pm EST. Tune in for the latest news on Deftones and get an update from the guys on the Taste of Chaos tour. If you miss it this afternoon, it will also be airing on:

March 11 at 1:30pm PST/4:30 EST and 10pm PST/1am EST (3/12)
March 12 at 4pm PST/7pm EST

Abe, Frank, and Chi will also be appearing on FUSE!'s "Tattoo Stories: Live from Taste of Chaos".  The guys will be talking about the tour, their own tattoos, and tattoos in general.  The show airs tomorrow, March 9th at 8pm PST/11pm EST, and will re-run on:

March 10th at 12:30am PST/3:30am EST and 7pm PST/10pm EST
March 11th at 12:30am PST/3:30am EST 3:30pm PST/6:30pm EST
March 12th at 12am PST/3am EST and 2:30pm PST/5:30 EST and 10pm PST/1am EST (3/13)

| Taste of Chaos CD / Stef's New ESP Guitar


. "The Best of Taste of Chaos" compilation was released this week on Warcon Records and features a wide array of notable bands as well as smaller bands gaining popularity. Deftones' "Bloody Cape" in in it, so make sure you buy it. You can buy it through amazon HERE.


Stephen Carpenter, influential guitarist from the Deftones, has added to his ESP Signature Series guitars with the introduction of the Stef B-7. The guitar , a 7-string baritone model, is the sixth model the guitarist has helped create for ESP and LTD. SEE IT HERE!

"Stef is a unique and innovative guitarist, and we're glad to continue our relationship with him via another Signature Series model," says Allen Steelgrave, ESP Director of Marketing and Artist Relations. "While we've had the LTD SC-607B 7-string baritone model in the LTD line for some time, the new Stef B-7 is the first guitar with this configuration to hold the ESP brand."

The ESP Stef-B7 is a new black-finished baritone 7-string Signature Series model by Stephen "Stef" Carpenter of the Deftones. The guitar has a neck-thru design with a 27" scale to accommodate the baritone scale. The Stef B-7's alder body adjoins a 3-piece maple neck with a 24-fret ebony fingerboard and no inlays (side dot position markers only). White binding is included on the head and neck. The Gotoh string-thru bridge offers excellent sustain, while the EMG 81-7 pickups are designed to offer the tremendous tone of the EMG-81 for 7-string guitars. The Stef B-7 will be available only from authorized ESP dealers early in 2006. For more information, visit their web site at www.espguitars.com .


| Finally... New Album News


. The blackout concerning the new album has finally ended. MTV interviewed Abe Cunningham...new release by the end of Spring (??), 17 new songs, some of those new songs will be played on the Taste of Chaos tour, a song called America, and a great article you can read HERE.

| Chino Producer


. According to Dead Poetic's official website (www.deadpoetic.com), Chino Moreno will be producing a few songs on their upcoming album. "We are huge fans of Chino and his work, and are ecstatic to have this opportunity to work with him. We will be spending 4-5 days in Sacramento in late January to record songs with Chino, and will then head straight to Seattle to record the bulk of the album with producer Aaron Sprinkle" - they stated on their official website.

| Thrice with Chino


. Saturday's KROQ Almost Acoust Christmas show kicked off with a showcase of metal and punk newcomers whose futures are looking mighty bright, with Rise Against, Avenged Sevenfold and Thrice. The latter marked their return to the event (after playing in 2003) by bringing along a string section as well as a guest singer for "Red Sky," Deftones frontman Chino Moreno. "I was just thinking he'd do some harmonies and stuff and he was like, 'Yeah, I got some stuff I wanna sing,' " Thrice's singer Dustin Kensrue said backstage. "He kinda went off and sang some melodies that he had made up and they were really cool." >> source: mtv.com

Thanks to the people in our forum who managed to record the live broadcasting. Download the MP3 below.


| Deftones Covered "Jealous Guy"


. Deftones recently recorded "Jealous Guy", John Lennon's cover, the song already leaked, but since I don't know if it will be sold for charity at http://www.amnesty.org/noise/ I'll give you a 30 seconds preview...If you want the full version it's not hard to find...


|Chino Joins Fear Factory


. Here's what KNAC.com writes about yesterday's Fear Factory show at Hollywood, CA:

Then came the close of the set. "Cyberwaste" and "Archetype" were real crowd favorites. The boys were joined by Deftones guitarist Chino Moreno for "Archetype". Of course there was the closer "Replica" to keep things moving.

|Deftones Back To Europe


. The Deftones will be back to Europe next year. Their name along with Korn, Placebo, Depeche Mode and others bands names are mentioned in Rock Am Ring's official website. The Deftones concert should happen during one of the three days of the German festival (2-4 June 2006)...So expect a new European Tour next year!

|Taste of Chaos CD


. Warcon has announced the January 24th, 2006 release of The Best of Taste of Chaos . The compilation is a double CD with 36 songs primarily made up of unreleased tracks, rare outtakes and special songs from acts on both editions of the tour including The Deftones, The Used, Dillinger Escape Plan, Rise Against, Billy Talent, Thursday and many others. The 2006 edition of the tour kicks off on February 16th, 2006.

Disc One
  1. The Used - "Sound Effects and Overdramatics"
  2. Underoath - "I've Got Ten Friends and a Crowbar That Says You Won't Do Jack"
  3. Story of the Year - "Our Time is Now"
  4. Thrice - "Stare at the Sun"
  5. Matchbook Romance - "In Transit for You"
  6. Thursday - "I Wanna Hear Another Fast Song"
  7. My American Heart - "The Process"
  8. Armor for Sleep - "The Truth About Heaven"
  9. Billy Talent - "Red Flag (unreleased)"
  10. Emery - "Studying Politics"
  11. Bleed the Dream - "Just Like I Remember"
  12. From First to Last - "Note to Self"
  13. Rise Against - "Give it All"
  14. Blindside - "Fell in Love with the Game"
  15. Fear Before the March of Flames - "Should Have Stayed in the Shallows"
  16. Dark New Day - "Pieces"
  17. Roses Are Red - "300 Motion Pictures"
  18. Street Drum Corps - "Flaco 81"
Disc Two
  1. Avenged Sevenfold - "Burn it Down"
  2. Killswitch Engage - "Rose of Sharyn"
  3. Deftones - "Bloody Cape"
  4. Every Time I Die - "Kill the Music"
  5. Shadows Fall - "Enlightened by the Cold"
  6. Dillinger Escape Plan - "Unretrofied"
  7. Bleeding Through - "On Wings of Lead"
  8. Funeral for a Friend - "Roses for the Dead"
  9. Norma Jean - "Bayonetwork"
  10. It Dies Today - "Severed Ties Yield Severed Heads"
  11. The Bled - "With an Urgency"
  12. Opiate for the Masses - "Heaven"
  13. Alexisonfire - "Accidents"
  14. The SmashUp - "Effigy"
  15. Adair - "The Diamond Ring"
  16. Bloodsimple - "Sell Me Out"
  17. Most Precious Blood - "Shark Ethic"
  18. Dir En Grey - "The Final"

|Deftones Amnesty


. No it's not the so non-famous-deftones song. According to Rolling Stone, the Deftones, Avril Lavigne, Black Eyed Peas, Sum 41 and Duran Duran are among the artists recording John Lennon songs to raise funds for human rights organization Amnesty International. The recordings, which will be released as downloads through amnesty.org, will be part of Amnesty's new youth-oriented music campaign that begins in January. There is no word yet on if a physical album will be distributed. So expect a new Deftones song soon...

|Interviews/ TOC Tour & Tickets


. Check these two websites for fresh interviews with the band:

> www.machineshopmixtape.com
> www.punkbands.com

If you are one of the lucky guys who will be attenting to Deftones' shows at one of Taste of Chaos venues, go to: : http://tasteofchaos.ducatking.com/ so you can buy the tickets!

Some dates were already announced:

16 Feb 2006 ipayOne Center - San Diego, CA - USA
17 Feb 2006 Mesa Amphitheatre - Mesa, AZ - USA

22 Feb 2006 Verizon Wireless Theater - Houston, Texas - USA

24 Feb 2006 Metropolitan Park - Jacksonville, FL - USA
25 Feb 2006 Tinker Field - Orlando, FL - USA
26 Feb 2006 Pompano Beach Amphitheatre - Pompano Beach, FL - USA

03 Mar 2006 The Continental Airlines Arena - East Rutherford, NJ- USA

06 Mar 2006 Cumberland Civic Center - Portland, ME- USA

07 Mar 2006 Tsongas Arena - Lowell, MA- USA

08 Mar 2006 Connecticut Expo Center - Hartford, CT - USA

16 Mar 2006 Toledo Sports Arena - Toledo, OH- USA

17 Mar 2006 Hara Arena - Dayton, OH- USA

18 Mar 2006 The Eagles Club - Milwaukee, WI- USA

19 Mar 2006 Roy Wilkins Auditorium at River Centre - Saint Paul, MN- USA

25 Mar 2006 The Fillmore Auditorium - Denver, CO - USA

27 Mar 2006 Selland Arena - Fresno, CA - USA

30 Mar 2006 Long Beach Arena - Long Beach, CA- USA

12 Apr 2006 John Labatt Centre - London, ON - Canada
13 Apr 2006 Arrow Hall - Mississauga, ON - Canada
14 Apr 2006 Corel Centre - Kanata, ON - Canada

15 Apr 2006 Stade Uniplex - Montreal, QC - Canada


|Taste of Chaos Line-up Announced


. Taste of Chaos Line-up has just been announced:

(Line-up is subject to change, and will vary city-to-city, so check your local listings for confirmed artists!)


The 2006 US Taste Of Chaos tour starts February 15, 2006. Nationwide ticket on-sale begins December 10, 2005.

|Chi Cheng's Poetry Performance


. Deftones bassist Ch Cheng i is going to read some of his poetry at this year's Crossing Border Festival in The Hague (Holland). A festival with lots of poetry and culture. In the past people like Lee Ronaldo (Sonic Youth) and Max Cavalera (Soulfly) performed there. Chi's performance will take place this Friday (20:00 - local time) . We might have some photos or some kind of review next week... For more info check Crossing Border's official website at: http://www.crossingborder.nl/uk/start.php

|Taste of Chaos Tour Bands


. More bands have been confirmed for 2006's Taste of Chaos Tour. Joining previously announced headliners the Deftones - whose forthcoming, as-yet-untitled album is now slated for a May 2006 release - will be As I Lay Dying , Atreyu , Thrice , Story of the Year and, on the first half of the tour, Funeral for a Friend , with Circa Survive taking over the slot for the second half of the run. The tour will start in mid-February, with dates running through the first week of April. ...

|Taste of Chaos Tour


. According to deftones.com the band will be headlining Taste of Chaos Tour (2006). If you haven't heard of the Taste of Chaos tour, it is the winter version of the Warped Tour. Thrice is one of the rumoured bands to play with the Deftones on this tour.

|B-Sides on the Charts


. DEFTONES' "B-Sides & Rarities" sold nearly 27,000 copies in its first week of release (according to Nielsen SoundScan) to debut at position No. 42 on next week's The Billboard 200 chart. .

|Rarities Album Online


. Check out Deftones' MySpace and listen to the full album (streaming). The album (plus bonus dvd) will be released this Tuesday and you can buy it online at AMAZON.

| DVD: More info


. theprp.com unveilled a little bit more about Deftones' upcoming DVD:

"Never-before-seen footage of the band will be interspersed throughout the aforementioned music videos and the liner notes for the CD portion will feature a track-by-track commentary written by all five band members."

The final tracklist of this dvd is should be:

01 - "7 Words"
02 - "Bored"
03 - "My Own Summer"
04 - "Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away)"
05 - "Change (In The House Of Flies)"
06 - "Back To School (Mini Maggit)"
07 - "Digital Bath" (Director's cut version)
08 - "Minerva"
09 - "Hexagram"
10 - "Bloody Cape"
11 - "Engine No. 9" (Live)
12 - "Root" (Live)

Here's also an interview with Chino, he talks about the new album and this b-sides release: read it here

| Rare CD/DVD Official Tracklist


. Here's the confirmed tracklist of Deftones upcoming rarities DVD/CD release (pretty close to the one mentioned before);

Rarities CD:

1. Savory [feat. Jawbox]
2. Wax and Wane [Cocteau Twins cover]
3. Change (In the House of Flies) [original]
4. Simple Man [Lynyrd Skynyrd cover???]
5. Sinatra
[Helmet cover]
6. No Ordinary Love [Sade cover]
7. Teenager (Idiot Version) [original]
8. Crenshaw Punch / I'll Throw Rocks at You [original]
9. Black Moon [Black Sabath cover???]
10. If Only Tonight We Could Sleep [The Cure cover]
11. Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want [The Smiths cover]
12. Digital Bath (Acoustic) [original]
13. The Chauffeur [Duran Duran cover]
14. Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away) (Acoustic) [original]

This release will also include a DVD with the music video library, plus live & backstage footage. So expect official the following videos:

You can pre-order this cd+dvd from AMAZON.com HERE

Also Deftones official website - www.deftones.com - was revamped and has a new look, so check it out!

| Rarities Tracklist


. Here's a non confirmed tracklist of Deftones upcoming rarities DVD/CD release;

Bonus DVD:

Rarities CD:
  4. XO

| Rarities/B-Sides DVD and CD Release Date


. Deftones will be releasing B Sides and Raritites, a CD/DVD compilation of unreleased songs, all of the band's videos and some never before seen video footage, on Ocotober 4th 2005 (US Release Date).

| MTV Interview with Chino Moreno


. MTV Interview with Chino Moreno:

Hardcore poet Moreno and his heavyweight Deftones spent the winter in Stamford, Connecticut, with producer Bob Ezrin (Pink Floyd, Jane's Addiction). It was there - at Ezrin's studio and abode, the Carriage House - that the band recorded some of the material that will eventually make the final cut on its fifth album.

But something was off with the Deftones while they languished in the bleak, wintry abyss in the richest per-capita state in the union.

"It sucked, dude," Moreno said. "It was the most depressing thing ever. The recording was good, and we got it done really fast. It was mostly to get all of Abe [Cunningham]'s drum tracks down, and we did some overdubs there, too. But it suuuuucked."

The Deftones started writing material in their Sacramento, California, hometown a little more than a year and a half ago, then took the fall off to allow Moreno time to work with his side project, Team Sleep. They regrouped in the relative tundra of the East Coast, but longed for warmer climes the whole time, according to Moreno. So the band packed its bags, bid Connecticut adieu and headed home just before Christmas.

"We ended up recording a bunch more songs, and we kind of compiled those with the Connecticut stuff," he said. The band revisited some of the Ezrin material and tweaked it a bit, delaying the final product ... well, a bit. "It's just like this roller coaster of sounds. There's really aggressive stuff - super-aggressive stuff - that, like, I don't think we've delved into evil sh-- like this before. And then there's really sad stuff. I don't know - it's a Deftones record. We're trying different things. Frank [Delgado, who handles keyboards and samples] is involved a lot more this time, as far as electronic stuff, and there's a lot more beat stuff going on.

"It's a pretty chaotic record," he continued. "Every time we make a Deftones record, it's taxing on your brain and body. They're hard records to make because you seriously have to outdo yourself. We want to outdo ourselves when we make a record; we don't want to make the same record twice. And we don't really have any formulas we use, so we just try different sh--. And sometimes good sh-- happens, sometimes weird sh-- happens."

The album - which will drop sometime in the fall and be followed by a tour - has not yet been named, Moreno says, although he's been flirting with Saturday Night Wrist. There still aren't any song titles pinned down, either. "That's like my favorite part to do, naming the songs after they're already kind of done," he said. "I have just a couple more weeks of work on it."

Moreno has recorded some vocal tracks, but not all of them; touring with Team Sleep - which he'll be doing until late August - has put that process on hold. When he resumes work with the Deftones this fall, the rest of Team Sleep will hit the studio again to start working on their sophomore offering. They've already written 15 songs for the release, which will be out in late 2006. Moreno also said former Smashing Pumpkins guitarist James Iha has signed to work with Team Sleep on some of their new tunes.

Deftones fans who cannot wait for their new album will take solace in the fact that the band is planning an album of rarities, B-sides and covers later this summer. The compilation will feature the band's take on the Smiths' "Please Please Please, Let Me Get What I Want," which has been available online for years, and a song by Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Southern rockers behind "Free Bird."

"It's stuff that we recorded over the years that a lot of people haven't heard," Moreno said. "Like, when I was 16, we did this version of 'Simple Man' by Lynyrd Skynyrd. I heard it the other day, and it was good. ... We remixed everything, and it's actually a pretty good record. I think it matches up to our last record, or even our new record, as far as the quality of it."

The comp also includes a Jawbox cover and a DVD of footage "since we started, when we were little kids jumping around," he said.

The album will commemorate the 10th anniversary of the first Deftones album, Adrenaline. "I grew up listening to all these songs [we covered], so I can hear myself in those songs," Moreno said. "I used to stand in my backyard with a broomstick, pretending like I was Morrissey."

The Deftones will seek a little help from their fans for the rarities disc and companion DVD. On the band's Web site, it's asking anyone who has taken live photos of the group to submit them for consideration as part of the artwork and packaging.

- Chris Harris


| Deftones Benefit Auction


. FUSE, the all-music, viewer driven television network is giving viewers a once in a lifetime opportunity to bid on original works from the most cutting edge artists in the music and design communities. The "Paint it Fuse" auction will run from May 23 - June 2 on eBay and can be accessed by following this link (www.ebay.com/fusetv). It will benefit the MusiCares foundation, which assists members of the music community in times of need.

Just as FUSE's programming is committed to showcasing innovative and impassioned artists from all genres of music, the works featured in this auction display the talents of designers from all corners of the music industry celebrating the freedom of artistic expression. The works will display stylized renderings of the FUSE Hairy Man mascot, highlighting each artist's signature style. With the trend of downloading music increasing, the exposure to some of today's best graphic artists specializing in gig posters, album and CD art has waned. This auction seeks to expose the public to this under appreciated art, while helping to provide vital assistance to those in the music community that need it.

| Deftones new album and B-sides CD/DVD


. This week's Kerrang! features a great interview with Chino Moreno. Deftones frontman unveiled some info concerning their 5th album and the B-Sides CD and DVD.
Check this interview

THANK TO: dtones04

| Deftones on Fall Only


. According to Chino, the new Deftones' album will only see the day of light later this year, maybe Fall. Chino was interviewed yesterday by Zane Lowe's on Radio1 BBC. Here's a transcript of that interview (thanks to AJ).

Chino: How late am I? 45 mins?
Zane: around 50, let's round it up to an hour bro! how u doing?
C: pretty good, i was in a deep deep sleep then i felt waves of you coming, I opened my eyes and there you were.
Z: I knew you were asleep, it's that lazy sacramento lifestyle man.
C: oh man, i just got back from LA last night, i drove back ,it's like a 5 hour drive, we filmed a video for team sleep the day before, then i drove back late last night then i drove in straight to deftones practise.
Z: busy guy man
C: yeah real busy but it's fun.
Z: we haven't got a lot of time to talk so we best make it bullet points but the team sleep project is doing well now {here my tape ran out so i had to change sides but i only missed a few seconds}
C: We were halfway through the new deftones record after last summer, we came home and everybody took a couple of months break and during that time i went into the studio and finished up everything we'd been working on for the last 4years you know what I mean, and actually ended up recording a bunch of new songs in the last few days. and after the leak, i kind of put it on hold but then went back in and finished it all up.
Z: great news, good to have a hard copy in the hand and finally be able to listen to it and it's beautiful, it's everything you said it would be - it's the melancholy guitar playing of billy corgan and the beautiful beats of dj crook and it flows lovely it's really nice.
C: Thanks man
Z: listen we're gonna have to wrap this up i know you'll be doing some dates out here in june, you thinking about rehearsing?
C: yeah we got another couple of weeks of rehearsal then we start touring
Z: and when can we expect the new deftones album?
C: it's out in the Fall
Z: and can you give us a couple of words on the new deftones album?
C: i got another week and a half of vocals to finish up and it sounds really good. we've spent a lot of time going into it and making it something special, we've spent a lot more time on it than on our last record so it's going other places.
Z: can't wait, good for you to finally call us bro!

An mp3 of that conversation is available at: http://www.504hrs.com/chino-on-radio-1.mp3  (props to matt504 in #deftones)

| More Team Sleep Info


. Here's some non-official news regarding Chino's side project:

- Jeff Irwin from Ghostride recently posted the following at their official message board: (link)

"I have heard the Team Sleep record, Its awesome. Todd is one of my best friends so I get the Team Sleep info 24/7. The album is coming out as scheduled, right now they are booking a full US tour with and European tour in the middle of it. They will be playing Download festival as well as others. The tour also starts in May. So hopefully everyone can check them out, they are awesome live, and pick up the record. Jeff *ghostride*"

- Team Sleep look to have chosen "Ever" to serve as the first single from their forthcoming self-titled debut. No word as of yet on a radio add date, however. "Team Sleep" will see a release through Maverick on May 10th. (source: www.iateyourmicrophone.com)

thanks to: ragdoll and Patrik

| Streetwise Press Release


. StreetWise (Deftones Managment) Press Release:

Deftones are getting close to wrapping up recording of their currently untitled 5th album. The group has been recording with legendary producer Bob Ezrin and has 15 tracks recorded for the effort. Also, the band is working on a very special 10th Anniversary rarities and b-sides CD/DVD that will be out this Summer. This incredible collection is going to feature never-before seen or heard music, performances, and videos spanning the bands amazing career. 

| Team Sleep Tracklist / Deftones Rarities


. The long-in-the-works self-titled debut album from Team Sleep will be released May 10 via Maverick. The group, led by Deftones frontman Chino Moreno and also featuring childhood friend Todd Wilkenson on guitar, DJ Crook, bassist Rick Verrett and drummer Zach Hill, has been working on the material since 2001.
Here is the track list for "Team Sleep":

"Your Skull Is Red"
"Princeton Review" (featuring Rob Crow)
"Blvd. Knights"
"Our Ride to the Rectory" (featuring Rob Crow)
"Tomb of Liegia" (featuring Mary Timony)
"Staring at the Queen"
"Ever Since WW1" (featuring Rob Crow)
"King Diamond" (featuring Mary Timony)
"Live From the Stage"
"Paris Arm"
"11/11" (featuring Rob Crow)

Accurately described in the past by Moreno as "moody" and "beat driven," the 15-track album includes one song inspired by an Edgar Allen Poe poem ("Tomb of Liegia") and the formerly instrumental "King Diamond," both of which feature vocals by former Helium frontwoman Mary Timony.
On tracks like the languid, pensive "Ever" and "Princeton Review," the album reveals a softer side of Moreno that may surprise fans of the Deftones' more aggressive rock attack. Pinback principal Rob Crow adds to the homespun indie rock vibe by contributing vocals to four songs, including "11/11" and "Our Ride to the Rectory."
Among the tracks that won't be found on "Team Sleep" are "Mercedes," which was leaked online several years ago, "The Passportal" (which marked Team Sleep's official debut when it was released on the 2003 soundtrack for "The Matrix: Reloaded") and various alternate versions that featured everyone from Mike Patton to the rest of the Deftones. A North American tour is in the works for May, but dates are not yet confirmed. Nor is a timetable for the next Deftones album, which was produced by Bob Ezrin (Kiss, Pink Floyd).

"Team Sleep" will arrive in stores through Maverick on May 10th.  You can pre-order the album HERE

. In addition to working on their upcoming new album which is expected out this summer via Maverick, the Deftones have also begun compiling a b-sides and rarities CD/DVD set for a future release. More details will be made available as the project firms up.

source: www.theprp.com

| Abe Pays Tribute to Anthrax


. Deftones drummer, Abe Cunningham congratulated ANTHRAX on their 20th anniversary. Here's his comments included in the press release:

"ANTHRAX plays a huge role in Stef and me meeting and starting to jam together; we met through a mutual friend who gave me my first copy of 'Among the Living'. DEFTONES started in 1988, but before that it was just the two of us in his mom's hot ass garage with the dryer on and the washing machine overflowing trying to make it through 'Indians' and 'Caught In A Mosh'. I would like to thank you guys for the inspiration, your precision, your tones, your dedication and for having the nut sacks to try shit that no one would. Happy 20th Anniversary!!! All the best."

| TS Release Date...


. Ok, straight from mtv.com:

The Deftones' Chino Moreno has talked about his Team Sleep project for more than five years now - and even got a song by the group on the soundtrack for "The Matrix: Reloaded" in 2003 - but the project is finally going to awake fully on May 10, when Team Sleep's self-titled debut album will be released. "The best part about it is having completion of something you've been working on, and having it done right," Moreno said in a statement. "It's fun, working with different people, everybody works differently. When I have time off from music, I want to make other music. That's what I do, that's what's fun, that's what makes me happy." ...

Amazon also confirms May 10 as the release date. And you can already pre-order Team Sleep's debut album HERE for $18.98.

| Soulfly DVD


. The new Soulfly DVD - "The Song Remains Insane" - includes a live pro-shot version of "First Commandment" with Chino singing with Max Cavalera live at Dynamo's Festival (1998). The DVD will be released on March, 1st 2005. You can order it HERE .
Here's some of the stuff included in that DVD:

- Over an hour of SOULFLY captured live around the world:
01. Prophecy 02. Eye For An Eye 03. Living Sacrifice 04. Bring It 05. Refuse/Resist 06. Execution Style 07. Seek 'N' Strike 08. Roots Bloody Roots
- All of the band's promotional videos: 01. Bleed 02. Back To The Primitive 03. Seek 'N' Strike 04. Prophecy
- Exclusive interviews with Max Cavalera and members of SOULFLY
- Six Bonus performance clips 01. Attitude 02. First Commandment 03. No Hope = No Fear 04. Pain 05. Mars 06. Wings

| Deftones National Tour


. I've just read an article about Maverick's new emo band - The Finalist - and it goes like this:

«The Finalist is a local band that got its big break when signed by Maverick Records. The band received some
more good news when they were told that they were going on tour later this year with Story of the Year and The Deftones.»

So we'll probably have a Deftones US Tour later this year with Story of The Year and The Finalist.

| Tentative Release Date?


. According to CDstarts.de (german website), Deftones new album will be released on March 28th, the strange thing is that Teamsleep's debut album is set to be released the day after, that is, March 29th (confirm it at http://www.krbr.com/). But in another hand, I've checked a reliable danish website and as you can see on this PDF file the release date is set to May 7th (probably an european release date). So lots of dates right now but nothing has been officialized yet.

. Other news: Check some photos of Stephen at ESP's NAMM 2004 here

| New Album Update


. Click HERE to check some press scans related to Deftones/Teamsleep upcoming albuns. (thanks to teamsleep.net board)

| Another TeamSleep Release Date


. According to www.iateyourmicrophone.com Maverick have set a tentative March 29th release date for Team Sleep's long delayed debut effort.

| Chino goes wicked in Mexico City


. Chino Moreno joined Korn on stage last night and sang Korn's "Wicked" with Jon Davis.

"For the first time in 7 years, we played 'Wicked' with Chino from the Deftones in Mexico City. It fuckin' ruled to play a show with them after all these years. Hopefully we'll do a tour someday." - Jon Davis

A pic of that moment is available here: http://www.korntv.co.uk/images/bscwicked.jpg

(taken from BSC)

| Abe Speaks About Dimebag's Death


. In the wake of the bizarre and tragic shooting that claimed the life of Pantera/Damageplan guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott on Wednesday, friends and fans were coming to terms with the loss and remembering Dimebag as a man whose musical prowess was exceeded only by his love of life. Fans were expected to gather for a vigil Thursday night (December 9) at the Columbus, Ohio, club where Dimebag was gunned down the night before. But as fans mourned, so did the friends and colleagues who had shared the stage and the road with the guitarist; Deftones drummer Abe Cunningham was one of those...

"We had the pleasure of touring three times with Pantera," Abe Cunningham said. "They treated us so well on the road. We had some great times hanging out with them. They treated us with open arms, especially the brothers [Dimebag and his brother, Vinnie Paul]. Darrell lived the music. We feel terrible, and our hearts go out to his family, brother and father. He was a legend in this business, and an unbelievable musician. He will be missed by all."

"Dimebag" Darrell Abbott

| Team Sleep Pushed Back


. According to ABC ePrep, DEFTONES singer Chino Moreno says the folks at Maverick Records are so impressed with his side project TEAM SLEEP's new record that he expects the label to push the release of the CD back until next year. The disc was supposed to come out November 2, and was then pushed back to November 9. But Moreno says that after hearing the finished product, the label decided, "they really want to promote it," and will most likely wait until next year to release it so they'll be able to give it more attention. "I guess they didn't expect it to be as good as it is," says Moreno, adding that he's not sure whether he should be happy the record executives are impressed, or upset that they originally didn't expect much from him. TEAM SLEEP will tour Europe and the U.S. early next year, after the DEFTONES finish in the studio.

| Tastin' the Flava


. According to Blabbermouth.net, Deftones frontman Chino Moreno has been working on some beats for rap pioneer Flavor Flav. He hung out with the Public Enemy member recently and agreed to put some sounds together for him, although there's no word yet on whether anything will come of the collaboration.

| If Only Deftones...


. Here's who played on the bill and what songs:

- Blink-182: A Letter to Elise, All of this (with Robert)
- AFI: Just Like Heaven
- Razorlight: Boys Don't Cry
- Deftones: If Only Tonight We Could Sleep... (two takes)

They played it twice because the first time Frank's keyboard wasn't woking so they were asked to do it again.
After those bands played, The Cure played a 90 minute set. (thanks to Elite)

Here are some photos from yesterday's performance:


A streaming video of Deftones' live performance is available

| Deftones at The Cure's Tribute


. Marilyn Manson will host a live tribute to The Cure on September 17. The show - part of MTV's "Icon" series - will feature (almost confirmed) performances from the Deftones, AFI, Blink 182 and Good Charlotte. It will be held at Old Billingsgate Market in London (around 9pm), and screened in October. Here's the MTVE screening dates:

08.10.2002, 20.00 - 20.45h
09.10.2002, 22.30 - 23.30h
15.10.2002, 02.00 - 03.00h
17.10.2002, 00.30 - 01.30h

Check MTV's online competition for free tickets: http://icon.mtve.com/icon/192/competition/

| New Album Update


. According to Deftones' Managment, their forthcoming album is set to hit the street in Spring 2005. The band have decided to road test new material before they go into the studio to record it. "We wanted to play some of the songs we wrote in Malibu on this tour before we start recording the record in November. It's gonna be cool... try some new songs, smile, feel good. After all we are a touring band," said drummer, Abe Cunningham.

. In other news, a Chi Cheng message, regarding animal abuse, is featured here: http://www.peta2.com/ot/o-chicheng1.html

| Chino Confirmed


. Deftones' Chino Moreno, Cat Power, RZA, Mike Shinoda, Mike Patton,Tim Meadows of "Saturday Night Live" and John Oates from Hall & Oates fame, among others, are confirmed as guests in Handsome Boy Modeling School's (a.k.a. Dan the Automator and Prince Paul) new album - White People (release date: November 9).

. DEFTONES frontman Chino Moreno recently told Launch Radio Networks that the band will have a full album's worth of new material ready by the time their upcoming club tour starts on September 28 at the House Of Blues in Los Angeles. "We're just gonna go out and play a bunch of new stuff," he said. "We're just trying to just be a little bit ahead of ourselves now, and just getting in shape, and just trying to be at top of our game."

. DEFTONES will begin recording in early November in Connecticut, with a release planned for the first half of 2005. Production duties will reportedly be handled by Bob Ezrin, who has previously worked with KISS, JANE'S ADDICTION and PINK FLOYD, among many others. In addition to the new DEFTONES CD, Moreno is finishing work on the first album by his side project, TEAM SLEEP. A November release is expected, with a tour to follow in December.

| Team Sleep Release


. According to www.sacbee.com, Team Sleep's debut album is set for a Nov. 2 release. Though the album was leaked on the Internet, a final version will feature remixed tracks and a few new songs.

| Old Song / New OST


. Deftones' cover of Duran Duran's - "The Chauffeur" will be featured on the upcoming O.S.T. for the new movie: 'Resident Evil: Apocalypse'.  This song was already released in 1997 (Duran Duran Tribute Album). A live version of this song is available HERE. The first single from the album will be Killswitch Engage's "The End Of Heartache", which will impact radio on August 9.

Here's the complete tracklisting:

01. SLIPKNOT - Vermilion
02. KILLSWITCH ENGAGE - The End Of Heartache
03. LACUNA COIL - Swamped
04. A PERFECT CIRCLE - The Outsider (Renholder Mix)*
05. RAMMSTEIN - Mein Teil*
06. DEVILDRIVER - Digging Up The Corpses*
07. CRADLE OF FILTH - Nymphetamine*
08. CKY - Escape From Hellview
09. DEFTONES - The Chauffeur
10. THE CURE - alt.end
11. H.I.M. - Join Me In Death
12. DEMON HUNTER - My Heartstrings Come Undone
13. THE USED - Just A Little
14. THRICE - Under A Killing Moon
15. 36 CRAZYFISTS - Bloodwork
16. COLD - End Of The World (acoustic)*
17. ROB ZOMBIE - Girl On Fire (Resident Renholder Mix)*
18. MASSIVE ATTACK - Future Proof

"Resident Evil: Apocalypse", starring Milla Jovovich, opens in theaters on September 10.

| California Musica Awards


. The Deftones are up for a California music award for best hard rock album. Anyone can vote for them as long as they sign up for it. Here's the website: http://www.californiamusicawards.com

Other nominees for this same category are: Anthrax, Linkin Park, Metallica, Orgy and Blink 182.

Thanks to: Nick

| Autographed Deftones guitar being auctioned


. ESP Guitars has donated a signature model guitar of Deftones guitarist Stephen Carpenter for auction to benefit the St. Jude's Children's Cancer Research Hospital.  The donated ESP LTD SC-200 series is also autographed by Stephen and was given to the Guitars4Kids organization that uses the instruments to raise money and donate all proceeds to St. Jude.  

Click here to see the auction being hosted by eBay, which ends on April 10th. Here are the specs on the SC-200 series:  

Construction: Neck-thru-body
Scale: 25.5"
Body: Alder
Neck/Fretboard: 3-pc. maple/ebony
Inlays: None
Pickups: Seymour Duncan SH-4, ESP LH-200 & SS-120
Electronics: Volume, tone, 5-way slotted toggle
Hardware: Chrome
Bridge: TonePros locking bridge w/string-thru-body
Binding: White (neck, headstock, STG), white pearl (neck, body, headstock, BLK)
Frets: 24 XJ
Colors: BLK, STG

| Teamsleep News / Chino Tributes Metallica


. Ghostride boys have started their own label - Distruktor Records - their first release will be the Ghostride full length... Ghostride's Jeff mentioned them being in talks with various bands to put out material including TEAM SLEEP! Check the full article here.

(thanks to: Dan)

. The San Francisco music community gathered last night to honor Metallica with the "Governors Award for Creative Excellence and Outstanding Achievement". Chino Moreno performed a Metallica song (still dont know which one) with a band (dont know either). You can check some pics, including Chino playing with that band, HERE.

(thanks to: Christian Rekdahl)

| Handsome Deftones


. Dan the Automator and Prince Paul have resurrected their Handsome Boy Modeling School and will follow up 1999's So ... How's Your Girl? with a summer album featuring appearances by Pharrell Williams, RZA, Musiq, Jack Johnson, Mike Patton and the Deftones.

| Chi's Poetry + Sacto Photos


. Chi Cheng, bassist for the Deftones and accomplished spoken word artist, will appear in a series of poetry readings in Northern California in mid-February. The performances will feature new material written by Cheng since the release of his 2002 spoken word album, "Bamboo Parachutes." With all proceeds from the events going to the SPCA (Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals), Cheng will appear with a variety of other poets and musicians still to be announced. The artist's new poetry will be included in a third, as-yet untitled, spoken word album to be released later this year. In other news, Deftones will begin work on their next studio album immediately. Details to be revealed shortly. In the meantime, please support these rare spoken word events. Chi Cheng's poetry performance itinerary is as follows:

Sat. 2/14- 7 PM
Capitol Garage Coffee Co. 1427 L St # A
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: 916-444-3633
Tickets: $7

Sun. 2/22- 7 PM
Caffeine Den 1720 Pacific Ave
Stockton, CA 95204
Phone: 209-941-9600
Tickets: $7

. Check out: http://www.sacvibe.com/012104%20deftones/index.html for a bunch of photos from Sacto's latest show.
thanks to: ignore the fashion from the board

| Stef with Taproot


Here's what is posted on Taproot's official website: "...TapRoot hooked up with a friend from Deftones for a song on their upcoming record."
They don't mention Stef's name, but you can see him working with them in these two pics: PIC1 / PIC2

thanks to: zach swickey

Music-Critic.ca did a Top 5 of 2003 and the Deftones appeared on two of their choices. You can check it HERE (Heath O'Fee & Connor Turner)

| Sacto Show, New Album, etc...


Here's the lateste article about the Deftones written by Chris Macias (The Sacramento Bee).

Here's how the Deftones' itinerary unfolds after the group releases an album: To support its new music, the band hits the road for the better part of a year and rocks crowds from Seattle to Spain. Finally, despite burnout from touring nearly nonstop and living the rock 'n' roll lifestyle, the Deftones roll into Sacramento and finish their tour with a triumphant hometown show. In other words, the Deftones try to save their best gig for last. However, the group's most recent attempt to book a Sacramento show hit some snags.

To cap the band's 2003 tour, the Deftones -- singer Chino Moreno, bassist Chi Cheng, guitarist Stephen Carpenter, drummer Abe Cunningham and DJ Frank Delgado -- were planning on a Dec. 12 concert. But the group couldn't find an available local venue besides UC Davis' Freeborn Hall. And that tentative date fell right after KWOD's Twisted X-Mas concert, which would have made ticket sales compete with the alternative-rock extravaganza presented by KWOD (106.5 FM). So the Deftones decided to scrap those plans, and instead will perform a belated homecoming show Wednesday at the Memorial Auditorium. "I didn't think Davis was a good homecoming," said Cheng in a recent phone interview.

"No offense to Davis -- I was born in Davis -- but it just didn't seem like a good way to end the touring cycle. Sacramento is the place we're proudest."

Local fans can be equally proud. The Deftones' self-titled album (their fourth), released in May, furthered the group's cerebral spin on heavy metal. A crafty mix of blissful outbursts and 2-ton guitar riffs, "Deftones" debuted at No. 2 on the album charts and was certified "gold" (sales of 500,000 units) in July. Sales of "Deftones" were a step down from 2000's "White Pony," which sold over 1 million. Still, the group's track record remains solid. Each of the band's four albums has at least sold "gold." Meanwhile, the Deftones spent the summer of 2003 on the "Summer Sanitarium" tour, a meeting of hard-rock titans that also featured Metallica, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit and Mudvayne. The Deftones also squeezed in its own shows on "Summer Sanitarium's" off nights and headlined its own tour in the fall.

"We got the whole spectrum of big and small (on tour)," Cheng said. "Personally, most of us prefer the small theaters, the intimate places where we're playing a whole set with our production in front of our fans. It's also good to be nervous and feel like you need to work someone else's audience and win them over. It was amazing to play with Metallica in a giant stadium. (But) we were playing four albums of material for 45 minutes in the middle of the afternoon. It wasn't really indicative of a Deftones show. "I think with the way the (music) industry is, any opportunities you get are good ones, and should be appreciated and should be taken," he said. "It's been a tough year for music."

For the Deftones' upcoming gig, the band is honoring its old-school influences and local friends. Opening the show is Ghostride, a new Sacramento band featuring former members of Will Haven, the metal-core group that joined Deftones on a European tour. Also performing is Death Angel, a Filipino American band from San Francisco that made mosh pits go bonkers in the late 1980s. Though the Deftones didn't really tap into Death Angel's type of double-time riffing, Death Angel's look and overall aggressiveness were a big influence on the early Deftones. Back in the day, a key requirement for joining the Deftones was that you had to look like a member of Death Angel.

"That was the only reason I got in the band," Cheng said. "I looked like a member of Death Angel. That was a really big deal to (Stephen), and I wasn't complaining. I was like, 'This is a good band, so it's cool.'"

Meanwhile, the Deftones are gearing up for their next record and working out songs in their West Sacramento studio. So much for any downtime.

"The last two album cycles, we had the mindset of taking time and making everything right and being meticulous about it," Cheng said. "I think now we're going to do the exact opposite, to write as best and furiously and passionately as we can. We'll be writing and working hard." Ah, home sweet home.

| New Deftones album is on the works!


. Chino Moreno and Abe Cunningham co-hosted KWOD's "Sounds of Sac" this Sunday. Chino said that they are going into the studio this week to record Deftones #5 album. They also confirmed that: Maverick is denying a 3rd single off of "Deftones" AND Deftones' latest single - "Lovers" - may be played live for the first time on the 21st in Sacramento.
Chino and Abe co-hosted a 2 hour long radio show. They played some Deftones songs (Bored, Hexagram, Deathblow, RX Queen, Sinatra, Sleepwalk, 7 Words) and Chino premiered the first Teamsleep track to be included on his side-project's debut album, the tentative title for that song is "Foreign Flag".

| The best of the best


. Another year goes by, and what a year! Deftones new album and Deftones shows have been chosen as the best around. Here's a list of some websites that have chosen the Deftones new album/shows as the best of the year:

- Shoutweb.com
- DaillyCollegian.com

- Soundnsz.com
- Amoebamusic.com
- ThatKid Group
- Entertainment.inuk.com
- The Leader
- Las Vegas Mercury
- Suntimes
- BayArea.com
- Mainstream Magazine
- Tooldiscography.com

| Deftonesworld#9! / Shoutweb / Sacto


. DeftonesWorld.com was voted as the 9th "Best Music Website" out of this year's IMA's (Interactive Music Awards). If you take a deep look at this year's listing you
can see that DW.com was the 3rd best fansite! That means alot to me, and once again the only thing I can say to you is THANK YOU for visiting the site, for voting for it and for sending all kind of deftones related stuff.

. The Deftones took 6th place in this year's SHOUTWEB's TOP 10 Records. Check HERE the TOP 10 artist picks.

. The Sacramento show at the Memorial Auditorium is definitely on Wed. Jan. 21st at 7:30pm. Here's the details for this show:

Abstract/Goldenvoice Presents Deftones with Death Angel and Ghostride
Date: 01/21/04 7:30 pm
Description: On Sale Tuesday, December 16, 2004 10am.
Location: Memorial Auditorium
Cost: $27.50 advance, $30 day of show General Admission

You can buy tickets on www.tickets.com right now.

thanks to: Billy and Cesar Ramirez

| Unofficial Releases


Two new items for Deftones die-hard fans will be released this month:

The first one is an unofficial DVD. Here's the official press release:

 'Deftones : Death by Decibels' includes revealing information and previously unknown facts on the band from those close to them including the original band manager, roadies and one time housemate and collaborators with the band. - Filmed in location at the band's home town of Sacramento, California. On 'Deftones: Death by Decibels' we go behind the music to discover what it took for this unlikely group of friends from America's west coast to simultaneously create a new musical movement and conquer an entire generation of youths. Packed with in-depth interviews and featuring exclusive and previously unseen film footage, this documentary film takes you where the cameras never previously preyed to achieve an uncensored look at one of the past decades best bands.

You can order this DVD HERE!

The second one is an audio CD titled "Tribute to Deftones" from a band named MaxDesecration.
They don't sound like the Deftones, I'm sure of that...but I'm curious to listen to this album.
Here's the tracklist:

1.ATF 2.Back to School 3.One Weak 4.Lucky You 5.BQAD 6.Minerva 7.Engine #9 8.RX Queen 9.WGTB 10.Lotion 11.Bloody Cape 12.Root

You can buy this CD HERE!

thanks to: Jorge Costa

| Deftones True Crime / Frank's Looking at You


Activision have announced the track listing to their highly anticipated new game - True Crime: Streets of L.A. - Deftones' "Minerva" will be included!
Here's the full tracklisting:

Deftones - "Minerva"

Taproot - "Poem"
Funkadelic - "(Not Just) Knee Deep"
Parliament - "Flashlight"
Megadeath - "Peace Sells" and "Symphony of Destruction"
Ice T - "6 'N The Morning " and "I'm Your Pusher"
N.E.R.D. -"Lap Dance" and "Rock Star "
Plastino Mosh - "Afro Man" and "Saint Tropez Is Not Far "
Unloco - "Bruises"
Systematic - "Not Like You"
Bone Thugs N Harmony - "For Tha Love of $ " and "Thuggish Ruggish Bone"
Mack 10 - "Foe Life"
The DOC - "It's Funky ENUFF " and "The Formula"
Grade 8 - "Let Me Know "
I Mother Earth - "Levitate " and "Rain Will Fall "
AudioBullys - "The Snow"

"Here's looking at you.." a remix by Frank 'Nit' Delgado is available for download along with printable artwork/setlist at Frank's side project's website: www.decibeldevils.com (Check the Mixes Section)

| Bloody Cape video premiere next Tuesday


Next Tuesday (10/14/03), Deftones.com will be premiering the never before seen video for "Bloody Cape." This video has NOT been released yet, and no release date has been discussed at this point. This is your chance to take part in Deftones history, however, there's a catch. The video will ONLY remain on the site for a 24 hour period. After that, it may never be posted again.

| More Teamsleep / Denali


Hoobastank have reportedly dropped off the list of support acts for the upcoming Deftones headlining tour, which begins October 24 in Seattle, Washington. Their replacement is a band called Denali, who were personally selected for the bill by Chino Moreno. Clutch, Poison The Well, Thrice, and Thursday are all still confirmed for the tour.

Moreno plans to finally release the long-delayed debut album from his side project, Team Sleep, in early 2004. He told MTV.com, "We just finished a batch of all-new songs and now it's more of a band than before, [because before] it was mostly just stuff I did in my bedroom or tracks we sent back and forth to each other." Moreno says the band has completed thirteen songs for the disc.


| Bootlegs Petition


There are plenty of options for fans to legitimately buy music online these days, but record labels are still not hip to artists just giving it away. The Deftones learned that lesson the hard way recently when their label, Maverick Records, took down more than 40 live bootlegs the band had posted on its Web site in July. "I think Maverick got mad because they own all that music," said singer Chino Moreno. "It was our idea to put it up there, but I think we were maybe supposed to ask permission of something." The 49 bootlegs of shows in 2000, 1995 and 1992 were available for free download on the band's site for several weeks but were removed approximately three weeks ago and replaced with a note reading: "Taken down for now ... sorry." Maverick did not authorize the posting of the songs, according to a label spokesperson. Other bands, including the Beastie Boys and Public Enemy, have run afoul of their labels for giving music away for free in recent years. "Record companies are afraid of everything," Moreno said, laughing. With Summer Sanitarium, a nasty feud with Korn and an even nastier groin injury behind him, Moreno said he and his bandmates are looking forward to their upcoming headlining dates. "I didn't want to do that tour," Moreno said of the Sanitarium dates with Metallica, Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit. "With the launch of a new record, I wanted to support the record with our own tour. I didn't want to come out of the box on a package tour." Though he had no harsh words for hosts Metallica or his tour mates ("For as much as we bicker, Fred [Durst] and I are really close"), Moreno is psyched to be hitting the road for some quality time with the Deftones' notoriously rabid fans. The band will be joined on various dates by Poison the Well, Clutch, Hoobastank, Thursday and Thrice. As a warm-up for their first solo North American dates in support of their self-titled album, the Deftones will kick off a European tour with A Perfect Circle and the Revolution Smile on Friday. In between, Moreno will finish work on his long-awaited trip-hop side project, Team Sleep. The band's still-untitled debut is now due early next year, and Moreno warns that if you think you know what to expect, think again. "We did a whole new record because I had stuff I'd been working on for years and stuff we recorded in Seattle with [producer] Terry Date that got leaked on the Internet a year ago," he said. "Then the Deftones did our record, so it got pushed aside again. We just finished a batch of all-new songs and now it's more of a band than before, [because before] it was mostly just stuff I did in my bedroom or tracks we sent back and forth to each other." Team Sleep, which features Moreno's friends DJ Crook and guitarist Tom Wilkinson, as well as Hella drummer Zach Hill and former Tinfed bassist Rick Verrett, have completed 13 songs for the album. source: MTV

A petition has been put online HERE. Please sign it!!! The purpose of the petition is to influence Maverick's decision-making process as to whether they are going to give authorization to the band to put the audio clips back up.

In other news, the collaboration between Deftones vocalist Chino Moreno and Far on the Band Aid holiday staple "Do They Know It's Christmas?", might be included on a Christmas-themed compilation due Nov. 11 from Immortal Records - "A Santa Cause '03". Confirmed bands are The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Blink 182, New Found Glory and MxPx. "Hexagram" is also confirmed to be included on MTV2's HeadBangers Ball 2 CD.

| Hexagram EP


According to HMV.com, the "Hexagram" single will be out on September 22nd and the tracklisting is as follows:

"Hexagram" CD

1. Hexagram
2. Bloody Cape
3. Lovers
4. Hexagram [Video]

"Hexagram" 7''

1. Hexagram
2. Bloody Cape

You can pre-order both at www.hmv.com 

(thanks to Matt)

| Hexagram, Tour and TV


Exclusive interview and footage from the making of "Hexagram" video will air on Fox Sports Networks "54321" this Monday, September 8th, at 5 p.m. PDT/EDT and
repeats at 11:30 p.m. PDT/EDT. Deftones will also perform live on NBC's "Last Call With  Carson Daly" on Tuesday, November 18th. Following their headlining tour of Europe in  September with special guests A Perfect Circle, Deftones return for their headlining US tour next month. Check all dates, subject to change, HERE. Lastly, answers to FAQ's are: Yes, Chino is fully recovered from his recent injury; and, yes, the "Team Sleep" album will be completed and scheduled for release next year.

Once in a while I get some nice surprises that give me the strenght to go and keep this site alive... this is one of those surprises. I got an email some days ago with a pic,
with someone holding a poster saying "Deftones World rulez". I was happy with that, but I was blown away when I saw that it was a screenshot from Deftones new video. That's right, a fan called Rachel (our board member InSpiteIstillLIE) held it up this poster, and has been lucky enough to be picked by Hexagram's director, Darren Doane. You can check Rachel holding her poster around the first 10 seconds of Hexagram.Check some screenshots HERE and HERE. Much respect to Rachel!


Windows Media Player: 56k 100k 300k // Real Player: 56k 100k 300k // Quicktime: 56k 100k 300k 600k

| DJ Frank is Master of More Than Is Cue...


August issue of DJ Times, the international magazine for the professional mobile & club DJ, features a great interview with DJ Frank. Check it out HERE

Check also www.deftones.com for a clean & full version of "Hexagram" video.

| HFStival Cancelled + Hexagram Goodies


Days after been announced HFStival has been cancelled. According to HFStival website the Fall Edition of HFStival has been canceled due to a scheduling conflict...
(thanks to Olli)

Here are some cool things coming straight from Deftones latest video - HEXAGRAM (download a better version at www.urbanchaosvideos.com)

. The "DEFTONS" license plate (thanks to Adrien)

. Chino's Mini-Harley (thanks to Jennifer Santos)

| Duran Duran with The Deftones


WHFS announced the details of the 15th annual HFStival - the largest and longest running rock concert in the country. This year's HFStival will take place on October 4th (Saturday) at RFK Stadium in Washington D.C. WHFS revealed the 2003 line up, which includes the Deftones and as well one of Chino's favorite bands, Duran Duran. Other bands playing on the same day are: Staind, Rancid,  The Black Eyed Peas, Jet, Electric 6, Eve 6, O.A.R., Thrice, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Yellowcard, Citizen Cope, Three Days Grace, and more.

| Hexagram Circus


Check this out, a fan emailed me and said that "Hexagram" video should have its premiere this Saturday, 10pm EDT on MTV2's "Headbangers Ball".

Chino is on the cover of September's issue of "Circus Magazine". The tagline goes like this:

"Chino Moreno gets wicked and wild in a candid interview all about his life with the Deftones!
With info on the Summer Sanitarium tour, the new album, and what's to come, this is a Deftones' fan dream come true."

| Dark Awards


The Darkness took home 'Best Album' and Best Live Act at yesterday's Kerrang! Awards. The winners in full:

Best international newcomer

Best British newcomer
Funeral For A Friend

Best album
The Darkness - Permission To Land

Best British act

Best international act
Linkin Park

Hall of fame

Best single
Good Charlotte - Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous

Best video
Electric Six - Gay Bar

Event of the year
Download festival

Classic songwriter
Red Hot Chili Peppers

Spirit of independence

Best live act
The Darkness

Spirit of rock


| Kerrang! Awards


The Kerrang! Awards themselves takes place today, August 21 at a top secret London location. The Deftones are nominated for the 'Best Album' award. Here's the rest of the nominees for this award:

Best Album
Deftones 'Deftones'
HIM 'Love Metal'
The Darkness 'Permission To Land'
Metallica 'St Anger'
The White Stripes 'Elephant'

| Deftones/PTW + MTV Article


A bit more info has surfaced on the Deftones' upcoming touring plans. The group are currently planning to hit the road with Poison The Well in tow beginning in late October through to late November, after which the band will do a two week stint with Thursday and Thrice as support. Dates and venues are forthcoming.

source: www.theprp.com

Here's an article explaining Chino's groin injury and Hexagram's video shoot:

The Deftones go through video directors the way some bands go through guitar strings. Eight videos for the band's Stateside singles have used as many directors. And with the clip for "Hexagram," the Deftones have welcomed Darren Doane (AFI, Blink-182) into a club that counts Dean Karr (Dave Matthews Band, Godsmack) and Liz Friedlander (Avril Lavigne) as members. The Deftones' cavalier approach to directors stems from an interest in seeing an array of visual interpretations of their music, but also from the fact that no one has been able to successfully re-create the live Deftones experience on video - not even the Deftones. "Everyone tries to capture our band live, and it has never been a successful attempt to fully capture the way our band is," bassist Chi Cheng said. "So Darren is going to try to get as close as he can to capturing it. But the truth is when you're playing to playback, it's never really a full, loose, crazy rock and roll experience as if you're seeing a show. But we're gonna bring in 200 fans. We're just gonna blow out as many powerful takes as we can." "Hexagram," the second single off the band's eponymous fourth album, is expected to surface at radio next week. The music ebbs and flows in patented Deftones form. The chorus is pure battering percussion. Melody sways through the verse as Chino Moreno punctuates every line with a hell-spawned scream. He struggles with the dichotomy of worship and play, but a fuller explanation of what he's railing against is anyone's guess. Don't bother asking Cheng, though. "I really don't know what Chino's talking about," he said. "I think our band, oddly enough, doesn't have that type of relationship. We're like, either it's dope or it's not dope. Other than that I don't really dig into his lyrics any deeper than he digs into my poetry." Cheng released the poetry CD The Bamboo Parachute in 2000 and occasionally performs spoken-word gigs. An injury suffered by Moreno forced the Deftones to cancel a handful of Summer Sanitarium dates before the tour ended August 9. Although it was reported as a "groin injury," Cheng has a much more cringe-worthy description of his singer's diagnosis. "It actually was a very serious thing," Cheng said. "He had somehow hit himself, probably onstage, and blood was collecting behind one of his [testicles]. So it was swollen up. ... His specialists told him that he could either pee it out or have it drained. He couldn't really stand for a few days." The rested and relieved Deftones are gearing up for a European tour with A Perfect Circle beginning next month. After that they'll embark on a headlining tour of North America in mid-October.

source: www.mtv.com

| 'Tones Fall Tour


Now that Summer Sanitarium's over the Deftones will head to Europe to tour with A Perfect Circle and The Revolution Smile, then in October they'll return home for a Fall Tour. According to MTV.com the Deftones will headline this North American tour, and it might include the emo band Thursday, Thrice and Coheed & Cambria. Here's an excerpt from an article posted on MTV.com regarding the band Thrice:

This fall, they'll [Thrice] return to North America to tour with Thursday and Coheed & Cambria. To Thrice's delight, Deftones will headline more than two weeks of those dates.

"If you would have told us when we were signed that we'd be going out with the Deftones, I wouldn't have believed you," Breckinridge [Thrice member] said. "To me, something like that is way cooler than partying and trying to be a rock star."

| No Apologies


Chino Moreno has refused to apologize for the barbed comments he's made in the press about KORN and his Summer Sanitarium tourmates METALLICA, LIMP BIZKIT and LINKIN PARK, saying that he was simply speaking the truth and insisting that he doesn't "give a shit" if anybody else was offended by his remarks.
"I am a nice guy, and I don't think people understand how many times I get asked questions about other bands," Moreno told Metal Edge magazine. "Most of the times, I don't answer them, because I want to talk about DEFTONES. I want to talk about my band, you know what I mean? I don't want to talk about other bands. I'm sure those other bands that were talked about haven't read [my comments] yet [at the time of this interview], but I heard that everybody was upset about it. I'm not here to make everybody happy, and I'm not here to upset anybody. I'm just doing what I'm doing, and they said I was talking 'trash'. I think I was talking just truth, and the way I perceive it. It might not be true to them, but it's the way I feel. And if you are going to ask me if I think my band is heavier than METALLICA, what am I going to say, 'No'? I mean, fuck! I have faith in my band, and I look at what we do, and especially when we are on a tour like [Summer Sanitarium], it's competition. We have to go out there, and we have to be strong, and we have to be confident in what we do - that's basically it. I mean, I wouldn't say anything personal against anybody, because I don't have any beef with anybody. If they have beef with me, that's fine - whatever - but it's not like that at all. It's strictly music talking." With regards to whether any of the other bands confronted him personally about his comments, Moreno said, "Management companies were calling our management saying, 'What's he doing? What's he doing?' I don't give a shit, really. . . I mean, it sucks, because that's not what I want our shit to be about, especially when we have a new record coming out. I want to talk about my record. I don't want to talk about other bands, because honestly, I don't listen to those other bands. It's kind of pointless." When asked if the fact that the DEFTONES were second on the bill at Summer Sanitarium had contributed to his frustration, Chino said, "Yeah. . . I think that is what sparked a lot of my initial anger, because I was against doing that whole thing [Summer Sanitarium] in the first place, then they started asking me, 'What do you think about.' Then I started thinking about the shitty position we had on that tour, and that we are opening for these other bands. I mean, honestly, I'm sure [LIMP BIZKIT and LINKIN PARK] would be a band [if it weren't for us] - maybe I went too far by saying that [laughing], but fuck it! I don't give a shit. Honestly, I was outvoted -  Frank and I didn't want to do the tour. When we are coming out of the box with a new record, I don't want to go out and be associated with everything that we tried so hard to distance ourselves from, you know what I mean? I just wanted to go out and do what we do, and then eventually, maybe next summer, it would have been okay. But that's just my opinion. That's just the way I feel about it. But I will go out there and I will pummel that shit every night, because that's all I can do, you know what I mean?"

source: blabbermouth.net

| Video Cape


It seems that Maverick Records has just pulled the release of "Bloody Cape" single. Don't worry if you have ordered it, since all the orders have been cancelled. "Hexagram" will now be the next single (US and rest of the world) and its release will coincide with Deftones European shows in the UK
 (September). Sad, sad, sad...

| Video Cape


According to www.theprp.com "Bloody Cape" video, directed by James Minchin in June, will be released on August 18th.

| Deftones Cancel More Tour Dates


Chino Moreno has suffered what doctors are calling a "severe groin injury," necessitating the cancellation of two of the band's headlining off-dates on the current Summer Sanitarium tour. Yesterday's show at the Salt Air Pavilion in Salt Lake City, Utah was cancelled and today's show at the Big Easy in Boise, Idaho will be cancelled too. The group is then expected to rejoin the Summer Sanitarium tour for its remaining dates in early August, although Moreno will be required to restrict his on-stage movements.

| Bloody Cape EP


There will be two versions of "Bloody Cape" EP; the CD single and the maxi CD. The CD single will have this artwork, and it will include the song "Bloody Cape" and nothing else. The maxi CD will have "Bloody Cape" plus another two unreleased songs: "XO" and "Lovers".  You can buy "Bloody Cape" EP here: (still don't know which version these stores are selling out)
Link 1: http://uk.towerrecords.com/

Link 2: http://www.hmv.co.uk/
Link 3: http://www.eil.com/
Link 4: http://www.infin1.com/

| Hexagram Video


Deftones will be filming the video for "Hexagram" (director, Darren Doane) on Friday August 8th in Los Angeles, CA. The band is looking for all local Deftones Fans to come down and be in the video! Here is the location:

4226 Valley Fair Street (Right Next to SkateLab)
Simi Valley, CA 93063

Please show up between 2-4pm. The video will be filmed around 5pm-7pm. Deftones need as many fans as possible to represent the Deftones(500-1000). There will be no stage. Just the band and their fans. Bring ear plugs if you think you might be sensitive to the loudest sound system ever. Important: Do not wear name brand shirts. NO HURLEY, BILLABONG, VOLCOM, VANS, PUMA, ADIDAS, ETC.

| Rapid City Fans


People holding tickets to Tuesday's canceled performance of the Deftones are asked to wait until Friday to find out when the concert will be rescheduled. "Chino Moreno fell ill and couldn't perform. They are here in town, but he just couldn't go on," Trent Taylor, director of marketing and sales for Rushmore Plaza Civic Center, said Tuesday afternoon.

Those with tickets are asked to call 394-4111 or 1-800-GOT-MINE on Friday when more information will be available on the rescheduling, he said. And if, for whatever reason, ticket holders are unable to make it on the rescheduled concert date, refunds will be issued, Taylor said. The Deftones were scheduled to continue with their tour, which includes a performance in Billings, Mont., tonight and the Summer Sanitarium Tour stop with Metallica, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park and Mudvayne at Invesco Field at Mile High in Denver on Friday.

| Chino in the Hospital


Deftones had to cancel their second-in-line set in Minneapolis (July 27) because Chino collapsed on the bus and was taken to a local hospital. It is reported that he had a stomach virus. We wish him well and hope he recovers soon!

| SS Dub


Check MTV2's "Backstage Summer Sanitarium Tour" this Friday (July 19th, 12am EDT), featuring Metallica, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Mudvayne and of course the Deftones!

Stef's 3 vehicles are featured in this months "Dub" (car magazine). Send us some scans if you got that.

| Frank Defends Chino


Deftones singer Chino Moreno has gotten negative attention recently, for barbed comments he's made in the press about Korn and his Summer Sanitarium tourmates Metallica. Sampler/keyboardist Frank Delgado said that a lot of the attention is a function of the press taking Moreno's quotes out of context. "I think they to sensationalize a lot of stuff," Delgado says. "They're trying to sell magazines just like we're trying to sell records, but catch anyone on a bad day you're bound to hear something that no one's going to like, but you can't be afraid to speak your mind, either. I think if you go back and you read those quotes, he really didn't say anything mean. You know what I mean. As a fan of music he's speaking his mind on what he thinks. And besides, whether you're a chef or a plumber, you have to think you're the best chef or the best plumber. I think he brought it up to James Hetfield, actually and I would have said the same thing. You have to think you are the best and you have to have that attitude." Moreno was quoted saying about Metallica, who had just booked Deftones on their Summer Sanitarium tour, "Metallica have a vast catalog. But live? Motherfuckers just stand there and play. We're gonna rock out their shit. We're gonna blow that motherfucker up." Moreno's most recent barb was launched against Korn. He ripped Jonathan Davis in the August issue of Revolver magazine, saying his songwriting overused angst and themes of bad childhoods and bad parents. Davis replied by saying that Moreno may be bitter at Korn's success, and added that he holds no animosity towards Deftones--in fact, he said he wants to tour with them.

| Deftones Ball


Make sure you check MTV2's "Headbangers Ball" this saturday (July 12th) because the Deftones will be the special guests.
This is "Headbangers Ball" episode #10 and you can watch it on:
. Saturday (12th) from 10:00 pm to 12:00 am ET or
. Tuesday (15th) from 02:30 am to 03:30 am ET.

| Bloody Cape LE


'Bloody Cape', the second track to be lifted from the Deftones' self-titled fourth album, will be available on August 4. Just 10,000 copies will be released in special packages, and will include a new track, a piece performed on piano by Chino Moreno and the video for 'Bloody Cape' . The titles of the new tracks are yet to be confirmed. The package will also include two badges, a sew-on patch and a sticker.

| SS After Party + Metal Chino


MuchHeadquarters will brace for impact when Metallica, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Deftones and Mudvayne head over to the "MuchLOUD Summer Sanitarium After Party" immediately following each of their performances at the Summer Sanitarium Tour 2003 at SkyDome (Toronto, Canada). The action begins at 11pm ET on Saturday, July 5th. Tune into MuchMusic on Friday July 4th at 6:30pm ET for information on how to forward a question and win wristbands to attend this exclusive event. Go HERE for more info.

Chino Moreno is on the new cover of Metal Hammer along with Marilyn Manson and members of HIM, Murderdolls and Amen. Check a little preview HERE .
Also this month Metal Hammer takes time out with the Deftones who impart some valuable info on how Chino managed to snort his own diarrhoea trail one night - at least according to Chi he did anyway! SCANNINGS NEEDED!!!

| Jon Davis Strikeback


Korn frontman Jonathan Davis has reacted to recent coments made by Deftones singer Chino Moreno in US magazine Revolver. Moreno said: "As Korn go on, it's the same things - bad childhoods and mean moms. It gets too old after a while. How old is Jonathan? Thirty? How long has it been since he lived with his parents?" In an exclusive interview with Kerrang!, Davis said: "Obviously, Chino hasn't listened to the words on the rest of my albums because they're nothing about my parents or my childhood. He's bitter and pissed off. I haven't talked to him because that's some straight f**ked up shit that he said. When we first came out it was cool and we were homies. Then as we came up they became bitter because we were getting more attention or some shit. It's retarded how it got like that." You can read the full interview in this week's Kerrang!, on sale Wednesday June 24.

| Bloody Cape is the next single


"Bloody Cape", track #9 on "Deftones", will be the second single to be lifted from the band's current new self-titled album. The band will shoot the video for this song in the end of this month.

| Hexagram next single?


Deftones are deciding on their next single, and if bassist Chi Cheng has his way, it will be a song that evokes thoughts of a legendary crooner's recent face-smashing accident. "It's heavy, it's not rap rock," Cheng said backstage at Saturday's KROQ Weenie Roast of the Deftones' track "Hexagram" (see "Pink Teams With Transplants, Good Charlotte Unplug For Weenie Roast"). "It reminds me of Barry Manilow running into a wall in his house. How'd you do that one, Barry? 'I woke up and was disoriented in my own home, so I ran into the wall and knocked myself out for four hours.' (Click for photos from the show.) "I should be picking fights with hip-hoppers, but I'm scared of hip-hoppers, so I'm going after the crooners. I think it's safer." Cheng, who already has a spoken-word album behind him, has also been spending his time lately writing about his experiences in his rock band. "It's another passion of mine, just like the other guys are very passionate musicians and they have all these other great side projects," Cheng explained. "It's just something I like to do." The bassist is about 200 pages into the book, but says he's writing it for himself and has no plans to publish it. "Maybe posthumously," he said. "It's too autobiographical. That's why. I'll get in a lot of trouble. A lot!" Cheng's spoken-word collection, Bamboo Parachute, was released in 2000 and is still sold at shows.

source: mtv.com

In other news check this month's BassGuitar (GuitarWorld) magazine, they have an article with Chi Cheng of Deftones. They describe this article as a low-rent encounter with the Deftones' burly Buddha of everything beatnik, rapping 'bout books, beer and, uh, bass.

| Deftones back to Europe in September!


The Deftones will return to Europe later in September. Warner Portugal confirmed that the band will play again here later this year. The band will do their own tour through Portugal, France, Germany and more European countries.

| Deftones Hammered!


The first annual Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards took place at the Forum in Kentish Town, London, and "The Overpriced And Over Here Award"...For Best International Act was won by the Deftones, who recorded a special video message because they were unable to attend the show due to touring commitments.

| Deftones #2 / Chino Slams LP & Korn


Chino Moreno has sensationally slammed Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit and Korn in a recent magazine interview. Speaking to American rock magazine Revolver Chino said he feels awkward about playing under Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit on Metallica's Summer Sanitarium tour. "A big problem for me is opening up for Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park, two bands that wouldn't exist if it weren't for me, straight up!" Chino also went on to slate Korn frontman Jonathan Davis saying: "As Korn go on, it's the same things - bad childhoods and mean moms. It gets old after awhile. How old is Jonathan? Thirty years old? How long has it been since he lived with his parents? Try to go somewhere else. If you're genuine and write about whatever is drawing the emotion now, you can't be fucked with." We will have the scans of "Revolver" up soon.

source: metalhammer.co.uk

Deftones came in at #2 in the US albums chart with sales of 167,000 beaten only by Staind whos latest effort sold 221,000. This compares to White Pony whild sold 177,830 copies in its first week, inflated due to the release of 2 ltd edition versions which fans bought multiple copies of. The album came in at #16 for online sales as opposed to #1 with the last record. Meanwhile 'Minerva' holds strong at #9 in the billboard modern rock singles chart.

source: thedeftones.com

| UK Support Acts


The main support bands for Deftones forthcoming UK tour have been confirmed.
Hotly tipped trio InMe will open in London and Manchester, whilst Biffy Clyro will play a hometown show in Glasgow.

much thanks to: Angela from www.music247online.com

||UK Openers / Album Reviews


The Deftones are offering local bands the opportunity to open on each of their upcoming UK tour dates in June. All you need to do is send a package (ideally three tracks with a picture and some info about your band) to the respective promoters who will make a decision following the closing date of May 27th. If you'd like to open at London Brixton Academy (June 2nd) or Manchester Apollo (June 4th) please send your material to:

Deftones Competition
Clearchannel 1st Floor Regent Arcade House
252-260 Regent Street
London W1B 3BX

Or if you'd like to open at Glasgow Braehead Arena (June 3rd), the vital address is:

Deftones Competition
CPL 21 Sandyford Place
Glasgow G3 7NG

With all the shows sold-out, the opening slot represents a massive chance for a new band to impress an audience of thousands and to create a name for themselves. Good luck! Deftones long-awaited fourth album - entitled simply 'Deftones' - is out on Monday. They will also play the main-stage of the Download Festival on May 31st.

much thanks to: Angela from www.music247online.com

In other news, lots of well known magazines have already reviewed Deftones self-titled album. Here's what some of those mags have to say:


Deftones have always been one of a kind. It's their trailblazing individuality that makes people fall so deeply in love with them. At a time when nu-metal is on its knees, as the radio startions turn their attention to newly fatted cash cows, there is little sense that they will be dragged down with the sinking ship. Because they have always been so much cooler than that. Which is why as they reach their 4th opus they're such a huge influence on younger bands in their roaring wake. Despite releases by big guns like Linkin Park and Marilyn Manson "deftones" is possibly the most eagerly awaited new album of tyhis year. While its shrouded in secrecy and unnecessary internet paranoia from the record company-advance copies are on cassette only,and branded with a burly, excruciatingly irritating voice informing you that "you are listening to new deftones' every 30 seconds-"deftones" is obviously even with this huge distraction a wonderful album,maybe even a classic. What it certainly is is a record from aband who now exist without refernce to others let alone reference to genre. This is a band who may well have sounded like morons in the press, looked like Kevin The Teenager in photo's and spent enough time moaning about European food-which must be terrible when you're in the habit of smoking 27 joints before elevenses- to look just like nu-metal men caught on the wrong foot during a change in public taste.But musically and lyrically ,somehow, this is an eloquent and distinguished, courageous and inventive band.Although they probably wouldnt dream of saying this themselves,deftones transend.And in this sense have as much to do with that genre as Tool. The bands eponymous 4th album takes what deftones do but does it deeper.And better. There are some great songs here-the marvelous and gliding Hexagram for one and the fantastically titled and ambient" when Boys Telephone Girls" for another,the lead single Minerva yet still more-and nothing in the way of a clunker.But the real effect of 'deftones' is one of mood and of control. Lyrically the group are unspecific but in the best sense of that word-whereas linkin park deal in generality(its supposed to be universality but doesnt quite manage it) Chino Moreno leans towrd the abstract but does so with the grace and instinct of a poet.On 'good morning beautiful' -another nice title, another fantastic song- he sings how 'one of these days you'll break me of many things' and how'i know what you're like,ive read it on the walls' this is not only a smart and lovely use of words but something that lends itself perfectly to the mood of the music, a sweepiong, grand and lush design thick with paience and expertise. There are times on 'deftones' when you expect a song to do a certain thing-because thats what other lessar bands might do- only to have your assumptions confounded. So 'difficult' songs arent rescued by sweeping choruses, gentle song arent bolstered by crashing riffs and the overall sense of control and mastery scarcely loses its grip throughout. Over the years this is something the deftones have learned to do,and in this sense 'deftones; sounds just like deftones. But it sounds better than deftones ever have, even better than 2000's wonderful 'white pony'.And deftones dont sound like anyone else. Which is why this is a record from a band who sounds above and beyond it all.

score: 4 k's out of 5


The mood swings like a wrecking ball on the Deftones' fourth album -- this is metal that crushes, then soothes; collapses, then soars. Headbangers will find moments of extreme violence to savor on Deftones, but this Sacramento, California, quintet also bears traces of blissed-out bands such as My Bloody Valentine and AR Kane -- art rockers who took overdriven guitars to rapturous heights. Singer Chino Moreno sounds like he's conversing with a choir of voices inside his troubled skull. He's the most Dada of the new-metal screamers: sobbing, stoned and strangely sensual, when he isn't shredding his tonsils. The band brings the requisite brutality, but this album delivers chills when it creeps past the margins of modern post-Korn heavy music: the spooky spaghetti-western drones that hover like vultures over "Death Blow," the space-is-the-place liftoff of "Minerva" and the ambient doomscape "Lucky You," which might be worth an approving smirk from the Aphex Twin. Just when new metal seemed utterly played out, Deftones blows open the possibilities. (thanks to: Frank Becerra)

score: 4 stars out of 5


Deftones frontman Chino Moreno rarely feels good. The singer's got lots on his mind, and most of it comes out in jarring explosions of beautiful noise laced with about as much emotional trauma as you can stand. The Sacramento quintet has a flair for anguished melody, which makes a fine setting for Moreno's improvisational bursts of raw, wordless emotion. This new album of abrasive, melodic metal sets his cries and moans against a grinding wall of sound, providing a perfect backdrop for your moments of headbanging despair. (thanks to: Carlo Russo)

score: 4 stars out of 5

||The real DEFANATIC!


ok. This guy should win the Defanatic contest that will end up tomorrow, because, according to MTV, an 10'x11' billboard promoting the Deftones' new, self-titled album that was hanging outside Los Angeles' famed Whisky a Go-Go, on the Sunset Strip, was stolen over the weekend. An overzealous fan is suspected of pilfering the poster, which was one of three murals commissioned by Maverick Records. West Hollywood police are investigating.

Check kroq website HERE for an exclusive interview with Chino.

||Billboard & MTV2


"MINERVA" has reached the 12th spot at this week's Billboard Single Charts (Modern Rock Tracks).

Make sure you check MTV2 on the 13th (12:00 pm ET) because they will air a "Matrix Reloaded Soundtrack Special" featuring Linkin Park, POD, Marilyn Manson and of course the DEFTONES!

In other news today and according to nme.com, DEFTONES frontman CHINO MORENO has rushed to the defense of troubled teenager JACK OSBOURNE, calling him a "nice kid" and labelling HOLLYWOOD "weird".
Ozzy Osbourne's 17-year-old son recently checked into the Las Encinas detox hospital in Pasadena, California after admitting he got "caught up" in a "drugs and alcohol" lifestyle. Jack also recently admitted the celebrity he had acquired since the success of 'The Osbournes' had a downside.
He added: "You lose your anonymity. I can't enjoy myself when I go out any more. I've been hit, I've been slapped, people driving by screaming they hate me."
Moreno, whose band release their eponymously titled new LP next week (May 12), has stuck up for the heavy rock-loving youngster in his time of trouble.
Moreno told nme.com: "He has a life that keeps the spotlight on him, keeps all eyes on him at all times. And when he's the age he is, that must put a lot of pressure on him. To have his whole life broadcast the whole time, that must be weird, man... "I would never want my life broadcast like that. I'm more of a personal person. Everyone has an opinion on you then. Everything you do is going to be analyzed. I'm not saying that has caused him to do whatever it is he is doing, but it's Hollywood man. Hollywood is weird. "I don't know enough about it. But from what I've seen on the TV, Jack seems a nice kid. Ozzy Osbourne seems to have done a good job."

||Self-Titled Review


A french reporter had the chance to listen to the new Deftones album. I've merged some of his info with my own vision on the new album and other press reviews,
much thanks to www.rightdeftones.fr.st webmaster, pose and Raggyt!

Hexagram - A feminine voice receive us (at least is what the french reporter says). The intro and the riff make us think immediately about "Around the Fur", a little bit uptight and heavier. Chino sings in a frantic way. Stef's guitar and Abe's drums have a frenetic rhythm, and they get even heavier during its chorus. The same formula used in "Around the Fur" is here! This song blows us away immediately. Chino sings hysterical and he takes his throat till the limit in the end of each sentence. "The car bomb tick ticks with the same sound!"

Needles & Pins - An electro-acoustic guitar is used during its intro. Chino wanders between melodic and intense moments. "Needles & Pins" chorus is astonishing with Chi Cheng doing the background screaming. Before it ends, the same guitar used in the beginning, is heard again with Chino ending in great style. "Who wants to fuck with us now?"

Minerva - This will be the first single and it's probably the most melodic song on the record. The same procedure used in "Change (in the house of flies)" is used here. It's simple, beautiful and it appeals to peace on earth. Based around the celebratory hook of 'God Bless you all/ For the song you sang'  'Minerva' is implausibly huge and emotes in a way that can't be faked. Fittingly, for a song that takes its name from the Greek goddess adopted by marauding soldiers, 'Minerva' is gargantuan like a mythical destructor. "God bless you all on the earth."

Good Morning Beautiful - Another perfect and sublime intro, followed by some excellent guitar riffs. Chino uses, once again, his voice as an instrument, and sings superbly with his band colleagues. This song talks about a love story that is reaching an end. "You're crazy if you think I would leave you this way..."

Deathblow - This is Deftones' favorite song. The main instrument here is the guitar, the other instruments follow it slowly. It's breathless and sensual. It has a big chorus, articulated with Frank's synthesizer which sounds like a harmonic. This song will take you to indescribable places. "It only takes one break of your pose to get off."

When Girls Telephone Boys - It's pure Adrenaline! Double pedal drumming, monumental guitar riffs and voice distortion! A huge break leads us to a fake end, in which a melodic sound go before Chino's last charge of pure fury. "I would call but I forget where the phone is at."

Battle-Axe - A soft song until a mad and wild break. This song talks about how things can be so real and true, but unfortunately pure counterfeit. "If you still believe it will always be this way...well you're all wrong."

Lucky You - An atmospheric electronics-dominated song and a change of pace for the normally raging band. Hollow, computerized percussion, ominous samples and moaning, layered vocals color the song, which features a distinct lack of guitars. This song is built on cut-up drum loops, subtle scratching, and ethereal, falsetto vocals. "So if you're feeling lucky come and take me home."

Bloody Cape - Another song that will take you back to "Around the Fur". It's a song that has everything. From slow to heavy moments, from screams to melodic singing. "We must be the first ones in the world to fall off of the earth..."

Anniversary of an Uninteresting Moment - The strangest Deftones' song ever! Chino plays the piano, the rest of the band play other acoustic instruments like chiming bells and a xylophone. It's a soft and experimental song. AOAUM is a piano-led slow-burner whose booming drums and counterpoint could have come from a Sigur Ros record. Simply great! "High on the waves you make for us."

Moana - This song will move you, you'll want to dance while you're listening to it. The song starts off with a guitar and drums test, and then.and then you'll say: "the best fuckin record ever!" The Deftones are better than ever! ".hopelessly devoted."

||Insert Details


According to Streetwise May's newsletter, Deftones' new album's insert will be close to 20 pages of photos, lyrics, art and more.

||Enhanced CD


Maverick's website just confirmed that Deftones new album will be an enhanced CD featuring over 20 minutes of footage, with over 150 photos and "A Day in the Life of Each Band Member" special!

||Minerva EP


According to THIS WEBSITE Minerva's 5" CD Single will have the following tracklisting:

1. Minerva
2. Sinatra
3. Sleep Walk

"Sinatra" is rumored to be a Helmet cover and "Sleep Walk" a Santo & Johnny cover.


DJ Crook commented Teamsleep's collaboration with Ross Robinson:

"The Ross Robinson shit came out nice. As for Passportal, don't know for sure what version would make the album at this point, if it makes it at all. As new songs are being written, it'll just come down to all of us sitting down and making a decision once all the other songs are finished."

thanks to: Matt

||Aussie TV Show + Deftones nomination


Australian fans: The Deftones will be hosting "Rage" Tv Show tomorrow (April 26th). It's essentially a long running video clip program that runs from about midnight to 11am on the weekends (friday and saturday nights) on ABC tv. Deftones will play some of their favorite music videos from such bands as Glassjaw, Bad Brains, Faith No More, RATM, Depeche Mode etc. On ABC's website there's also a little video teaser with Abe, Frank and Stef:

quicktime movie
real video 56K
real video 28K

Or just go HERE for all the info and full playlist. (much thanks to: Stavros Muchachos)

Deftones are back on track and UK's metal magazine, "Metal Hammer" have just announced their nominations to "The Golden God Awards" which will take place in London on June 3 at the London Forum. The Deftones were nominated for "Best International Act" (The Over Paid And Over Here award) along with Audioslave, Marilyn Manson, Murderdolls and Soil. Since this is a people's choice award, the Deftones need your help, click HERE to know how to vote. The Murderdolls have already been confirmed as the first of many acts, and the Deftones are also rumored to play there since they are playin Scotland the day before.

||"Minerva" Video Premieres next week


When the Deftones shot the video for "Minerva," the first single off the band's self-titled new album, it took more than mere guts to complete it. It took true grit, literally.

"It was a little bit of a pain in the ass," turntablist Frank Delgado said. "It was in the middle of the desert and there was a sandstorm and it was freezing, but other than the sand in your ass, it was fun."

Delgado and his bandmates - drummer Abe Cunningham, guitarist Stephen Carpenter, bassist Chi Cheng and singer Chino Moreno - braved the swirling grains and chilly temperatures of California's Imperial Sand Dunes, about 15 miles from the Mexican border, earlier this month to film the video for "Minerva" with director Paul Fedor (Jimmy Eat World, P.O.D.). The completed clip is expected to surface next week, according to a Maverick Records spokesperson.

Although it was shot all in one day, Delgado said the production was pretty taxing. Besides dealing with the elements, the shoot required overnight filming, from 4 p.m. to 7 a.m., in order to capture a sunrise and sunset to bookend the mostly performance-based clip. The band is shown rocking while gusting winds and sand pelt them head-on.

"Minerva," which began appearing on radio this week, is the most melodic song on the 11-track Deftones, due May 20. Ringing guitars erect a wall of sound so volleys of bass and drums can slam against it. Moreno's vocal melody, meanwhile, sets the path for the maelstrom to follow.

Even though Deftones were never really a singles band, the remainder of the tunes are sprawling evocations of aggression - even for them. So their choice of going
eponymous with their fourth album - a first-album practice for most bands - was hardly the result of a creative block.

"We had titles we were knocking around and they just never seemed to work out," Delgado explained. "We spent a lot of time on this record. We changed a lot of
different things in our camp, as far as business and management and things like that, so it was pretty much a new leaf for us."

source: www.mtv.com  

||"Guerrilla" Release Show


The Deftones will in fact be playing at their home town, Sacramento, on May 20 (Deftones new album release day). Tickets for the show, which will be at the Crest Theatre, will likely go on sale the day before. Remember, this is a "guerrilla" tour, meaning they'll only give a day's notice. Stay tuned.

For more info and concert hook ups check our board HERE

|| Mercedes CD & Deftones Press Release


Fek Em All has recently released a mixed CD - "Not your Average" - from DJ C-Minus (Korn) featuring tracks from The Roots, Queens of the Stone Age, Biz Markie, Korn, The Clipse, Dj Shadow & Teamsleep! Here's the complete track listing:

1. Its Party Time...
2. Rock You - The Roots
3. No One Knows - Q.O.T.S.A.
4. 6 Days - DJ Shadow
5. Bulls on Parade - R.A.T.M
6. All my Life - The Foos
7. Tear Shit Up - Biz Markie
8. Locked Away - N.E.R.D
9. Tool of the Trade - Tek & Steele
10. Smarty Pants - Brant Bjork & The Operators
11. Welcome to the Terrordome - P.E.
12. Half - Pastor of Puppets
13. Frontier Psychiatrist - The Avalanches
14. Here to Stay - Korn
15. Rawcore - P.B.W & Madlib
16. Where do we go from here - Filter
17. Defcover - Murs of LLC
18. Dirty Movies - Van Halen
19. What Happened to that Boy - Baby feat. The Clipse
20. Mercedes - Team Sleep
21. Flowers - Dudley Perkins
22. Mass Distortion - Bonus Mix

You can order this CD from HERE

Warner Brothers Records UK has released the following press release concerning Deftones new album:

Deftones - 'Minerva'

The new single, out May 12th via Maverick

The Deftones return with the awe-inspiring power of 'Minerva' as their first release in over two years. 'Minerva' is due out on May 12th via Maverick.

The incendiary onslaught of 'Minerva' chops between the dense atmospherics of the verses and the chaotic fury of the chorus to produce one of Deftones' most memorable tracks to date. The single, produced by Terry Date (Limp Bizkit, Soundgarden), is the first to be taken from their new album entitled simply 'Deftones' (out May 19th).

'Deftones' is the long-awaited follow-up to the Grammy winner and Kerrang album of the year 'White Pony.' Featuring such blazing standouts as 'Needles & Pins', the dark, smouldering 'Deathblow' and the jagged, scrawl of 'Battle-Axe', 'Deftones' is an album that punches through to the next dimension of the band's utterly original sound.

"We couldn't sit still," asserts guitarist Stephen Carpenter, on the genesis of 'Deftones.'  "We had built up a lot of creative steam on the road and were hitting on all cylinders. You can't just turn that off. We tried relaxing and living like regular civilians but it wasn't happening. We'd forgotten how."

Deftones first introduced themselves to the world with their 1995 debut album 'Adrenalin', but it was the release of 1997's 'Around The Fur' that confirmed their status as one of rock's most exciting acts. With 2000's massive selling album 'White Pony', Deftones achieved mainstream recognition, assisted by the hit single 'Change (In The House Of Flies).'

Deftones are set to play the main-stage at the Download Festival on May 31st.

||"My Own SX"


"My Own Summer" is featured on "SX SUPERSTAR", a supercross arcade-racing game from Acclaim. In SX Superstar, you are the star. Step into the world of SX Superstar, an ultra-realistic trip into the essence of supercross, chock full of smokin' arcade-racing action that will release the rock star within.

Acclaim's official SX Superstar in-game music soundtrack includes:

Deftones - "My Own Summer";
Jimmie's Chicken Shack - "High";
Pitchshifter - "Genius" and "Microwaved";
Apollo Four Forty - "Cold Rock the Mic";
Orange 9mm - "Take You Away";
Fenix*TX - "Something Bad is Gonna Happen";
No Use For A Name - "Justified Black Eye";
Box Car Racer - "I Feel So";
N.E.R.D. - "Rockstar";
28 Days - "Rip It Up".

You can order it HERE

||"Club Tour"


According to www.theprp.com the Deftones will be embarking on a guerrilla-style U.S. trek in May, playing a number of shows around the country that won't be announced until the day before they're played.

Here's what Abe had to say about "Minerva' video, new album's first single:

"We were out in the middle of nowhere," says drummer Abe Cunningham. "There were those huge balloon balls behind us and the desert looked like it was the moon. It was our own personal Star Wars. It was blistering hot, and then the sun went down and the wind picked up. With the temperature change, it turned into an insane sandstorm. Everyone had goggles and got sand everywhere, but it's a small price to pay for rock & roll." (rollingstone)

In other news today, I think it's time to let you all know the official tracklisting for Deftones self-titled album:

1. Hexagram / 2. Needles & Pins / 3. Minerva / 4. Good Morning Beautiful
5. Deathblow / 6. When Girls Telephone Boys / 7. Battleaxe / 8. Lucky You
9. Bloody Cape / 10. Anniversary Of An Uninteresting Event / 11. Moana

Track nr. 8 "Lucky You" will feature guest vocals from Rey Osburn (Tinfed) and beats from DJ Crook (Teamsleep).


"Aria" was a working title for "Needles & Pins"
"White Women" was a working title for "Needles & Pins"
"Bukkake" was a working title for "When Girls Telephone Boys"
"Cracker" was a working title for "Bloody Cape"
"You Hate Fun" was a working title for "Battleaxe"
"The Late Great Planet Earth" was a working title for "Minerva"
"Red Faced" was a working title for "Minerva"
"Suckas" was a working title for "Hexagram"
The "DVD song" is "Hexagram" (not the complete version)
"Up On Blocks" was just a strong rumour...

Much thanks to THAT person...



The Deftones are featured in April's "ROCK SOUND" magazine (Issue 47). April's issue has Glassjaw's frontman, Daryl Palumbo, on the cover.

For more info check: http://www.rock-sound.net/newissue.html - Feel free to email us some scans.


||"Minerva Video"


Deftones will shoot the video for their new single, "Minerva" in the Californian Desert, this week with director Paul Fedor (P.O.D.). The song will hit radio stations beginning April 22nd. Get ready for out radio and video contests to come!

||Deftones & Teamsleep on the "Matrix: Reloaded" O.S.T.


The track listing has been unveiled for the two disc "The Matrix Reloaded: The Album" Soundtrack set, it is as follows:

Disc 1:
01 - Linkin Park - "Session"
02 - Marilyn Manson - "This Is The New Shit"
02 - Rob Zombie - "Reload"
04 - Rob D - "Furious Angels" (Instrumental)
05 - Deftones - "Lucky You"
06 - Team Sleep - "Passportal"
07 - P.O.D. - "Sleeping Awake"
08 - Ünloco - "Bruises"
09 - Rage Against The Machine - "Calm Like A Bomb"
10 - Oakenfold - "Dread Rock"
11 - Fluke - "Zion"
12 - Dave Matthews - "When The World Ends" (Oakenfold Remix)

Disc 2:
01 - Don Davis - "Main Title"
02 - Don Davis - "Trinity Dream"
03 - Juno Reactor - "Tea House"
04 - Rob D - "Chateau"
05 - Juno Reactor - "Mona Lisa Overdrive"
06 - Don Davis Vs. Juno Reactor - "Burly Brawl"
07 - Don Davis - "Reloaded Suite"
The album will be released through Maverick on May 06th.

source: www.theprp.com

||Deftones Leak


The Deftones promo DVD was sent to some fans last week, and someone has already ripped the new song in it. That song could be "Minerva", but it's still untitled. I wont post the full song here, and you probably know why,so if you want to check it out find the link somewhere or download a clip of it below.

DVD SONG (MP3 20" CLIP) - Download HERE (right click > save target as...)

"Minerva", "You Hate Fun", "White Woman", "Cracker" and "Bukkakke" Leaked!

I have received these 5 songs. They are Deftones for sure. They sound heavy, they sound  great. I don't want to ruin the "surprise" factor. So if you don't want to download, read my personal view below. I want to remind you that these ARE ONLY CLIPS, not the full songs. The songs names are not confirmed yet. I bet the final work will have different song names and its quality will be much better than these mp3. Keep on checking www.deftones.com for more updates on the new album/tour. My final warning is:

Here's my view on those songs (comparing them to previous records):
MINERVA - The little bit I've heard is pretty much like the chorus for "RX Queen", really mellow.   
YOU HATE FUN - Chino's voice and the rhythm are close to "RX Queen" too. Another mellow song.
WHITE WOMAN - This song reminds me "My Own Summer". This is probably the first song where we can really hear Chi's voice. Strong screams, like the ones he does when they play MOS live. Chino screams lots of times "We are..."
CRACKER - The rhythm is frenetic, reminds me "Rickets", and Chino's voice is much like in "Knife Party".
BUKKAKKE - The heaviest song so far. Chino's voice is distorted (a kind of distortion that Kurt Cobain used in "In Utero"). The guitar is heavy and with lots of breaks.

||First Single


Deftones first single will be..."The Late Great Planet Earth", production on the video for their first single starts next week.
According to theprp.com the song will be called "Minerva" instead. So lets wait a bit.

||Abe Clears Things up


"It's been a long process, longer than any other record," Abe Cunningham said, then pontificated on the virtues of patience. As the drummer touched upon the almost three-year span leading up to the band's fourth album, singer Chino Moreno was in a Seattle studio tracking the remaining vocals for the follow-up to 2000's White Pony. Once that's completed, the project, still tentatively titled "Deftones", will enter the mixing stage, the final phase before it's released to a public restless for new material. Material fans thought they were going to get last fall. Last summer, a Maverick Records release schedule was issued to the press with a slot in mid-November reserved for the Deftones. "Fans got hold of that date on the Net, and we weren't even done with the record!" an incensed Cunningham said. "How dare they put out a release date? We want it out, too, but we also want to put out quality product." The album is now slated for a May 20 release, a due date that should be at least close to accurate, since Deftones will be setting out on the Summer Sanitarium Tour. They recorded about 15 songs with longtime Terry Date and are now deciding on which five to winnow out. Although the LP is being finished in Seattle, most of it was recorded in the band's own studio in its hometown of Sacramento. The members were able to work on their opus in a comfortable, relaxed environment; and therein lays much of the delay, and consequently, much of what promises to be compulsive perfection. "We had the luxury to be able to record it and screw with things as we went; we were never able to do that before. That's the beauty of having your own studio.". Although they refrained from performing any new material (at the Big Day Out Festival) out of a fear that songs would appear online before their time, taking the stage together for the first time in over a year cemented the fact that Deftones are ready to resume where they left off. "The friendship and camaraderie of the band is all back," Cunningham said, "and that's the best thing in the world."

Source: www.mtv.com

||Deftones Message


Greetings All...We want to thank everyone who came out and showed support while down under. The shows rocked and were definitely a great way to kick things off after being in the studio for so long. We look forward to being back in Austraulia later in the year. We finish mixing the new album in a couple weeks and plan to finish up the artwork soon after. Get ready... If you haven't heard shows are starting to line up. Possibility of a couple ne offs in Europe sometime mid march. In May we'll be doing a club run in the states. Back to Europe at the end of May till mid june for the Festivals. We head out on the Summer Sanitarium in July. Also, we'll also be doing our own headline shows in between the Summer Sanitarium dates. Keep checking for updates as more things are confirmed. Once again we want to thank everyone for their patience. Much Thanks - DEFTONES

Source: www.deftones.com

||Deftones US Tour


Deftones and Mudvayne, will serve as openers on this years Summer Sanitarium Tour 2003, beginning July 4. Metallica, Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park will head the whole tour, whose itinerary is still being worked out, the trek is expected to visit 18 North American cities. Confirmed cities for the Summer Sanitarium Tour 2003, according to Elektra Records are:

Minneapolis / St. Louis / Orlando / Philadelphia / New York / Boston / Columbus / Montreal / Dallas / Houston / Seattle / Denver / San Francisco / Los Angeles / Detroit / Toronto / Washington / Baltimore/ Chicago

Tickets for most shows of the tour will go on sale February 22. More DatesTOUR SECTION

"Deftones Back on the Horse"

The Deftones spent the past few months in Seattle putting the finishing touches on their fourth album. The band has completed almost fourteen songs, one of which will be heard on the Matrix Reloaded soundtrack this spring. "Somebody say that it's fucked up, so I can hit 'em!" demands Deftones singer Chino Moreno, playing two new songs for friends at Larrabee Studios in West Hollywood. Fortunately, the group's first new material since 2000's White Pony went over well, and no one got hurt. On the two still-untitled songs, the group mixes explosive guitars with Moreno's bursts of raw, almost wordless emotion. Straight-up Deftones, in other words. "It's not the easiest music to like," Moreno admits. "But like all my favorite artists and records, you have to take time and get into it."   © 2003 RollingStone

||Deftones Interview at BDO


Channel V in Australia, featured a live version of "My Own Summer" and "Around the Fur", and was followed by an interview with Chino, Chi and Abe at the Gold Coast Big Day Out. In this interview Chino said that the new album is currently being mixed and will be out in May. He said that there is no guests on the album and that at this stage the album will probably be self titled, but they are not 100% sure yet. He described the album as "dynamic" and "Deftones". And that the album is "just about love". Other than that they spoke about how they have been playing ping pong on the tour, and tattoo's and not a whole lot more. Chi and Abe were pretty quite. 

MUCH THANKS TO: Neil O'Loughlin

||New Album Stickers


It seems that the promotion to the Deftones new album has finally started.
Here is the first sticker released by Maverick Records: (click here)

Thanks to: Cre8 & Carlitos "El Sucio"



According to www.hmv.com Deftones' new album will be called "Lovers". If you go HERE you can see the details for this album, including a pre-release date,  February 13th 2003, which probably means that the band is thinking on releasing the new album on Valentine's Day (February 14th). Anyway, this is just me thinking.More news to come soon...

Also Thanks to: Matt!

||Chino in the 80'S


Check the news section of www.sactoca.com for some pics of Chino back in the 80's :)

||Deftones in DVD


On February 4, "Punk Rock Summer Camp" will be issued on DVD by indie label Side One Dummy, according to a spokesperson for the label. Originally shot in 1998 and released later that year on VHS, the video documents what life is like aboard the longest-running festival show in the U.S. with backstage interviews, fan comments, performance footage from bands such as Bad Religion, NOFX, Rancid and Deftones, and extreme sports demos from pro skaters Andy McDonald and Steve Caballero and BMX trickster Rick Thorne.

|| Chino and Teamsleep w/ Tinfed


Tinfed's new album "Designated Rivals" features one remix from Deftones' member - Chino Moreno - and another one from his side project - Teamsleep.
Here's the tracklist:

2. SOUL DIVISION (SOCAL VS NORCAL) - ( Downloadable MP3 on www.tinfed.com )
4. DANGERGIRL (LEGWORK MIX with Chino Moreno)

7. 10ft. TALL (ON MY BACK)


Running Time: 58:07

For more info check Tinfed's official site at: www.tinfed.com 

|| Deftones Message


The Deftones have posted the  following in their official site:

"We want to thank everyone for their patience and support. We are currently in the final stages of the recording process. For the past couple months we have been in Seattle finishing what was started at home. Initial tracking for the new album was done in Sacramento. We're all really excited with the new tunes and can not wait to get back out on the road with them. More updates to come. Much thanks...Deftones"

Here's a strange message posted on Glassjaw's official site:

"New Deftones Info You've all been waiting for.
posted: 11/01/02 by Abe Cunningham
Well since I talk so much and chino doesn't give me the mic, I figured that the nation of jaw wouldn't mind if I used there site for a minute.... ok..... good.... here we go........... Well we (the tones) are putting the finishing touches up on our latest album as we speak. Can't tell you much but I can tell you this.... Expect anywhere from 12 too 37 tracks but it'll still be a single album fuck that double album shit. We have tons of guests on this bizatch too. We got Nelly, Nelly Furtado, fucking Timbaland, Timberlake and Missy too. Take some Flannel, some long johns, coffee and some 24 hole doc martins and that should some up the new album in a nut shell. Tight....hella tight."

Thanks to: Efren


|| Definitely in 2003 / Kush Project


According to the PRP, the Deftones are close to wrapping up the recording sessions for their forthcoming as of yet untitled new album. Chino Moreno is currently laying down his vocal parts with producer Terry Date, and mixing is expected to commence shortly. At present a tentative spring 2003 release through Maverick is in the works. Chi Cheng's forecast is at the best no sooner than March.

In other news, the line-up for this years Smokeout Festival has been announced, the show will take place at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, CA on November 23rd and feature performances from:
Cypress Hill
The Used
The Kush Project
3rd Strike
Poison The Well
And many more. For a full listing check www.smokeoutfestival.com.

source: theprp.com

|| Chi: "The Riddler" / Velvet...


"Dont trip. we're getting it (the album) done a.s.a.p. so long as its what y'all deserve. i aint trying to rush it and have it be half ass. y'all are entitled to that at least (...) just went to mix another (song). the new album sounds like air supply on crank and may be called - "lost in love". also i think we are playing some headlining dates down there and am quite excited. and fer the record i aint rich but would love to buy you a car if i could...chi

The new album is apparently riddled with riddles...

In other news today, The Deftones have now selected Velvet Hammer Management (System Of A Down, Taproot) to represent them. Currently the band are hard at work on their next album which will see a release through Maverick next year.

source: theprp.com

|| Chi's Message


Here's a message from Chi Cheng, posted on the official board:

"whats up folks
thanx fer all the continued love and support. were not going to rush t
his mug so i can tell you it will be sometime next year but i will tell you i think it will well worth the wait. hang in there and know we aint  trying to come with nothin but what y'all deserve. anyhow - sangria night fer me and saying hello - chinkanese"  
Think whatever you want from it...

thanks to: Matt

|| Teamsleep in 2003


Exclusive Message from Chino and Todd:

"Originally, we planned to make a record in three weeks; We never intended to play any shows. However, the scope of this band has changed. We continue to write new songs, and will be playing some shows in December. The Team Sleep record will be out in 2003. Thank you for being patient, or if not, thanks for being interested. We will have more audio samples and links to studio tracks soon . . ."

|| Kush Demo / Hammer's Top


www.kushproject.com has a mp3 of Stef Carpenter's side project - Kush. This mp3 is a demo of their first song - "Unstable". Go there or download it right HERE .

In other news today, Metal Hammer had a top 100 albums of all time poll and the results are in. "Around the fur" came in at number 63 and the "White Pony" came in at number 48. The number 1 spot was taken by Guns and Roses' "Appetite for Destruction".

thanks to: Jen

|| Reloaded 'Tones


The Deftones, Linkin Park, Prodigy and Zack de La Rocha will head a roster of alternative bands featured on the soundtrack to the upcoming "Matrix: Reloaded". The movie will be on theatres on May 15th, 2003. Neo, Morpheus, Trinity and the rest of their crew continue to battle the machines that have enslaved the human race in the Matrix. For more info on "Matrix : Reloaded" check the official site HERE

|| Deftones Have A New Manager


The Deftones have parted ways with longtime manager Warren Entner, according to industry insiders. Now Jeffrey Light just nab representation of the Deftones. He also has as clients Reprise/Giant metallers Disturbed, whose album will debut next week at #1 with sales in the 300k range. Light works alongside fellow esteemed legal eagle Eric Greenspan as partners in Myman, Abell, Fineman, Greenspan & Light. To celebrate, the two reportedly tattooed the band's logo on the back of their necks.

source: Hits Daily Double

|| Rumors List


1. "Lovers" should be complete. The band is at Seattle mixing and finishing up. (source: old mighty matt)
2. Aimee Allen's new album should have a guest appearance by Stef. (source: www.aimeeallenrocks.com)
3. Tinfed's new album will include a guest appearance by Chino Moreno (source: www.tinfed.com)

|| Deftones DVD


The Deftones first official DVD is released tomorrow - Music in High Places. It's being rumored that the Boy's Republic is not included in this DVD. But I've found a pretty cool synopsis about the DVD:

Synopsis: Music in High Places, the ultimate international music and travel adventure series, takes top recording artists to the most ancient sites on earth. Each expedition takes music's biggest artists to the four corners of the globe and features exciting acoustic performances set against the backdrop of earth's most intriguing natural locations. Take an intimate journey with the Deftones as they discover the culture, history and spirituality of Hawaii while performing some of their greatest hits! Songs: Headup, Knife Party, Digital Bath, One Weak, Boy's Republic, Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away), Around the Fur, Feiticeira, Change (In the House of Flies). Special Features: Behind the Scenes Featured; TV Spot; Biography; Interview; Location Footage; Play "Just the Music" . 51 mins.

As you can see the Boy's Republic is listed here... You can buy the DVD HERE

|| Another Release Date


Despite rumors of the album being pushed back to an early 2003 release, Maverick Records' current release schedule lists the Deftones new album on track for a November 19th release. A tentative title of "Lovers" is being carried for the effort and it is expected to feature enhanced content when it lands in stores. The group have been working on new material for the effort at their own home studio in the Sacramento, CA area with producer Terry Date as of late while a temporary new website for the band has been launched at www.deftones.com.

source: www.theprp.com

|| Kerr:(ng!


The Deftones were NOT nominated for this years Kerrang! Awards. It was supposed to be one of the nominees for the BEST BAND IN THE WORLD award but Sum 41, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Linkin Park, Slipknot and Nickelback took the lead. The nominees full list is HERE . The Kerrang! Awards 2002 take place on Tuesday, August 2002 at a mystery location

|| Official Site + The Kush Project


www.deftones.com has a new intro page. You gotta have flash plugin 6, otherwise you won't be able to watch Chino's short movie.

The Kush Project, a group comprised of members of the Deftones, Cypress Hill and former Fear Factory members, will be embarking on a Californian trek that will take them to 13 different universities from October 18th through till October 31st. The outing has been dubbed the "Legalize-It" Tour and dates and venues are expected to be announced shortly. At present the bands long awaited debut album is not expected to see a release until next year.

source: www.theprp.com

|| Teamsleep Leak


Teamsleep guitarist Todd Wilkinson has spoken out on the recent leaking of material from the bands forthcoming debut album to the internet in mp3 format, here's what he had to say:
"The songs that were leaked are from an old working copy of the album. These versions of the songs are not close to being finished. For example, the version of Blvd. Nights has no vocals and the guitars were re-recorded. Cambodia was completely re-written and the name was changed to Foreign Flag. The rest of the songs are in similar states of completion. I am glad to see that people are still interested in us, however I hope that people don't judge us by these versions of the songs. There are several songs that were not leaked. When the real record comes out we may sell a couple less, and it may be anti-climactic. Fuck it. I make music because I love making music, not because I care about other people's reactions to it. I wrote many of these songs with no intention of anyone ever hearing them. If you hear these recordings I hope you enjoy them are more stoked to hear the real album. I know that it has been a long wait, and I am glad that people still care."
The album itself is not expected out in stores until sometime next year through Tone Def/Maverick.

source: www.theprp.com

|| Chino w/ Korn+DVD in Hawaii


Korn's new DVD "Deuce" has a clip of Chino in the studio recording the track " Wicked"  of Korn's "Life is Peachy". It shows the guys from Korn and Chino hanging out. This video was released simultaneously with the "Untouchables" album, and includes never-before-seen footage from the band including behind the scenes in the studio, backstage and at home with the band.

Much Thanks to: Alex

In other news today, CDNOW has the Deftones DVD "Live in Hawaii" for sale. The expected release date for this DVD is August 27, but you can already order it. If you order it now you'll get a 30% discount. There's also a VHS version (NTSC).
Click HERE to order Deftones' DVD "Live in Hawaii".

|| Tones Documentary!


May's issue of Circus Magazine has some more information about the Deftones documentary:

"Watch for a DEFTONES documentary to bow in stores in September. 
Filmed on the second leg of the Back to School tour (Incubus, Taproot). 
It includes 9 live songs from different cities, in addition to back stage footage and interviews."

I have some questions right now: Is this the Deftones DVD? Will we have a DVD and a documentary? Will we have "LOVERS", plus an interactive CD?...

Much Thanks to: Aaron S. from Missouri


A rough mix of the TEAMSLEEP track "Iceache" is available in mp3 format on the bands official website teamsleep.com. The song is taken from the forthcoming album and band member Todd Wilkinson recently commented on its status and also of their upcoming live show at Harlows in Sacramento this Thursday June 6th: "Please Please Please be patient, the album is 99.9% done. This show is actually helping us with the album. Playing music together is what we do. Practicing, recording and performing are all complementary....Recording is not something, like stuffing envelopes, that you can do everyday for X hours and expect similar results each day. If a song is going to make you feel a certain way, the people playing it must feel that way too. If they don't you can expect mediocrity. Fuck that.At the show, some songs will be different, some new ones as well. We have at least three new songs; I'm not sure how many we will play live. Dan is going to play guitar with us on most songs. He's adding alot to our sound."

source: www.thedeftones.com


|| Stef Carpenter with Linkin Park


Linkin Park are enlisting the help of a crack team of experts to create some new sounds for the follow-up to their mega-selling record Hybrid Theory. The new record - "Reanimation" - will feature new mixes of songs from their debut effort which was released in 2000. The remixes bring together an all-star lineup, including Deftones' guitarist Stephen Carpenter, Jonathan Davis of Korn, Pharoahe Monch, Chali of Jurassic 5 and Aaron Lewis of Staind. "Reanimation" is due for release later this summer.

|| Teamsleep Show


Team Sleep have announced a one off live show, it is as follows:  
June 06th Sacramento, CA - Harlow's (Feat. Soul Clap)
The groups highly anticipated self-titled Tone
Def/Maverick debut is now said to be eyeing an August release date.

source: www.theprp.com

|| Deftones DVD


Episodes of the music/travel television series Music In High Places featuring the Deftones will be released in DVD and VHS formats on August 27 from Image Entertainment. The Deftones are documented on Hawaii's Big Island performing acoustic versions of tracks including "Knife Party," "Digital Bath," "Change," "Headup," "Be Quiet And Drive," and "Around The Fur." The Deftones' DVD also features bonus behind-the-scenes footage and interviews.

|| White Women


"White Women" is the second tentative title for one of the tracks of the upcoming Deftones' album "Lovers". Just like the first tentative track - "Up On Blocks" - this new song is defined has hard. Once again I remind you that right now we are just talking about tentative titles (songs and album). Deftones forth effort - "Lovers" - will be released, probably, in the end of September.

|| Another Teamsleep Member


Dan, guitarist from the Terrific & Recently Defunct band Pocket for Corduroy, has been practicing with Teamsleep and will be helping them out on the road. They'll probably be playing the guitar parts that Sonny (Phallucy/Daycare) played on their last tour.

About the pending Chino / Mogwai collaboration: apparently during last December's Team Sleep tour, Chino said to a fan that the he didn't like the song Mogwai sent him, like they sent it for him to fix it.

source: www.sactoca.com

|| KUSH /O.S.T.


The Kush Project, a group comprised of members of Cypress Hill and the Deftones along with former members of Fear Factory, have now completed recording their upcoming debut album. The group hope to release it late this year / early next year through an as of yet undecided label. Band frontman B-Real recently commented to MTV on what to expect from the effort stating:
"It has its moments where it's real nice, but then it's got its heavy moments. It's a different project for me, you know. We dabble in it with Cypress, experimenting with the live band and stuff, but here I'm with seasoned veterans that have their own bands that have been out for a while. And we're just throwing it all together in the pot."

Roadrunner/Island Def Jam are tentatively set to release a soundtrack for "MTV's Road Rules" in July. The album is expected to feature songs from the following artists:
Deftones / Incubus / Nickelback / The Hives / Hoobastank / Thrice / The Juliana Theory / Finch / Jimmy Eat World / Saves The Day / New Found Glory
Thursday / Cave In / Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

source: www.theprp.com



Hit up www.teamsleep.net for an exclusive download of Teamsleep's first single "Mercedes" (studio version).



Deftones frontman, Chino Moreno was voted the 18th coolest star ever by Kerrang! magazine. Marilyn Manson was number 1, and Kurt Cobain was 2nd. Maynard James Keenan from Tool was number 21. Kerrang! readers voted for the 100 Coolest Stars and the full list is included on Kerrang's current issue. (Issue Nr. 889)

thanks to: JOSH



"Up on Blocks" is the tentative title for one of the new Deftones songs. I got this info from a reliable source. The song is defined as "hard" and it's supposed to be featured on the Deftones new album "Lovers". Both, song and album, are tentative titles.



Chi Cheng recently spoke with RollingStone.com about the Deftones upcoming record - "Lovers":

"We definitely want to put out a very energetic, very upbeat, fast album (...) We spent three or four months, each of us, working on our little solo projects and now we're all kind of like, These fucking side projects! We need to wrap them up and get back to our main focus (...) Everyone's trying to get their personal life in order before we jump into the whole mess of an album cycle and touring and everything else."

Chi talks also about Chino's throat situation...read the entire interview HERE .

source: rollingstone.com



Deftones frontman Chino Moreno called into Mary-Anne Hobbs' BBC Radio 1 Rock Show program last night, Tuesday, March 19th, and revealed the tentative title of the next album to be "Lovers". He also went on describe the effort as a "really hardcore album...it's pretty loud and heavy. I wouldn't go so far as to say it's angry, but it's not pretty by any means". So far, around half of the album is done being written and a fall/winter release through Maverick is being eyed. In other news, Moreno also mentioned that his side project Team Sleep may embark on a U.K. tour in July. Team Sleep's forthcoming Tone Def/Maverick debut is expected out in June. source: theprp / bbc

|| Chino vs. Patton


Tomahawk frontman Mike Patton has issued a tongue-in-cheek statement regarding his actions at the London Astoria on March 10. It reads as follows:

"Ok. So THE story has gotten a little out of control. It's time we clear the rumors up. First of all, it was not real urine or a real penis. Secondly, Mike Patton was not arrested. Thirdly, it can all be blamed on Nu Metal. Really! So Mike Patton and the band Tomahawk roll into London on March 10th for their triumphant packed show at the Astoria. Before the show, though, there was business to attend to. It turns out that several members of Nu Metals inner circle(who happened to be in London) had requested a pow wow with the Godfather of Nu Metal, Mike Patton. The topic for discussion was to get Mike's approval for a Faith No More tribute record as well as to mull over the multi-million dollar offer for a Faith No More reunion, Nu Metal festival tour. Attending the meeting were potential tour participants, Chino (Deftones), Brandon (Incubus), Fred (Limp Bizkit), Coby (Papa Roach), Joey (Slipknot) and Gavin (Bush) along with Mike Patton and Bill Gould (Faith No More). The meeting was going smoothly until for an unknown reason, Patton stormed out of the meeting. He later told Tomahawk bandmate, John Stanier, that Chino was very drunk and making unrealistic demands having to do with financial issues. As Patton left the venue a member of the Astoria security crew grabbed him and told him to get his "skinny little ass back in the meeting and make it happen!". Mike refused and a shoving match ensued. After cooler heads prevailed the meeting was adjourned and Tomahawk prepared to take the stage. Before taking the stage Tomahawk bandmates Kevin Rutmanis and Duane Denison lightened Mike's dark mood by showing him the toys they purchased earlier in one of London's finest fetish stores. One of the items was a rubber dildo that squirts water. Mike decided that this would be the perfect prank to get even with the Nu Metal lovin' hooligan security guard. I think everyone knows the rest of the story and has seen the pictures. When Mike was apprehended back stage and pulled the dildo from his pants, the tension was relieved and all parties had a laugh about it except the photographers at the front of the stage that thought it was real. On a side note Mike did give his blessing to the tribute record but vetoed the Nu Metal festival... for now! Stay tuned!"

|| Slipknot Predicting


-- Slipknot is enjoying its second Grammy nomination in as many years as "Left Behind" is up for best metal performance. Bassist Paul Grey shares his thoughts on his band's chance for a win at tonight's (February 27) Grammy Awards in Los Angeles.
"It's cool that we're nominated. I guess it's somewhat of an honor to be nominated," he says. "I'm not really worried about if we win or not. I don't even expect to win, and congratulations to System Of A Down, because that's who I think is going to win."
Grey adds that he just knows System Of A Down is going to take the award. "Oh yeah, just like I knew Deftones were going to win it last year. It's cool to be nominated. I was going to go out there to go see it but I got really sick. Everybody's sick, we just got off the road."
System of a Down is nominated for its track "Chop Suey!" Others up for best metal performance include Slayer ("Disciple"), Black Sabbath ("The Wizard"), and Tool ("Schism"). Slipknot is embarking on a tour of Japan next month, and then the band will go into the studio to work on the follow-up to Iowa.

|| Rumored Tour


This years Pledge Of Allegiance Tour is now planned to kick off in mid-October through till late November and will feature System Of A Down headlining. Other artists tentatively being eyed for the bill include The Deftones, Disturbed, Queens Of The Stone Age and Taproot.

source: www.theprp.com

|| Weezer's Park


It seems that Linkin Park covered a couple of times the Deftones song "My Own Summer (shove it)", it happened during some shows of Linkin Park's Projekt:
 Revolution Tour. Rumors say that it sounds pretty good. Let's wait for an audio version of that...

In other news, Weezer's Official Website - www.weezer.com - has a video called "The Muni Challenge" for download, and in this video Pat Wilson (drums) is
wearing a Deftones tobagon hat. HERE is a screenshot of that.

much thanks to: devilwithoutcaus and Pete Lansinger

|| DefVD


Here's what Frank had to say recently on the official Deftones Bulletin Board in reference to what the hell happened to the Deftones DVD:

"it just got caught up in red tape. dealing with labels is like a fucked up chess game."

Go here for the whole post

Will Haven will be releasing a CD Single for the title track to their latest effort, "Carpe Diem", in the U.K. on March 18th through Music For Nations. 
The effort shapes up as follows:
01 - "Carpe Diem"
02 - "Saga" (BBC Sessions)
03 - "I've Seen My Fate" (BBC Sessions)
The release will also feature an enhanced video portion containing the video for the title track, which features a guest appearance from Deftones 
frontman Chino Moreno.

props to: www.houseuvflies.com

|| Chino's Ashamed


Deftones frontman Chino Moreno, Rodleen and Incubus's Brandon Boyd and Mike Einziger will make guest appearances on Tommy Lee's forthcoming album 'Never A Dull Moment' which will be released on May 21 via MCA. The project will be released under Tommy Lee's name and not Methods Of Mayhem. The track listing is as follows: 'Afterglow' / 'Sunday' / 'Body Architects' / 'Ashamed' (featuring Chino Moreno) / 'Face to Face' / 'Fame-02' / 'Blue' (featuring Brandon Boyd, Mike Einziger and Rodleen) / 'Higher' / 'Hold Me Down' / 'Why Is It' / 'People So Strange' / 'Mr. Shitty'

|| Natalie Portman


Here's some more info about Teamsleep's debut album: (Todd Wilkinson talkin about the song "Natalie Portman")

"We're going to use the 4 track demo of "Natalie Portman" on the album, it's very raw; Just guitar and vocals. 
I forgot, Crook added some sounds too, the copy that I have and listen to doesn't have Crook's tracks."

Thanks again to: Matt

This might be premature, because "Natalie Portman" is just a working title, but I think that somehow this track is connected to the actress Natalie Portman, just like Chino did with the brazilian model Feiticeira. Natalie Portman played the role of Queen Amidala (The mother of Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia) on George Luca's Star Wars: Episode I "The Phantom Menace". Natalie Portman will also be in the following two prequels of the Star Wars series as she signed contracts to do the films. I've also watched interviews of Chino, where he said that he loves the "Star Wars" series...so take your own conclusions.
Here's a pic of Natalie Portman > CLICK HERE

|| Deftones into the Law


Beck, Deftones and Offspring singer Dexter Holland joined Recording Artists Coalition founders Don Henley and Sheryl Crow at California's State Capitol on Wednesday to support new legislation that could change the relationship between recording artists and their labels.
Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello, Matchbox Twenty's Paul Doucette, Stevie Nicks, John Fogerty, Carole King, Ray Parker Jr. and Jonatha Brooke also appeared in Sacramento, California, calling on legislators to support Democratic Sen. Kevin Murray's Senate Bill 1246, legislation that would allow artists to function more like free agents, according to a spokesperson for the Recording Artists Coalition.
Murray's bill aims to repeal Section 2855, Subsection B of the California Labor Code, which states that all entertainers and workers in California, except recording artists, have the right to terminate a personal service contract after seven years. California's 56-year-old Labor Code protected musicians until 1987, when record companies secured an amendment that made artists liable for albums still owed to labels after seven years with them.
The Recording Industry Association of America, which represents record companies, believes the 1987 amendment provides needed protection for the labels, who they say take massive financial risks and endure the failure of 90 percent of their acts. The labels argue they will be unable to take risks on new artists if they can not hold on to their profitable acts.

|| Teamsleep Studio Tracks Info


Here's what Todd Wilkinson had to say regarding the final CD and the San Jose bootleg:

"The acoustics have yet to be named. All tracks played, except for "aeroplane" will be on the album...probably.
There are about five more songs/instrumentals that weren't played live that are possibilities for the album. Many of the songs will sound quite a bit different on the album than live, especially "Natalie." ALL SONG TITLES ARE TENTATIVE, some are more likely to change than others; For example, "Bling Bling" WILL NOT be the title of a song on the album. I cringe when I think of how the bootlegs sound, my dislike for them is not about money."

Much Thanks to: Matt

|| Teamsleep Bootleg


Head on to www.7words.net and download the full audio bootleg of Teamsleep live at the Cactus Club, San Jose CA.

|| Stef's Phixion


Stef Carpenter will guest in Non Phixion's debut effort "The Future is Now". The song is titled " CIA Is Still Trying To Kill Me" and was produced by T Ray. Christian and Raymond from Fear Factory are also featured on that song. March 26th is the release date for "The Future is Now".

Much Thanks to: Non Phixion's Manager, Henley Halem

|| Chino's Mayhem


I got the chance to talk with Marty O'Brien (MOM bassist), about Chino's appearance on Methods of Mayhem new effort. Here's what he told me:

Marty: I was told that Chino did come in and lay a track down in the studio, I was not there, but that's what I was told. I was given a rough-mix of the songs a few weeks ago, but I didn't hear Chino on there... He could possibly be on a song that isn't making it on the album, or maybe his song just wasn't on the CD that I was given... I'm not sure what the deal is with that....

|| Chino Talks about the New Album / Stef Live


Check out teamsleep.com for a very informative Team Sleep interview including new information on the Deftones new album. In it Chino says he might put down the guitar and just focus on singing for the next Deftones album.

Deftones guitarist Stephen Carpenter and Fear Factory bassist Christian Olde Wolbers and drummer Raymond Herrera are tentatively set to show up on the upcoming new release from Non Phixion, entitled, "The Future Is Now". The effort features production by DJ Premier, Pete Rock and more and will also include a guest appearance from the Dilated Peoples among others. At present, its set to hit stores on March 26th through Uncle Howie/Landspeed.

Kush a band featuring Fear Factory bassist Christian Olde Wolbers and drummer Raymond Herrera, Deftones guitarist Stephen Carpenter and B-Real of Cypress Hilll, will perform at The Whiskey in West Hollywood, California on January 20th.

source: www.sactoca.com

|| "Chimarpenter"


Here's what I've found out recently on a Chimaira website.

FAN: What's up guys...My names rezin, I saw you guys in Detroit with Sepultura/Hatebreed...You guys made a hell of a first impression on me...I was just wondering how it was working with Stef from the Deftones (on "Rizzo")? Did he teach you guys anything that you don't already know?

MARK (Chimaira): Working with Stef was great, he really did not teach us anything, he just wanted to jam and that is what we did.

|| UK Fans: Get Deftones news direct to your mobile phone!


I don't know if this service is working properly, but you can give a try. If you live in the U.K. you can get Deftones news & updates direct to your mobile phone. All you have to do is click [ HERE ] and register to this service.

propz to: Rui Melo

|| Chino In The New Linkin Park DVD

Chino Moreno seems to be everywhere. Now, he makes an appearance in the new Linkin Park DVD "Frat Party at the Pancake Festival". Also in this DVD Linkin Park's lead man Chester plots an evil plan against the Deftones. Chester takes the Deftones water bottles and replaced them with vodka. This was on the last night of the European tour with Taproot. Check www.linkinpark.com for a trailer and instructions to buy the DVD or VHS.

props to: Jonathan Hudson

|| Will Haven w/ Chino

Will Haven are close to wrapping up the video for the title track to their newest offering, "Carpe Diem". The band are working on it with Brad Oates of Trainwreck Productions and it is expected to feature guest appearances from both Deftones frontman Chino Moreno and Jeff Jaworski of Red Tape. The group hope to ship it to video outlets late this month, while they will also be selling special copies of the video, complete with various bonus behind the scenes footage, on their official website, www.willhaven.com, shortly.

|| Chino on DVD

The new Sevendust DVD "Retrospect" features Chino recording "Bender" with their singer Lajon, riding horses, signing autographs for fans, etc.

source: www.sactoca.com

|| Teamsleep Phallucy Tour Dates

Here are the dates for the Team Sleep / Phallucy West Coast tour:
12/13 - Ashland, OR - Armory
12/14 - Seattle, WA - Graceland
12/15 - Portland, OR - b complex
12/17 - San Francisco, CA - Bottom of the Hill
12/18 - San Jose, CA - Cactus Club
12/19 - Los Angeles, CA - Troubadour
12/20 - San Diego, CA - Canes
12/21 - Pomona, CA - Glass house
12/22 - Santa Cruz, CA - Catalyst
12/23 - Sacramento, CA - Colonial Theater
source: www.sactoca.com

|| Chi's mother was diagnosed with breast cancer

Breast cancer is an illness that strikes particularly close to the heart of Chi Cheng, bassist for Deftones. Three years ago, his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has been free of the disease for the last one-and-a-half years. As a tribute to his mother, and in an effort to educate the public about breast cancer, Cheng persuaded his band to perform as part of the "Breathe" benefit on Saturday (10/27) at the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles. The event, co-promoted by Third Eye Blind's lead singer Stephan Jenkins and the Step Up Women's Network, featured performances by Deftones, Third Eye Blind, Seal, Crazytown, Liz Phair, Run DMC, Jurassic 5, Tom Morello, Lil' Kim and Julia Fordham. " Stephan called us up. We've done a couple shows together and he's really into the band and we have a mutual respect," Cheng said via telephone from his Sacramento, Calif., home. "I talked with the rest of the band and expressed how important it was for me, and so fortunately, we weren't touring or doing any shows so we jumped on it. I think it's a wonderful idea," he said about the pairings. " I think everyone who's organizing it is doing such an amazing job of making it such a cool event--with the pairings, the bands that are chosen. The way I've seen everything come together, it's really cool." To Cheng, it isn't really important with whom Deftones are playing, in this case Liz Phair." Hell, you could put any of those names in a hat and pull it out and I'd be happy," he said. The "Breathe" performance was scheduled to be the last before Deftones begin writing the follow-up to its 2000 album "White Pony" (Maverick)." We know what we don't want to do, but we never really know what we want to do. We just let it be organic and natural," Cheng said of the band's writing process, adding that what Deftones don't want to do is "anything we've done before." Cheng does know that the group is going to try to record the album themselves in Sacramento. He said, " We're gonna definitely need some kind of mediator in there so we don't murder each other. I don't know if it's going to be a Pro Tools [computer program for audio editing] guy or a producer. But we're going to need someone in there to keep us on track and keep us from murdering each other." 

Read a review of this show [ HERE ]

|| Halloween Party

Saturday, October 27th club flavor @ the viper room hosts a Halloween themed after-party for the Deftones, with dj c-minus, and a special midnight performance by THE KUSH PROJECT (feat. B-Real of Cypress Hill, Stephen Carpenter of the Deftones, and Christian Olde-Wolbers & Raymond Herrera of Fear Factory). For more info check www.kingdavidproductions.com

Girls free until 11pm!  evil costumes are encouraged!

|| Teamsleep Tour / New Album...

According to SACTOCA.COM the Team Sleep / Phallucy West Coast tour is planned on happening December 13th through 23rd, with a show in Sacramento on the last date. Also according to Sacto's website the Deftones will soon begin writing for their next album, and have plans to turn their practice space into a studio of sorts.

In another news, the merging process between deftonesworldwide.com and deftones.com was finished. Now if you enter www.deftones.com you'll be redirected to www.deftonesworldwide.com  

source: www.sactoca.com

|| Buy "Pass Out Of Existence"

Chimaira's new effort "Pass Out Of Existence", featuring Stef Carpenter on the track "Rizzo" is out now. You can buy it [ HERE ].

|| Thanks

www.deftonesworld.com was ranked has the 90th best music site in the world, and as the #2 best Deftones fansite worldwide. Thedeftones.com reached the 69th place and it was considered the #1 Deftones fansite. These results are from dotmusic's latest Online Music Awards, which is something like the "Oscars" for music sites online. Check OMA's top 1000 [ HERE ]. I wanna thank every single soul who voted for this site, cause without your help the deftonesworld.com wouldn't be in the top 100. REZPECT!

|| TS Tour

Chino's side-project, Team Sleep, and Abe's side project, Phallucy , will be embarking on a tour of the West Coast from December 1st through 14th. Chino played guitar with Phallucy at a recent practice session, and will be playing guitar live with them on at least a couple of songs. Check out www.phallucy.com for some recently added sound clips.

Maverick Records will be releasing "Music From and Inspired by Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3", the Soundtrack to the upcoming videogame "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3", on October 16th featuring Deftones. The disc shapes up as follows:
01 - NOFX - "What's The Matter With Parents Today?"
02 - Sum 41 - "Summer"
03 - Alien Ant Farm - "Wish"
04 - Pennywise - "Who's On Your Side"
05 - Drowning Pool - "Follow"
06 - Outkast - "B.O.B."
07 - Onesidezero - "New World Order"
08 - Papa Roach - "Infest"
09 - Millencolin - "Pepper"
10 - Hometown Hero - "Questions"
11 - Pressure 4-5 - "Melt Me Down"
12 - Ozomatli - "Cut Chemist Suite"
13 - Deftones - "Headup"

source: www.sactoca.com


Head to http://www.roadrun.com/passoutofexistence/  to listen to Chimaira's new album. Stef lent his guitar skills to the track 'Rizzo', which, according to the site, deals lyrically with people thinking they can do whatever they want while under the influence.  The album drops on October 2nd.

source: www.houseuvflies.com

|| Phallucy Sticker

Phallucy is Abe's side project and [ THISis an advertising sticker for their debut album - "Valium" - which was released yesterday exclusively in the U.S.
Check www.phallucy.com for more info about Phallucy or an interesting interview at www.theprp.com conducted by Brian Webb.

props to: amy @ penguinpolicy.com

|| Studio...

The Deftones are heavily rumored to have recently hit the studio with producer Mudrock (Godsmack, Powerman 5000) to track 2 new songs. It is expected that they will show up on upcoming soundtracks. Meanwhile, the bands show with Godsmack and more, which was set to take place on September 06th in Charlotte, NC has been canceled. In other news, it now looks as though the Deftones will be performing together with Liz Phair at an upcoming breast cancer benefit, set to take place at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles, CA on October 27th. Other notable collaborations being planned include a pairing of Crazy Town with Sugar Ray.

source: www.theprp.com

|| QUEERang Awards

The Deftones lost at the Kerrang Awards. The band was nominated for "Best International Live Act" but unfortunately Papa Roach won that award. Here's the list of winners:

Best British Live Act: Feeder
Best International Live Act: Papa Roach
Best New British Band: Lostprophets
Spirit Of Independence: Less Than Jake
Best British Band: Muse
Best Single: 'Heaven Is A Half Pipe' - OPM
Best International Newcomer: Linkin Park
Best Video: 'Last Resort' - Papa Roach
Classic Songwriter: Green Day
Best Album: Marilyn Manson 'Holy Wood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death)'
Best Band In The World: Slipknot
Hall Of Fame: Iggy Pop


|| Stef Got Married / Deftones are Working

- The last bachelor in the Deftones, Stephen Carpenter, is a bachelor no more - he recently got married to his girlfriend.

- Deftones have been writing new material while on tour, they got a little drumset for backstage and have been workin' away.

source: www.sactoca.com

|| 1990 Deftones' Video

"There is a video, 1 hour long, of a Deftones live performance in 1990. It is shot while they played at the Guild Theater in Sacramento. Even more exciting is that the Drummer is neither John Taylor or Abe Cunningham, but Dominic Garcia. Plus, it is during the "short haired" Chino era, which was even before his dreadlocks! The footage is not pro shot, but is good quality (...) this video contains never before heard songs from the Deftones. Also, there is only 1 of these videos in existence, no copies at all. It has been put on eBAY at the link:


but it is doubtful that anyone will be able to purchase it. The purpose of this email and the eBAY auction is to notify the Deftones fan population that such a video exists and to spread word of such a rare item." by Matt

VIDEO SHOTS:   [ ONE ]     [ TWO ]    [ THREE ]

PS: Do not bid on it! This Ebay auction is only to show that the video exists. 

|| Videos from Argentina's show

I've just found out some streaming videos from Deftones' show in Argentina. Check video #1 [ HERE ] and video #2 [ HERE ].

|| Chino's new tattoo is...

Chino's new tattoo is the logo of a skateboard company called Anti-Hero. That's an eagle and not a phoenix as I mentioned yesterday. As you know Chino love to skate, so that should be a reason for that tattoo. Check the picture above and confirm it for yourself.

Special thanks to: Matt & Chad / Roach

|| Vote for the Deftones

The 2001 Kerrang awards are fast approaching. The Kerrang Awards are the "Oscars" of the rock and metal world, winners of awards here are seen as the bands and artists of the moment. All votes count, and the margins between the winners and the losers are sometimes very small - you can make a difference for Deftones. (Voting for the awards stops on the 15th August). Click the banner above and vote for the Deftones.

|| Pay Per Deftones

On August 11, 2001 Rolling Rock will be hosting the ROLLING ROCK TOWN FAIR 2001 PAY PER VIEW, check your local cable station for time. The Rolling Rock Town Fair 2001 Pay Per View Event will feature Stone Temple Pilots, Live, Staind, the DEFTONES, Incubus and Oleander and others.  The concert has been sold out for months, but you can still catch all the fun from your home, only on PPV. 

thanks to: r_x_q_u_e_e_n@hotmail.com

|| Crib's Ass

On MTV's Cribs show there was a special OzzFest edition. They where at the house of Chester the lead singer of Linkin Park. When they showed his porch there was Stef Carpenter standing there hanging out with a few people including a member of Orgy. They said he was their gardener but MTV did show his name and Deftones under his name.

The Deftones and CKY (who already dropped off the Tour) were also at the Jackass party in LA to commemorate the final Jackass taping.

thanks to: Matt and Michael / www.sactoca.com

|| Billy Corgan feat. Deftones

I just read on MTV.com that Billy Corgan will join the Deftones on a benefit concert organized by Third Eye Blind frontman - Stephan Jenkins. This concert (BREATHE "All-Star Breast Cancer Benefit")  will take place in Los Angeles on October 27th and it will also feature Sugar Ray with Crazy Town and perhaps David Bowie with Third Eye Blind.

"I tried to think of something that would be fun for the bands and the audience, and I decided to have band pairings," said Jenkins, who plans to call the event Breathe. "I think audiences who are so surfeited on seeing radio shows where all your favorite bands come out and play a 30-minute set will get to see something really different."

Seal will also play an acoustic set and No Doubt's Gwen Stefani may take the stage.

"The point of the show is to emphasize that breast cancer isn't a woman's issue, it's everybody's issue because it touches families," said Jenkins. "So I wanted to have an eclectic mix of everybody's music. You have somebody like Seal playing right next to the Deftones. I dig that."

|| Chino's Methods

Chino Moreno recently laid down vocals for a song set to show up on the forthcoming new Methods Of Mayhem album. His contributions were recorded last week (July, 19th), at the home studio of Methods Of Mayhem frontman, Tommy Lee. MOM's new album  is expected to be out in September/October through MCA.

Chino also attended the Godsmack's DVD Party on the same day.

|| Re-Placed

MTV2 will be airing the Deftones episode of the "Music in High Places" series next Thursday July 26 at 11 pm ET/10 pm CT.

thanks to: MyOwnSummer12@aol.com

|| Chino Gets Sick Again

The Deftones were forced to cancel their yesterday's show at Sacto's Valley Amphitheater. The band was supposed to perform in front of their hometown fans on Sunday, but they all got bad news from Abe and Chi as they went on the mic to say before their performance, that Chino Moreno had strained his vocal cordsat last nights show and he's all messed up according to Abe and Chi as they made the announcement to all the disappointed fans, and they said the band was pretty bummed out and of all shows they didn't want to cancel the Sacto show, but they also said that that they would come back in October to make up the show at Arco Arena in Sacto.

I also got some news from Rodleen, she's supposed to be at the Verizon Amphitheatre show at Irvine, CA and she'll probably play with the guys. Phoenix and San Diego's shows are also in her sights.

thanks to: Rodleen and Hime from Manteca

|| BQAD R.I.P.

bqad.net has declared that it will no longer be a Deftones website. This site was one of the most reliable sites around the web. The band even mentioned bqad.net as one of their favorite fansites. I decided to notice this because bqad.net, minusblindfold.com and "a tribute to the deftones" (most of you don't know it, but 3 years ago it was something like the Deftones encyclopedia) helped me alot as a fan and as a webmaster and if it wasn't these old websites (and thedeftones.com & sactoca.com of course) you probably wouldn't be here, reading and watching all this stuff. Most of you don't understand how hard that is to be a webmaster, specially if you own a website like this which has more than 1,000 visitors/day... So a BIG thank you to those webmasters and RESPECT for their work, cause I know how hard it was it. 

BQAD.NET > R.I.P. 2001
A TRIBUTE TO... > R.I.P. 1999

CONTEST >> From June 11th to August 29th, mtv2.com is giving you the chance to win 2 tickets and backstage passes to any of the Deftones/Godsmack shows on the tour. They will also apparently give you "money to buy enough swag to make everyone else jealous." The only catch is that you must be between the ages of 18 and 49. For more information, head on over to MTV2.com.

source: breakingdecensy.com

|| Bad Luck

The Deftones European Tour ended last Friday, with another bad luck. Their last show (in France) was canceled due to a hurricane, so they went back to the US earlier and prepares to start their US Summer Tour. Here are some of the first dates:

July 12th, 2001 > Spokane Arena - Spokane, WA - U.S.A.
July 13th, 2001 > The Gorge Amphitheatre - George, WA  -  U.S.A.
July 14th, 2001 > Portland Meadows - Portland, OR  -  U.S.A.
July 15th, 2001 > Sacramento Valley Amphitheater  -  Sacramento, CA - U.S.A.

thanks to: Rodleen G

|| Chi's Audio Interview

While the Deftones were in Belgium, Chi Cheng talked to the Brussels Studio site. You can listen to his answers [ here ]

thanks to: Midley

|| Deftones' Explanations

Here are some comments posted by thedeftones.com related to the Waldrock accident:

Chino has said "It was the most heavy metal, punk rock moment we've ever had onstage," referring to the recent Waldrock show where Chino was intoxicated, rude and exposed himself to the crowd. He claims that prior to show time, he was drinking vodka with Mike Patton of Fantômas, who were also on the bill. After cutting his finger, he went to the first aid tent for a bandage. Realizing he was late for his set, Moreno then ran backstage, where he was tackled by security, who punched and kicked him in the head. Then, minutes before he hit the stage, he vomited. Moreno concluded that his behavior was partly the result of the alcohol and partly the result of his damaged equilibrium from the fight. Moreno also managed to break four microphones while onstage, one of which hit a concertgoer in the head, according to the festival spokesperson. Organizers say the band are unlikely to be invited back to.

Heres what Frank had to say about the whole situation concerning Chino's recent antics:
"yeah, there was alot of him bashing the crowd but i think it was probably due to the fact that festival security beat him up right before we were to go on. chino went to get his finger bandage for showtime at the first aid tent. around that time someone had jump a fence into the festival. when chino was done being bandage he was running back to the dressing room. security thought he was the person they got the call about and basically gave it to him good. we went on late cause we had to bring him to. we played short cause of the festival curfew. we are not happy the way this festival dealt with the situation. " He then went on to say "Honestly, it was a rad show. straight chaos. i love that shit."

To all the deftones fans out here: 

It's so simple to look at every little thing I do wrong
It's so simple to overlook every little thing I do right
( I = Chino )

I'm a deftones fan...alwayz and 4ever!

thanks to: thedeftones.com

|| Problems at Waldrock Festival

The Deftones played in Holland yesterday and according to who saw it, seemed that it was one of the worst Deftones' concerts. The Dutch fan, Sly, wrote a review of that concert, you can read it [ here ]. It seems that Chino was the troublemaker :\

thanks to: Sly / dutchdeftones

|| Stef's Guitar Tips

Guitar.com has posted an interview with Stef Carpenter, and there's also two videos with Stef teaching some riffs. Check the 1st part  [ here ] and  [ here ] . You can read the whole interview [ here ]

thanks to: Luis Zuniga

|| Rodleen's Sleep

Here's Rodleen's point of view about Chino's side project - Teamsleep:

"Tonight I heard Teamsleep... It told a story when I listened to it tonight over the phone. Methodic. Creepy. Creeping up at me then without words one song sounded like birds flocking and rain and fire, then into the earth. Happy stuff, too. Hits my gut, championing and grabbing the soul. I want to sing it. I heard children's laughter, too, echoing in the forefront sounding like over time and through water. It was Crook's kid. But everything else was real."

As you know Rodleen sang "Knife Prty" with Chino on the Deftones last album - "White Pony". I also got the chance to interview her by e-mail, but I'm really busy with school so I'll  post that interview later on.

thanks to: Rodleen G

|| Team Crook

www.fskomusic.com has for you a new song done by DJ Crook of Chino's side project - Teamsleep. Keep on checking this site cause they will post "B-Boyism" an EP that the Socialistik did with Frank Delgado on the cuts and DJ Crook on the beats with Socialistik rappin, it came out around 1996 but it stills tight, so don't lose that chance!

source: Matt D

|| Side News / Dragon Ballz

Chino Moreno's Team Sleep project is nearing completion of a debut album, and it appears that he's not the only Deftones member who's been playing around
on the side.
Team Sleep - whose core consists of Moreno, his friend DJ Crook and childhood pal guitarist Todd Wilkenson - are close to wrapping up their as-yet-untitled disc, which they've been recording in Seattle with Terry Date, who produced all three Deftones LPs: 1995's Adrenaline,1997's Around the Fur and last year's White Pony. Maverick Recordings, home to Deftones, plans to release the Team Sleep album early next year, according to a Deftones spokesperson.

Moreno's Deftones bandmates Abe Cunningham (drums), Stephen Carpenter (guitar) and Frank Delgado (turntables) make appearances on a handful of the
album's tracks. In September, Moreno expressed an interest in having former Smashing Pumpkins/Hole bassist Melissa Auf Der Maur lend her vocals to the
project (see "Auf Der Maur Joins Deftones' Moreno For Team Sleep"), but information about all non-Deftones members is being kept under wraps for the
time being, the group's publicist said.
Songs on Team Sleep's debut include the tentatively titled "Kool-Aid Party," inspired by the 1978 Jonestown Massacre, in which 913 people died in a mass
suicide; the instrumental "King Diamond," which features a harpsichord sample; and "Ligeia" named for an Edgar Allan Poe tale.
The Team Sleep project began early last year (see "Deftones Eye Incubus Tour As Chino Toils On Side Project"), when Moreno, Crook and Wilkenson began
individually adding their musical ideas to a single tape before passing it along to the next member, according to the publicist. 
Carpenter, meanwhile, is involved with Fear Factory's bassist and drummer, Christian Olde Wolbers and Raymond Herrera, and Cypress Hill frontman B-Real
in a project called Kush, which could become Dr. Kush if that name is already taken. Carpenter, Wolbers and Herrera have batted the idea around for seven
years, but it only began to take shape once B-Real entered the fold in January. Since then, the rap-metal quartet has hit the studio whenever the members' schedules permitted, with the results expected in stores next year. 
Cunningham, on the other hand, is looking to his past for what lies ahead of him. In the early '90s, he temporarily left Deftones, who had yet to break
out of their Sacramento scene, for Phallucy, a band that seemed to have more promise. Now, after a proper mixing by Cunningham and Phallucy's Dave Garcia (vocals) and Sonny Mayugba (guitar), about 1,000 copies of the band's never-released debut will be available this summer via Deftones' Web site.

Delgado, DJ Crook and Sacramento's DJ Epik have been using what little free time each had to infrequently contribute to a project called the
Co-Defendants, a hip-hop-flavored, beat-driven collective that hopes to release an album next year. 
Unlike his bandmates, bassist Chi Cheng isn't pursuing any extracurricular activities at the moment. He's excused, however, since his 25-track spoken-word LP, Bamboo Parachute, was the first outside project released by a Deftones member. Cheng's bizarre musings are still available on the Deftones Web site and at shows.

source: www.mtv.com & bryan (myownsummer19)


Deftones will head a roster of alternative bands featured on the soundtrack to the upcoming Dragon Ball Z movie, "Lord Slug." No single track has been confirmed as of yet though. Also featured on the soundtrack are Disturbed.

"It makes perfect sense for such cutting-edge bands to be included on the new Dragon Ball Z soundtrack," explained Gen Fukunaga, President of FUNimation. "This is one of the most cutting-edge cartoons on television today, and it is a perfect fit with today's hottest new bands."

source: thedeftones.com

|| Official Stef

Just to clear up the confusion over the official deftones site, deftones.com and why it has been down for over a month now. This situation is clearly poor and the reason is down to the bands management, they had a 3rd party company taking care of it and they went out of business and stopped doing anything. They keep saying that they will be redirecting it to deftonesworldwide.com but they have yet to do this so the situation remains. still no deftones.com


On Replicant Clothing's website, there's a picture of Stephen in the Men's clothing line, so maybe he's getting his own line of clothing? Replicant is guys from Korn and Orgy's clothing company.

source: www.sactoca.com & thedeftones.com

|| From Zero w/ The Deftones

From Zero have been announced as the opening band on the upcoming Deftones / Godsmack tour. You can find out more about the band here

|| Kush - The First Show / MTV Changed

Kush will be playing their first ever live show together tonight, June 11th at Club Vinyl in Hollywood, CA. The group features members of Cypress Hill, the Deftones and Fear Factory and they plan to release their debut effort late this year / early next year. Also on the bill for the show will be a performance by the collaborative super group, Los Marijaunos, a band comprised of members of Jane's Addiction, the Deftones, Cypress Hill, Methods Of Mayhem, Downset. and more. A flyer advertising the show is available at www.marty-obrien.com

source: thedeftones.com

Yesterday, during the MTV Movie Awards, while Erika Christensen (Winner for Breakthrough Performance female for "Traffic") was walking to the stage, MTV played "Change (ithof)".

|| Deftones played secret show!

At the Secret Sacto Show last Wednesday, Capitol Garage was packed to the brim. Abe didn't end up playing drums for Daycare , but Chino did play guitar on a few songs with them, including a cover of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean". Chino also added 2nd guitar to every Phallucy song. Deftones played last, nearly a 2 hour set, with mostly songs from Adrenaline  and Around the Fur. The band played a total of 13 songs; to have and to hold, around the fur, bored, one weak, my own summer, digital bath, damone, head up, feiticeira, change, bqad, lotion, lifter. They also tried to play Weezer's "Hash Pipe", but Stef messed it up. Check 2 reviews off thedeftones.com [ here ]

source: www.sactoca.com & thedeftones.com

|| Daycare / Tour Set 

Abe Cunningham guests on the opening track 'Crankslut' on the new album by a band named Daycare. The story is Abe was just hanging out late one night while they were finishing up the album, and Daycare's drummer wasn't there, so they just wrote the song on the spot. The debut album is avaialble to purchase for just $5.49 at cdnow.com. The album was previously only available at Daycare shows and a few Sacramento area music stores. Daycare features Sonny and Dave from Phallucy, Abe's old band.

By the way check this wallpaper with Abe.

source: www.sactoca.com & thedeftones.com

The Deftones/Godsmack summer tour is featured in the new June 21, 2001 issue of Rolling Stone magazine. Chino is quoted in saying that the performence will consist of songs rarely played live. He also stated that there will be a slideshow in the background with nature type sceneries. He said that there will be a less rock and roll type of atmosphere. He also stated that they will be in set postitions because of the new songs, chino, chi and stef must be closer to their guitars. He compared their "set positions" to a Depeche Mode concert.

source: breaking decensy

|| Phalling...

Phallucy (Abe's side band) has continued practicing and Chino joined their recent practice session playing guitars with them. He will end up doing extra guitars on some Phallucy songs, and some keyboards and vocals with the band.
Some rumors are also floating around that Phallucy's full length album Valium will be released this fall on Tone-Def Records (the Deftones' label), and they may even play a show in Sac soon.

source: www.sactoca.com

For pics of "Los Mariwanos" (Stef's temporary side band) check out the guy who throws Club Flavor. It's www.KINGDAVIDPRODUCTIONS.com.

props to: Patrick

|| Deflogo/Tv Show

www.boltblue.com has a phone logo with the Deftones logo (adrenaline/atf style). If you want to, you can send this logo to your NOKIA mobile phone. You just have to sign up for free and then select FUN and then logos. Thanks to ATIA. 

The reason why I've been not updating the deftonesworld.com for a few days is that I've been really sick...I'm getting better now, but I've been told to not work with computers for more than 1 hour/ day, and that's what I'm doing...I'm getting terrible headaches since last Sunday. Anywayz I told you that I was about to guest in a Tv Show, right? Well that happened. I was sick, though...but I was interviewed for something like 15 minutes and I've showed some parts of this site (tattoos, defanatics, bio, secrets, affiliates...)...it wasn't that difficult --- thanks to all who supported me.

|| Wild Stef

This past Thursday on the May 24th show of World Wrestling Federation Smackdown (taped on this past Tuesday), Stef was seated next to B-Real of Cypress Hill at the latest. The announcer apparently just mentioned B-Real's name and did not mention Stef. 

Stephen will also perform a one time only show with a band going by the name of Los Mariwanos at the Club Flavor in Hollywood, CA, this coming Tuesday, May 29th. The band consists of the following members:

B-Real & Bobo of Cypress Hill
Drummer Stephen Perkins of Jane's Addiction
Guitarist Stephen Carpenter of the Deftones
Guitarist Rogelio Lozano of Downset.
Bassist Marty O'Brien of Methods Of Mayhem
Plus Everlast and Mellowman Ace.

A flyer advertising the show is currently available on Marty O'Brien's official website, located here.

This lineup takes on a very similar feel to that of Stef's side band Kush who have wrapped up the recording of their new album and are currently getting clearance from their respective labels on releasing it. Also, it is heavily rumored that the band will not be called Kush due to legal problems.

(For foreign visitors: that banner (CC) on my main page, means that I'll be on a TV show, showing this site. I'll tell you more after that.)

source: thedeftones.com & breaking decensy

|| Watch The Liks video

You can watch The Liks video for Best U Can featuring Chino and Abe [ here ]

Also sactoca.com reports that Chino is putting the finishing touches on the Team Sleep album, and it's expected to be released this fall on Maverick Records. Chino says the album has electronic elements, comparing it to Radiohead's Kid A, kind of ambient, with lots of textures, and soothing vocals. He also says, Maverick was pushing them to make another Deftones record fast but they said hell no, because it's their first time at home in a while. Chino says even though he is relaxing at home he is always working recording music at his house.

source: www.sactoca.com

|| Chino feat. The Liks video

There is a hip hop video out right now by "The Liks" the song is called "The Best You Can," and on that video guess who comes out? None other than Chino Moreno. The video takes place in a house party and towards the end they show a band playing and the band consists of the guitarists from Linkin Park, Abe Cunningham playing the drums of course and the one and only Chino Moreno playing the guitar.

Hit me back if you have the chance to watch it. 

The band has also announced some dates for their US Summer Tour with Godsmack and Puddle of Mud, check them [ here ]

props to: def drone

|| Music In High Places

MSN has posted the Deftones performance on Music In High Places, that includes some interviews, behind the scenes and also the acoustic performances of Digital Bath, The Boys Republic, Change, ATF, Feiticeira, BQAD, Headup and One Weak. You can stream these files [ here ]

source: www.sactoca.com

|| TeamSleep News

Sorry for updating the deftoneworld.com only a few times per week, but as you know I'm working alone and my time isn't that much, cause I work and study at the same time...and right now I've been really really busy...so don't think that this site will become something like deftones.com (a dead site)...remember that the Deftones are my favorite band and when I named THE BIGGEST BAND IN THE WORLD, I really meant it...it wasn't a phase of my life...it is my life!

Team Sleep, a side project featuring Deftones frontman Chino Moreno, DJ Crook and Todd Wilkinson, are slated to head to Seattle, WA to begin work on their forthcoming debut on May 07th. Currently the group have the rough versions of around ten songs written, though vocals for the bulk of them are still currently being penned.

source: thedeftones.com

|| Chino w/ Soulfly

At Soulfly's concert in San Francisco, CA, yesterday (April 19th), Chino Moreno decided to join Graddy Avenell and Soulfly - to perform "Pain" live. I'm sure it was a blast for those who had the luck to be there.

props to: Kris Pengelly

|| Chimaira / Tinfed

Deftones frontman Chino Moreno recently joined fellow Sacramento band Tinfed on stage for a performance of the track "Dangergirl". The collaboration happened at their April 12th performance at the Fillmore in San Francisco, CA.

Stephen Carpenter spent some time in the studio with Chimaira today, Tuesday April 17th, and collaborated on a new track together with the band. It is tentatively titled "Rizzo" and will most likely show up on Chimaira's forthcoming Roadrunner debut "Pass Out Of Existence", due out this August. The band are currently close to wrapping up the tracking of the effort and are slated to begin mixing it on May 01st at NRG Studios.

source: theprp

|| Cool Video!

At this site >> www.VidNetUSA.com there's a cool Deftones video. It is from the last Endfest (2000). To watch it, go to www.VidNetUSA.com, click on the MUSIC category, then look for an "A-Z Search" for artists, and you will be able to find "Deftones - Live".

But if you prefer to download mp3z, thedeftones.com has posted an exclusive one of BORED, so check it out!!!

|| ESPN Award

The Deftones will receive an honor for the BMX Music Act Of The Year at the ESPN Sports Awards show, taped April 7 at the Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles. The show will air as a two-hour special on ESPN April 10. The Deftones will be in the house to accept their award, as will other recipients such as Metallica, Jack Johnson, NoFX, Linkin Park, and Eminem. In a statement, the band said they were "honored and thrilled" to receive the award.

|| Kush Album

Stef's side project - Kush - as already advanced some titles for their debut album (w/ 17 tracks), here they are:

"Poisonous Ritual", "Punchdrunk + Dazed", "Unstable", "Insignificant", "Light It Up", "Middle Slideriff", "Psycho Killer", "U Can't Change Me"

source: damone

|| No More High Places

The Deftones have confirmed their plans to release a home video by the end of the year through Maverick/Warner. The group also recently shot performances of 4 songs acoustically in Hawaii for an upcoming episode of the new MTV program "Music In High Places" which is expected to begin airing later this spring. It also seems as though the band have apparently decided against appearing on the upcoming Faith No More tribute album which will features covers by the likes of Papa Roach, Disturbed and more. Band drummer Abe Cunningham recently commented on it saying:
"I think their songs are too perfect to be touched, why fuck with it. We talked about doing some really early stuff off the very first record. "RV" is what we came to and then we decided to fuck it, there's a lot of bands on the the album we aren't too keen on."
Abe also plans to finally release an album from his old band Phallucy through the internet sometime later this year. For more information, check out The PRP's new interview with the Deftones here.

source: PRP

|| Deftones w/ Fear Factory

At the Deftones concert in Brielpoort (Deinze - Belgium), last Tuesday, the Deftones presented Christian from Fear Factory right before "Mx" and then Christian joined the band to play that song. He also played (bass) "7 Words".

props to: Robert

|| Durst loves Chino

Fred Durst commented on the Deftones in a recent online chat:
Question: How has you relationship with Chino Moreno influenced your music?
fred_durst_chat: He's a huge inspiration to me.
fred_durst_chat: I love his energy
fred_durst_chat: and I love his music
fred_durst_chat: and I love the Deftones.
fred_durst_chat: They're a huge influence on me.

source: SACTO, CA

|| Chino Talks About Mogwai

The latest unlikely collaboration is between post-rockers Mogwai and Deftones frontman Chino Moreno.

The subtle Scottish quartet asked the burly aggro-rocker to contribute vocals to an unfinished track they recorded while working on their album Rock Action, scheduled for an April 24 release. Problem is, Moreno isn't sure what they're looking for.

"They sent me the track and I haven't yet finished it, because I'm waiting for them to give me a call and let me know exactly what they want," Moreno said on Friday. "It's really slow, three-piece type of stuff," he said of the song. "It's really good."

Despite his rugged veneer, Moreno is a confessed softie who first expressed his fondness for the Glaswegians when the two groups shared a stage in England a few years ago. Recently, Mogwai returned the compliment, resulting in the offer to collaborate.

"We were playing some show," Moreno began. "I think it was a festival or something, and one of the guys from the band came up to me [because] I had said something in a magazine [about how] I had liked the band.He just started talking to me about music, and then he sent me a track and asked me for the vocals on it," he continued. "To me, that's the best part about being in a band: when bands you admire actually [want] you to contribute [to] their work. I'm excited about that.Hopefully I get to actually do it. I hope I didn't miss the deadline."

Another obstacle is in Moreno's way: what to do with the tape itself.

"I don't know if they want me to send it to them or what," he said. "They only sent me a DAT of the music. I don't know if they want me to record over that."

|| Download Rock In Rio / Chi's Support

Titof, a french Deftones fan, has posted the full Rock In Rio concert (mp3) [ here ] Just choose Deftones multimedia. Remember to rename all files (BMP) to MP3 files.

Chi Cheng is supporting a new chilean rock band called REKIEM. On REKIEM's debut album, there's a sticker. In it you can read 

"Muy Bueno, Muy Politico, Tiene Buenas Melodias y un Gran Peso" - Chi Cheng (Deftones). 

Click [ here ] to see a scan of this CD. 

Thanks a bunch to Mauricio Ahumada

|| Chino & Mogwai

Chino Moreno is to submit a vocal contribution to the Scottish band Mogwai with a song that currently has the working title of Cortez.
Mogwai were alerted to the fact that Chino is a fan when in a recent NME interview he declared his appreciation of the band and said that he had in fact written lyrics for a number of Mogwai songs.

The song if completed in time is likely to show up on a future Mogwai release. Check out Mogwai's website here

source: thedeftones.com 

|| Say It Isn't So

Here's a bit of a recent interview with Weezer's drummer Pat Wilson having to do with the Deftones:

C: The Deftones tour, last I heard, Weezer was rumored to be on that, is that true?
P: I don't understand where that comes from. Like I'll look at the newsgroup and be like "Everybody thinks we're playing with the Deftones." But as far as I know, there was no plans ever to play with the Deftones. Especially because they'd probably just insist on playing Say It Ain't So everynight and we'd be bummed about it because then we'd play it too.
C: Do you like the fact that they'd play it?
P: It's just wierd because we played a radio show in LA for KROQ and they played it right before we went on. It's like, "We're gonna play it, come on."
C: Did you play Say It Ain't So anyway?
P: Yeah it was weird.

source: sacto, ca

|| Massive!

Limp Bizkit are to play a massive summer headline show at the MILTON KEYNES BOWL, England on June 24 for which Deftones are the first band to be announced as support. OutKast are in the frame to play, while also rumoured to be completing the line-up is a rare appearance by the Wu-Tang Clan.

source: thedeftones.com

|| Vote for the Deftones

The Deftones are nominated for two categories in the 24th Annual California Music Awards. To help the band, vote for the Deftones (Outstanding Album and Outstanding Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Album) [ HERE ]

Thanks to Francisco Gonçalves

|| Send your pic

The Deftones are collecting pictures for an upcomming promotion. If you would like to be a part of it please send a headshot along with your phone number and address to the following address. By sending in a picture you are granting permission for the Deftones to use your likeness in all Deftones related activities. All pictures must be signed on the back. Please send poloroid pictures only.

Deftones Photos
5550 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite 302
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Headshots only

|| Deftones w/ Tool & Weezer

The Deftones are confirmed to play with Tool and Weezer at the "Hurricane Festival" in Germany through June.
Check www.hurricane.de if you want more info about this Festival.

thanks to: Lalle

|| Digital Bath Video

The Digital Bath video is finally online. Click the banner above to watch it. It features a bunch of live shots and footage, along with a couple tub scenes. There's also some shots of the band jamming in Abe's house. Chino is wearing goggles in the video. There are also some footage of them in the back of a car driving and chino singing and just getting all emotional. The video looks kinda low budget but is one of the most badass videos ever.

Thanks to Jeff and The Deftones Kidd

|| Spin Chino

Here's some of what Chino said in the band's appearance in the latest issue of SPIN Magazine:

"I'm actually looking forward to making another record. With White Pony, we took our time, which was cool. But we sit around and overanalyze stuff, we go in circles forever. This year, I wanna be as productive as possible." Moreno's resolution includes a solo record, a project he calls Team Sleep. "Right now it's just me and a DJ. He's mostly making beats on an old SP 1200 drum machine." Fresh. Sounds like...? "It's kinda breakbeat-ish with a lot of ambient sounds around it. It's similiar to Portishead, but with my vocals."

source: sacto, ca

|| Chino: After Pony

During their tour in Portugal, the Deftones were interviewed by some Portuguese mags, in one of these mags Chino is talking about the Deftones fourth record. He says that he's thinking alot on their upcoming album and he states that he has already four or five complete songs and Stef's has also some compositions for these same songs. The most important thing that Chino says is his idea of releasing a double album for a better different atmospheres combination.

|| Maverick's Deal

Musical artists Jude, the Deftones and Prodigy will have a new online venue at MP3.com, as part of the online music service's deal with their music label, Maverick Records. The agreement, announced Monday, will allow Maverick to use MP3.com services, including the personalized music service My.MP3.com, to help market and promote its family of recording artists. The Los Angeles-based record company, founded by Madonna, has also agreed to license its catalog of songs for use by My.MP3 in services such as Beam-it and Instant Listening.

|| Spain Sucked!??!

The Deftones played Friday at Anoeta's Velodrome (San Sebastian, Spain), and I already read reviews from this show...and in all of them you can read that the whole show sucked, specially the first five songs. Apparently the band had seriously sound problems. The whole concert was too loud.  The crowd also preferred Linkin Park's show.

Talkin about Linkin Park here's some more comments from them:

BD= Brad Delson, lead guitar
P= Phoenix, bass

Out of all the so-called nu-metal bands, who are your particular favourites?

BD: "Oh, the Deftones!"

Are you sure you're not saying that just because you're coming over to do a few dates with them?

BD: "No, no no! They're definitely our favourite heavy band. We've met them and they've been great to us. We are a bit starstruck with them, though. I can't even believe we're playing with them."

thanks to: Abby Diaz

|| Chino: The Hottest?

Chino has been nominated for Most Beautiful Man at http://www.mostbeautifulman.com/vote.html. Here's the explanation from the site:

"No need for words, Chino Moreno IS the most beautiful man! He has a sensual appeal and that unforgettable singing voice. He has incredible style and sets trends for many to follow. He is a very inspirational person, and his voice has touched the lives of Deftones fans everywhere. He has amazing talent, and a wonderul personality. Chino ain't your average rock star - he's actually a really humble guy, with roots from Sacramento, CA. He is half Chinese and half Mexican, and looks very sleek. He is not only beautiful on the outside, but he has a remarkably beautiful soul on the inside, too. That's why I vote Chino Moreno the most beautiful man!"

source: www.houseuvflies.com btw check out the houseuvflies revamped layout, it's a killa! props to jeff!

|| Digital Home Video

It's been confirmed that the Digital Bath video will be partly if not entirely made up of live footage from recent shows. Here's what Frank had to say about it:

Frank: "actually , [the video is] just about finished...its actually done from the fotoage we took for the documentary"

The video should be out by mid-march, and the documentary home video should be out by summer/fall.

Also Chino will be featured on the cover (which is a fold-out cover) of the April issue of Spin Magaizine, hangin out with Moby, Polly Jean Harvey.

Sorry for the lack on news, but you probably know the reason for that...

source: www.houseuvflies.com / www.thedeftones.com / sacto, ca

|| Portugal News

I got some news from my last meeting with the Deftones...

What happened to Chi's dreadlocks? :: He told me that he buried his dreads. Chino called him monkey in Lisbon.
What will be Chi's next album? :: Chi's next album will be the live session he did with Jonah in Sacto.
Deftones covering Faith No More? :: Chino told me that they will not do that cover cause FNM are unique.
What about Teamsleep? :: Melissa Auf Der Maur will probably be out of this project. Confirmed Teamsleep members are:
                                          Chino Moreno, Frank Delgado, DJ Crook, Todd Wilkinson.

|| Deftones Grammy Winners

The Deftones have won a Grammy for Best Metal Performance with their track "Elite".
The group beat out Slipknot, Pantera, Marilyn Manson and Iron Maiden for the award.

|| More Linkin Props

Here's more statements from Link Park members. These are from dotmusic.com ( January 17, 2001)

Brad: "For real, a band that is one of all our favourite bands is the Deftones and the fact that they invited us to come out and tour with them in Europe in March is a tremendous honour. I feel like I'm going to wake up tomorrow and someone's going to tell me 'Just kidding'. Ha Ha!" 

Mike: "It feels like someone is playing a big joke on us."

Brad: "The day before the tour we're going to have all our bags packed and we're going to be like 'alright we're going to Europe' and they are going to be like 'the Deftones really don't want you to play with them!"

Mike: "Like the Deftones are going to want you guys to play with them!!!!"

Brad: "So they are a big influence. I'm sure the Deftones are going to be phenomenal. I've seen them since I was in high school and I think they are the best live band for hard music there is. If you watch Chino his performance is so emotional and frickin."

Mike: "All the guys in that band could just stand there and it's crazy to see them get on stage." 

Brad: "The fact we're playing before them on the same show is weird. We just want to do a good job."

Much Thanks to: Abby Diaz

|| Linkin Props

Linkin Park were this Wednesday's band of Zwei Rock (a German show from VIVA ZWEI), during this show they mentioned the Deftones as their biggest influence. Here's Brad's own words:

Brad: Our favorite band is the Deftones, and the fact they asked us to tour with them in March here in Europe, is like, I still don't believe it. Like I wont believe it until we play our first show. And other bands that we think are great are Incubus and Papa Roach...

Linkin Park also chose some videos..."Be Quiet and Drive" from Deftones, also Papa Roach, Limp Bizkit, P.O.D., Incubus, hed (PE) and Prodigy videos.

|| Digital Video Contest

GetMusic.com is hosting a contest based in the upcoming Deftones' video - Digital Bath - All you have to do is make your own "Digital Bath" video (Flash type) and then submit it  |here|
To see what getmusic.com wants there's a Digital Bath video already submitted |here| - Its author was Miss Moon...It's something like Donk's "Back to School" flash video

|| Deftones: 2000, their best year!

The Deftones were voted one of the best hard-rock bands in Rolling Stone's first 2001 issue.
Alternative Press stated that "White Pony" was the 2nd best album of 2000.
props to: Ryan


theprp.com have asked many of today's biggest and upcoming hard rock bands what their 10 most listened to albums of the year have been. Deftones "White Pony" has so far been on top 10 lists of the following bands. Glassjaw, [Minus], 16 Volt, Breach Of Trust, Candiria, Cold, Chimaira, Darwins Waiting Room, Downer, earthtone 9, Factory 81, Flybanger, Hoobustank, Linkin Park, Liquid Gang, machine Head, Nonpoint, Nothingface, Papa Roach, Pantera, Pressure 4-5, Primer 55, Reveille, Simon Says, Slaves On Dope, Spine, Tinfed.
source: www.thedeftones.com


Here's a list of a few 'top albums of 2000' where Deftones' "White Pony" appeared:

Robb Rivera of Nonpoint --- #1 of 10
Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park (vocalist) --- #1 of 10
Kevin Jardine of Slaves on Dope --- #1 of 10
Aaron Silberman of Downer --- #1 of 10
All Members of Flybanger --- #1 of 10
Kenneth Shalk of Candiria --- #1 of 10
Zac Diebels of Simon Says --- #1 of 10
Jose Maldonado of Liquid Gand (vocalist) --- #1 of 10
Jabe of Darwin's Waiting Room -- #2 of 10
Lee March of [minus] --- #2 of 5
Eric Powell of 16volt --- #3 of 10
Members of Cold --- #3 of 10
Tom Jablonski of chartattack.com --- #5 of 10
Marty Ballentyne of Breach of Trust --- #6 of 10
Vinnie Paul of Pantera --- #7 of 10
Tom Maxwell of Nothingface --- #8 of 10
Paul Robicheau of Rolling Stone --- #8 of 10
Edge 102 Radio (Toronto) --- #14 of 102
Ultragrrrl (Spin.com gadabout) --- #9 of 10
Jessica Emi Kashiwabara (spin magazine) --- #9 of 10
Dan Estrin of Hoobustank --- #10 of 10
Michael MacIvor of Candiria --- #10 of 10
Robert Flynn of Machinehead --- #10 of 10

Members of Cold also listed Deftones' "Knife Prty" as the 3rd best song of 2000, while Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park listed 'Change (in the House of Flies)' as the 4th best song of 2000.

source: www.houseuvflies.com & Use Lotion Daily

|| Deftones: Grammy Nomination!

The Deftones have been nominated for a Grammy for best metal performance for "Elite" from White Pony!!!
Here's the list of nominees for Best Metal Performance:

Track from: White Pony
[Maverick Recording Company]

-The Wicker Man
Iron Maiden
Track from: Brave New World
[Portrait/Columbia Records]

-Astonishing Panorama Of The Endtimes
Marilyn Manson
Track from: The Last Tour On Earth ... (Various Artists)
[Interscope Records]

-Revolution Is My Name
Track from: Reinventing The Steel

-Wait And Bleed
Track from: Slipknot
[Roadrunner Records]

props to: Adidasplayer7@aol.com

|| I'm Happier than Yesterday...

It might not mean a lot for you. But the fact is that this site is finally featured at the Deftones' official website - www.deftonesworldwide.com
It's probably the only Portuguese fansite recognized by an official band's (as the Deftones) website. All my thanks are going straight to Mike Donk, the man behind deftonesworldwide.com. Thanks for the effort and thanks for making my time so worthwhile.

|| Rx Valentine

The Soundtrack to the upcoming movie Valentine will see a release on January 30th through Warner Bros., the tracklisting for it is as follows:

01 - Rob Zombie - "Superbeast" (Porno Holocaust Mix)
02 - Disturbed - "God Of The Mind"
03 - Static-X - "Love Dump" (Mephisto Odyssey's Voodoo Mix)
04 - Linkin Park - "Pushing Me Away"
05 - Deftones - "Rx Queen"
06 - Orgy - "Opticon"
07 - Marilyn Manson - "Valentine's Day"
08 - Amanda Ghost - "Filthy Mind"
09 - Professional Murder Music - "Fall Again"
10 - BT - "Smartbomb" (BT's Mix)
11 - Soulfly - "Son Song" (Feat. Sean Lennon)
12 - Filter - "Take a Picture" (Hybrid Mix)
13 - Snake River Conspiracy - "Breed"
14 - Beautiful Creatures - "I Am"
The movie itself will hit theaters on February 02nd.

source: theprp.com

|| Deftones: MTV Tours 2000

I don't know if these footages will be used in the new Deftones Home Video, but yesterday, MTV's Tours 2000 (news) showed some shots of the Deftones concert at the Electric Factory (Philadelphia). It was a special on some bands and their shows, backstage, road and everything in between.

thanks to RYAN

|| Deftones Home Video

Here's Mike Donk's Home Video subject:

"Well lots of you have been wondering why the shows were being taped... i just got permission to finally share the info with ya.

Its for a Deftones documentary home video that should be released some time in mid 2001.

The director has about 60 hours of footage from the "back to school" tour + about 15 hours of stuff that I taped over the years. well of course all that footage needs to be cut down to 90 minutes... so the director wanted me to get some input from fans - and that's you so

Do you want lots of backstage + tour bus type stuff? like them talking before and after they did the Conan O'Brian show. Do you want 60 second clips of lots of different songs or do you want less songs but have them be the whole song. what songs do you want to see live - old, new some of both? what types of things would you like to see them discuss in interviews. do you want lots of fan footage - like fans talking about the band? blah blah... you get the idea. when i had the poll for your favorite wp song - the highest percentage of people said "digital bath" + we all know what the new single is... so post your opinion on this!"

reply to Donk's post |here|

|| Deftones European Openers

The Deftones have reportaly confirmed their openers on the European tour as Disturbed, Cold, and No More, the latest signing to Korn's independent label Elementree Records.

source: deftonesweb

|| Gwen Props / No Gear

At the first night of KROQ's Almost Acoustic Christmas the Deftones played only half an hour, but they made an awesome show. And Gwen Stefani even said that "the Deftones were awesome" on stage. If you missed that first night, you can watch another live webcast tonight at HOB.com |here|

Thanks to: Richard

The Deftones played Roseland's show (14/12/00) without their official gear. Apparently their gear got stuck in Idaho along with their crew. So Everclear from Portland let them borrow all their equipment. 

Thanks to: Brent Starr / Anna

|| Digital Bath: The New Single

Deftones will release the track "Digital Bath" as the third single from "White Pony". The song will go for radio adds on January 9th with a video expected in February.

source: www.thedeftones.com

|| Shoutweb Awards Results

Artist of The Year - Deftones
Album of The Year - White Pony
Song of The Year - Judith (A Perfect Circle)
Video of The year - Judith
Best Debut Album of 2000 - A Perfect Circle
Best tour of 2000 - Ozzfest
Best Artist Website - www.deftonesworldwide.com
Best Unofficial Website - toolshed.down.net
Best Unsigned Artist - 20 Deadflower Children
Vocalist of The Year - Maynard
Guitar Player of the Year - Billy Howerdel (A Perfect Circle)
Bass Player of the Year - Chi Cheng
Drummer of the Year - Abe Cunningham
DJ of the Year - Sid Wilson (SlipKnot)
Most Underated Band of 2000 - Cold
Most Anticipated of 2001 - Tool
Most Anticipated Debut of 2001 - Godhead
Live Band of the Year - Deftones
Producer of the Year - Terry Date (Deftones)

|| Back to School Video at Shockwave.com

Shockwave.com has posted an interesting Back to School single at their website -- www.shockwave.com -- This was made in collaboration with Maverick Records and also with the sobriety of Mike Donk (deftonesworlwide.com webmaster). Check this movie |here|

|| Shoutweb Awards 2000

Shoutweb.com is giving you the chance to vote for your favorite alternative band, the Deftones are nominated in all possible categories. Also the deftonesworld affiliate - www.thedeftones.com - is up for best unofficial fansite at the Shoutweb Awards. 
Vote for the Deftones and thedeftones.com |here|.

|| More Back to School Pics

The House of Flies website has posted some high quality pics from the "Back to School" Tour at Montreal. By the way you have to check this site cause it has a new major kick ass layout, one of my favorites. Fly to the House of Flies |here|.

Also from the "Back to School" Tour are some pics that thedeftones.com has from New Jersey show. Check'em |here|.

|| Chino's Homage

Chino is reported to be lending his vocals to the debut album of "Homages Son". The bands who met at a gig in Chicago hit it off, and Chino was asked to guest with them.

source: deftonesweb

|| Fieticiera?!

Here's an addy to everyone who have been writing the name of "White Pony" track based in a brazilian female...yeah the one that says 'new...cool...meat'. How do you call that? Fieticeira? Fieticira? Feiticera? Feiticiera?... Ohh man! I'm sick of seeing this on websites and magazines. This track's name is:


Please fix that from now on, and add it into your defdictionary. Thanks!

|| Chi: More Poetry

Chi Cheng gave us more info about his solo work. Here's what he wrote last Monday in the Official Board:

"(..) I've been doing a lot of new writing and I'm doing some readings in January. I'm gonna record them and if I'm not to drunk I might put them out. take care and give donk my love - chi"

|| Deftones are Back to Tour

Last night's show at Asbury Park took place as planned. Chino has now recovered from his brief illness which resulted in the cancellation of two shows. The tour will now proceed as planned.
Meanwhile Chi Cheng took time out to comment on the recently cancelled shows "hello. sorry about the canceled shows but chino had syphilis of the lymph nodes and couldn't even talk. so anyhow, take care and ill talk to you soon- respect - chi"

source: www.thedeftones.com

|| Back to Chi

After Chino's comments, Chi Cheng commented something to "Metal-Is" magazine about their new single "Back to School":

Chi Cheng: You know, 'Back To School' came about in a strange way. Toward the end of the recording process, our A&R guy asked us to take the chorus of 'Maggit' and turn it into something else. So we worked on it, but never really finished it. We were like, "Well, we're already pretty much done with the album, and have it in our heads as completed, so we'll just save this song for a soundtrack." But someone at Maverick got a hold of it, and everyone there flipped out, and was like, "This is gonna be the new single." Well, how can it be the new single if it's not on the album? And they were like, "We'll re-release the album!" and I was like, "I don't know..." I was really not into it, because it sounded like a cop-out. It sounded like we were trying to get kids to buy it (White Pony) again. I'm not into that. So I was like, "If you can work it out so that all the kids who've got the album can download it for free, or can somehow get the song without having to purchase, then knock yourselves out." 'Cause, you know, it's good to see your label all fired up about something. So, you want 'em to be like that.

Read the entire interview |here|

Much Thanks to: Hardkore

|| Chino's Throat Infection

The Deftones were forced to cancel last nights show Back To School stop in Ottawa, ONT due to band frontman Chino Moreno coming down with some type of throat infection. The group are now expected to cancel tonight's show in Scranton, PA as well and make-up dates are expected to be announced shortly.
Until last night the Deftones had never cancelled a concert in their decade-plus career.
The band had to pull the plug on their Ottawa debut at Lansdowne Park's Aberdeen Pavilion after Chino Moreno was diagnosed with vocal cord bruising at Ottawa Hospital's Civic Campus yesterday.

 "We've been together for 11-12 years, and this has never happened to us," bassist Chi Cheng said last night.  "Chino was sent to a specialist because the last couple of days his voice was going downhill. We thought we could pull it off, but now he's down to whispers."

Cheng and tour manager Steve Kidd figured the band's past two day-night gigs in Montreal and Toronto (each included a MuchMusic/MusiquePlus appearance followed by their scheduled venue gig) took their toll on Moreno's voice. The band will be out of commission "for the next 3-5 days
while Moreno rests his voice," said Kidd. (That scraps tonight's Scranton, Pa., appearance.)
Two thousand tickets were scooped up for last night's show, and a long line of frustrated teenaged kids, some from as far away as upstate New York, braved single-digit temperatures before news of the cancellation broke.
But rather than deal with couple thousand shouts of anger, a compromise was reached. Both the Deftones and opening act Taproot hung around to sign autographs as a good-natured gesture to their patient and well-behaved fans.

Yet for Orleans 16-year-old Dave Campbell and his girlfriend Anik Julien, nothing could substitute for a live show.  "I got a ticket the second I found out (the Deftones) were coming here," Campbell said.

Said Chi: "It's a real letdown to us, and we want to send out all our apologies to the fans."

Makeup dates are being worked on for the spring, along with a possible reimbursement package.
All tickets for last night's show can be refunded at point of purchase.

source: www.thedeftones.com

|| Chi kicks Donk

Mike Donk (deftonesworldwide.com webmaster) has posted a movie with Chi kickin his ass! Let me tell you that this is funny as hell! I thought that Chi was a sweet dude but I changed my mind after this :p j/k

Download a zip file with that video |here| or stream it |here|

You'll need Quicktime 4 >> download it at www.quicktime.com

|| Back to Chino

Here's what Chino has to say about Back to School release:

Chino Moreno: Honestly, I didn't want Back To School on the record. It was unfinished at the time, and I didn't want anything too hip-hop-oriented on the album. I didn't want it to be a big deal re-release -- just stick it on, kind of on the hush. I'm glad it has an extra song for anyone who comes into the game now. At first some fans were offended. Why were we ruining a record that they already considered classic? But it's just another song for people to enjoy or not. Anyone who wants this song can download it for free, so they don't feel ripped off.
It is something different for the times. On the radio right now, it all seems to be about senseless aggression. This song is just a roundabout way of saying to kids: You are the shit. Tell yourself that. Enjoy it.
I hate using Jonathan as an example, because he's a friend of mine and I don't want him to think I'm bashing him. But I don't think it's a positive thing to constantly talk about how you were picked on and stuff. I know it sounds a little preachy, but I just want people to stop feeling sorry for themselves and dwelling on shit. Just put your arms and head up and move forward.
I was really good at math. I always did my work, but used to take off all the time. I had a great time. Until I got kicked out. Maybe I'm still bitter about that.

Thanks to: The Canadian badass

About this "Back to School" video I've noticed something kinda weird... I've watched the European version of it and at the beginning those cheerleaders and students (who are walking around the halls) aren't there. It starts with people walking outside school and then it goes straight to Chino's bedroom, starting with some still shots of his desk. So I believe that "Back to School" video has at least 2 different versions for sure.

|| DefKorn Tour?

Here's an extract of Korn's last on-line chat with their fans. Jonathan Davis (HIValicious) was Korn's spokesman:

Moderator: .PÅÑÎÇ.[machina] says: "jon, how do you feel about korn being credited with the creation of the current rap/metal hybrid?"
HIValicious: i hate it we are not rap metal
HIValicious: we are influenced by hip hop but i dont rap
Moderator: TheChildOfTheKoRn says: "what bands will you being touring with next?"
Moderator: ~DÉ£oÇ~ says: "do you think fred should loose some wieght?"
HIValicious: dont know i would like to tour with hed pe and the deftones

Thanks to: Frank Becerra

|| Handbills/Flyers

www.thedeftones.com has for you some pictures of Deftones' shows posters. Check them |here|

|| BQAD acoustic mpeg

Check www.nothingvideos.com if you want to download a high quality mpg of Deftones/Adam Sandler/Incubus playing "Be Quiet and Drive" acoustic.
Also Q101Fm has exclusive pics of a program with Chi and Frank. Check them |here|

|| Deftones on MuchMusic

The Deftones will be appearing on Muchmusic on Monday, November 13th for an interview and acoustic performance.
Conan O'Brien date was set to November 24th.

|| TeamSleep.com

Many of you would have heard of 'Team Sleep', the side project of Chino Moreno. A site has now opened up at www.teamsleep.com which will keep you up to date on all the latest happenings.

|| Win a "WP" Platinum Award

Maverick and Deftones have chosen this WEDNESDAY November 8 and THURSDAY November 9 as TRL target days!!! We are asking everyone to vote specifically on these dates so we can make a difference! So reserve some time those 2 days and GET READY TO VOTE! Remember, if you help get "Back To School" on TRL for any 5 DAYS in the month of NOVEMBER...We will pick a winner who will get a "White Pony" Platinum award!!! The winner will be picked from fans who signed up at the URL below. If you have not already, SIGN UP |here|

When to vote: this WEDNESDAY November 8 and THURSDAY November 9

Jam the phone lines at 1-800-DIAL-MTV (1-800-342-5688)

CALL from 2:30 - 3:00P (Eastern Time)
CALL from 1:30 - 2:00P (Central Time)
CALL from 12:30 - 1:00P (Mountain Time)
CALL from 11:30 - 12:00P (Pacific Time)

You will get a busy signal often, but keep hitting re-dial. This is the best way to get the video on, so CALL!!!
When you're not voting on the phone - vote online |here|

|| Little Nicky O.S.T.

Maverick Recording Co. has assembled a hellacious companion album for "LITTLE NICKY," the new Adam Sandler movie opening this Friday November 10.
The Little Nicky Soundtrack is in stores now and features a previously unreleased acoustic version of Deftones' "Be Quiet and Drive" as well as Change taken from the White Pony album.
Other songs on the soundtrack are P.O.D's "School of Hard Knocks," a Rick Rubin-produced track written specifically for the soundtrack, a special FU's "Forbidden Little Nicky's remix" of "Stupify" by Disturbed. Additionally, "LITTLE NICKY" includes Incubus' "Pardon Me," Filter's "Take My Picture," Cypress Hill's "Rock Superstar," Powerman 5000's "When Worlds Collide," and Muse's "Cave." Other highlights from "LITTLE NICKY" include "Natural High" and "I," two brand new cuts from recent Maverick signings Insolence and unLoco, as well as "Point of Authority" from new Warner Bros. band, Linkin Park.

Catch up with the Little Nicky Special on MTV with Adam Sandler, Deftones and P.O.D.

-Wed. Nov. 8th 1:30 PM, 7:30 PM & 12:30 AM
-Thurs. Nov. 9th 11:00 AM
-Fri. Nov. 10th 6:30 PM

For more info about the soundtrack and the movie click |here|

|| Deftones on Canadian TV

The Deftones will be "The Artist of The Month" for the month of November on Canadian music TV station "Musique Plus". And on November, 14th (same day as their show in Montreal)  the band is confirmed to appear in a "The Artist of The Month" special, and they should do a 90 minute interview with some songs. This happens at 4:00 PM (Eastern Time). The Deftones will be sharing the spotlight with Incubus.

Much Thanks to: Dan Laframboise

|| Mysterious Girl Pics

Check |here| and  |here| pics of that unknown woman (Jessica seems to be her real name) who sang in stage with the Deftones ("Change" and "Teenager") during the Universal Amphitheatre show on October, 24th. 

Thanks to Randy (Mega 2000) and Leo (The Chauffer)

|| Billboard Nomination

Deftones have been nominated for best hard rock clip of the year at the annual billboard awards. The video "Change", directed by Liz Friedlander and produced by Anastasia Simone goes head to head with Incubus, Kittie, Limp Bizkit and Rage Against The Machine for this year's Billboard Music Video Awards which will take place in Los Angeles, CA on November 10th. You can check out the full list of nominee's |here|.

source: www.thedeftones.com since now a featured fan site over at Musictoday.com. Also check thedeftones.com new intro page!

|| Mysterious Blonde Girl

Here's more info about that mysterious blonde girl, who sang "Change" and "Teenager" at the Universal Amphitheatre, L.A. show...
Her name is Jessica and at the time she was wearing a see-through stripy dress. But the truth is that she didn't sing that great.

much thanks to: Josie

|| Bad Ass School Tour

The Deftones 'Back to School' tour is blowing away every single city where they pass by. Everything is sold out for weeks. The band is definitely on the peak of their career. 'Back to School' tour it's being also a box full of surprises. Take as an example the mysterious blonde girl (not Rodleen) who sang backups on the LA, Universal Amphitheatre show, last Tuesday. Apparently she sang "Change" and "Teenager". And two days later on Las Vegas show at 'The Joint', the Deftones played a Metallica song and they also invited Brandon Boyd from Incubus to sing some improvised songs.

|| Fan cuts Chino

At the recent Reno show a fan cut Chino's arm with a broken bottle during the performance of Shove It, requiring 8 stitches. 
The show continued after Chino was attended to. 

source: deftonesweb

|| Be Quiet Nicky

The Deftones recently taped a performance of their track Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away) with Adam Sandler along with Brandon Boyd and Mike Einziger of Incubus for a special on MTV for the upcoming "Little Nicky" movie. The special, which will also feature P.O.D. is expected to air on November 7th. The groups track, "Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away) (Acoustic)" will be included on the Soundtrack to the film which will hit stores through Maverick/Warner on Halloween, October 31st.
Here's what Chi had to say about the performance:

just thought i would tell you about doing this mtv special yesterday for little nikki.we got to play be quite and drive with us adam sandler and mike and brandon from incubus.it was fun as hell.adam can play quite well and it was cracking me up. - chi

source: deftones SACTO, CA

|| Deftones Chat Transcription

Yahoo has finally posted the October 3rd chat with Frank and Abe. Read some pieces of that chat |here|. Or click |here| to listen to the full audio broadcast.

In a personal point of view, the most amazing thing in this chat was when Frank and Abe praised this website. I was already happy with that, but then the yahoo chick said something that I've asked minutes after their praises, and suddenly Frank started to talk about me and the gifts I gave them back in August, specially Stef's gift...a knife. I was like blown away!!! You can download a mp3 of these comments |here|.

These gifts I've offered them were: 
Chino - a big, really big pic of him that my brother drew "God I'll even lick your fuckin picture!"
Abe - a CD with Portuguese bands on it "You move me like music"
Stef - a big old knife, heheh "My knife it's sharp and chrome"
Chi - a book from a Portuguese Nobel prize "Should I ignore your fashion or go buy the book!?"
Frank - a big black star and an old razor "Hey you big star... Shave it! Shave it! (his beard :p)"

|| ToneFred

An estimated 2,000 fans, many of them sporting red baseball caps, crowded a Times Square record store Tuesday afternoon to celebrate the release of Limp Bizkit's Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water. And once again Bizkit's front man, Fred Durst, was wearing a Deftones' t-shirt. This happened a few weeks after he appeared with another Deftones' t-shirt during the MTV Music Awards.

|| More Collaborations

A Faith No More tribute album is in the works and will feature tracks from today's heavier acts, so far Papa Roach have been confirmed for the album and will be recording their version of the song "The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies" in the near future for the disc which will hit stores sometime next year. Other bands rumored to be included on the album include the Deftones, Korn and Slaves On Dope.
source: pimprock palace

Chino Moreno will guest on the new Elementree/Flawless signed No More. The track titled "Teenage Hate" will be the first single. 
Other guests include Coby Dick, Jonathan Davis, Fred Durst, Sully Erna, David Drainman, Aaron lewis, and Corey Taylor.
source: deftones SACTO, CA

|| Home Video

Apparently the Deftones were filming a home video in Vancouver latest concert (October 14th). The band was talking about it there, and one guy who was crowd surfing for awhile was right up there with Chino, and after the song Chino said :
"Lets have some applause for the new star of our home video!"

much thanks to: Kevin Wilson

|| Suicidal Chino

This video is amazing and now it's time to get Deftones back on TRL!!!!
Jam the phone lines at 1-800-DIAL-MTV (1-800-342-5688)
CALL from 2:30 - 3:00P (Eastern Time)
CALL from 1:30 - 2:00P (Central Time)
CALL from 12:30 - 100P (Mountain Time)
CALL from 11:30 - 12:00P (Pacific Time)
CALL to get the new video on, so CALL CALL CALL!!!! 
(Yes, you will get a busy signal often, but keep hitting re-dial).
To vote on the Internet - click HERE

The Deftones are trusting their fans to vote on the new 'Back to School' video. Chino threatened all Deftones' fans, saying if the fans don't vote on TRL, he'll jump out from their hotel window. For real!!! There's a video with Chino saying that at www.deftonesworldwide.com |here| (go to "Chino jumpin' out of his hotel window") :p

source: www.deftonesworldwide.com

|| BtS Video Sampler

You can see the first sampler of "Back to School" video |here|.

source: MTV

Also on today's news, there's some comments from Incubus' Mike Einziger. He  stated that the Deftones appeal to him because they're not just another loud, aggressive rock band. "I think they're a lot like us in that they're not afraid to show their not-so-heavy side," says the guitarist. "They're way more in touch with their musicality -- more so than other bands do who are into making kids beat the shit out of each other at concerts."
Deftones DJ Frank Delgado also commented about the new single 'Back to School'. He said  that his own high school experience was often one of cutting class, but when he did attend, "it all revolved around music. I think when you're younger, you associate whomever you hang out with, with the music you're listening to," he says. "I just happened to know everyone so I was into everything. That's what I liked about school, was my being subjected to all styles and all genres of music."

source: LAUNCH

|| BtS Premiere

Deftones' brand-new video, "Back To School," will premiere this Sunday, October 15 on MTV's "WWF Sunday Night Heat," which airs at 7:00PM ET/PT, and is part of MTV's "Jackass Sunday."

The "Back To School" video was shot last month at Grant High School in L.A.'s San Fernando Valley, and was directed by Paul Hunter (Eminem, Will Smith). While not giving anything away, the "Back To School" video, set in a typical American school, will score one for the freaks and geeks returning to classrooms this fall.

"Back To School," Deftones' second radio track from its now-Gold Maverick release, "White Pony," has already been added to the playlists of more than 70% of both the alternative and rock radio stations in the country. Since last week's re-release of "White Pony"-with "Back To School" stripped onto it-the album jumps from #117 to #88-bullet on next week's Billboard Top 200 Albums chart.

Deftones kick off their "Back To School" U.S. tour in Seattle, WA today (Friday, 13 October) with Incubus and Taproot sharing the bill.

source: deftones

|| Backyard Pics

Live105 has for you some pics from their contest 'Deftones in your Backyard'. Check Live105 pics |here|

|| Chino Thanks

On the new pressing of White Pony (w/ Back to School), Chino thanks "Steven Kidd, my right lung, Juan Gonzales."
Steven Kidd is Deftones' Tour Manager. About Juan Gonzales might be a special friend...
Chino's personal liner notes were absent from the first pressing due to time constraints.

|| MTV Special

The Deftones taping for the MTV Sports and Music Festival took place recently and the band taped the tracks "Back To School" and "Change". The program is set to air on November 11th on MTV.

|| Here's Rodleen

DefJeff from SACTO's page, took some photos from the KROQ Private Deftones (w/ Papa Roach) show on 09/26/00 at Roxy, L.A.
In attendance were some interesting people like;  Dino (Fear Factory), DJ Lethal (Limp Bizkit), B.Real (Cypress Hill), Tommy Lee (M.O.M), David, Head, and Munky (Korn), Tony Campos (Static X), MCUD (Hed Pe), Gwen and Tony (No Doubt), members of Incubus...
But the star of the night was Rodleen from "Knife Prty". She sang this same song with Chino. DefJeff was there and he took pics of Rodleen on stage with the Deftones. You can check |here| and  |here| pics of Rodleen. Check SACTO's page for more pics of that private show.

a big thanks to: DefJeff
pics by permission of: deftones SACTO, CA

|| Max, Chino & Grady

RoadRunner Records official webpage, posted some interesting videos of Soulfly's new album "Primitive". On one of these videos, Max talks about Chino and the Deftones, And there's also some images from the recording session with Chino, Max and Grady jammin with "Pain".

Check this cool video>>> Quicktime // Real 56K // Real Broadband
If you have a sluggish line, better choose Real instead of Quicktime

thanks to: Hardkore

|| BtS comments MP3/Video

www.deftonesworldwide.com posted some interesting stuff. There's a MP3 with Chino talking about the new single "Back to School", you can also hear a preview of the referred song. Also on this site is a video with a cool interview to Abe and Frank (in what it seems to be a *****Hotel with a great pool :p). The issue is "White Pony" and "Back to School".

|| School Pics

The Deftones official website has exclusive pics from the 'Back to School' video shoot. It includes some of Chino skating... Check them |here|

|| Chat with the Deftones!

|| Maverick will please all the Deftones' fans with an audio online chat, live with the band. 
This will happen on October 3rd at 6pm (Pacific Time) || 3am (C.E.T.) || 2am (Lisbon/London time)
All you have to do is install the required software at 


(I guess you should have a mic to talk with the band)

The link for the chat room is:


But this link will only be available 30 minutes before the chat starts.

|| AOL members: you will have an additional opportunity to chat with Deftones!
The AOL chat it's on October 4th at 6pm (Pacific Time) || 3am (C.E.T.) || 2am (Lisbon/London time)
AOL members only can access the chat by typing AOL KEYWORD: LIVE

|| Rodleen & BtS Live!

DefJeff from SACTO's page, had the chance to watch an unforgettable night in a small club called Roxy at L.A.. That was a KROQ's private Deftones' show (w/ Papa Roach). So, he had the chance to see Chino singing 'Knife Prty' with Rodleen. And the band also played the new track 'Back to School'. I guess it was the first time they played that one live. Also on that night DefJeff mentions that Chino was like crazy always diving into the crowd! You can see what happened exactly at SACTO's page |here|

|| Chi's café

Sorry!!! It's what I should say right now!
Sorry, because I totally forgot a very important thing that Chi told me at Madrid. And this is a hell of a new, I think he was talking very serious about that.
I was about to say goodbye to Chi, on our second meeting, but then Abe was stuck by some crazy fans and me and Chi just sat down for a while. I didn't have much to talk with him, cuz I was afraid to be a boring guy. But then I just started to talk about the 'Bamboo Parachute' and asked him if he had in mind another album like that. And he said 'Yes, for sure!'. And then I asked when he was thinking to make that available, and he said something like 'Right now I have in mind to make live poetry.' And I said 'During the Deftones' concerts?'. He answered 'I don't think so, what I'll do is reading my poetry on some small cafés or clubs'.
So there you go! If you see one of this days Chi Cheng in a café, remember that he might do live poetry there.
NOTE: I'm sure Chi didn't say these exact words...but it's all I can remember right now, cuz lotsa things happened on that day, and some I completely forgot cuz I just taped my interview with Chino and nothing else.

|| School Video Info

A Deftones fan who was in the Back To School video recently emailed DefJeff from the SACTO website describing how the shoot went :

"I was recently in their new video for Back To School. Its for the little nicky soundtrack. We filmed at Grant High School in Van Nuys, CA all of last Wednesday and Thursday. Paul Hunter directed this, he's a really cool guy. We did some scenes in the classrooms where Chino is performing on top of the desks and all the kids are making a mosh pit around him. There's alot of shots of him skating around the school but i dont really know how much of that they will actually put in the video. And the live performance part was really cool too. In between takes they performed Elite and a slower version of Change for us. Well anyways, they have a new video called Back to School coming out in 3 weeks and their next songle is RX Queen I heard."

source: deftones SACTO, CA

|| Back to Differences

The differences between this 'Back to School' version and the one which came to Napster in June are:

- Chino's voice and the whole song is much heavier than the first version

- Chino told me on our second meeting 'We're singing'. That meant someone was singing along him. That happens sometimes in this new version and I guess it's Chi doing those background vocals it happens more than once for example on they are singing; 'I'm being everyone who's on the top' / 'why you just keep it simple'...

- The new version is shorter than the old one. The new has about 3':55'' while the old was 4':14''

- On the new Chino starts his freestyle vocals after the 'Check It!' part which happens around the second 20, while on the old version it happens around the second 30.

- The lyrics are also different:

                   . On the old version he used to say 'Well, Push back the square...' now he goes straight to 'Push back the square' 
                   . On the old version he used to say 'Now that you need her - cause you dont' now he sings 'Now that you need her - but you dont'
                   . On the old version he used to say  'Well there you go...' now he says 'So there you go...'
                   . On the old version he used to say  the 'Transpose...' part twice, but now he only sings it once and instead of sing it again 
                     he goes 'We are... We are the leaders... of all'

You can check the right lyrics |here|

|| School Tips

About this download thing that Maverick did on the new upcoming single 'Back to School', I have to say that it wasn't the best way of giving, the fans who already bought the album, the chance of listening to it. Cause, and now I'm gonna give you an example, I've a friend who bought the 'White Pony' but unfortunately he can't download the track cause he doesn't own a computer. I guess the band hasn't responsibility on this, is more with their company. So I ask Maverick: what about the 'computerless' fans or the 'netless' fans? Of course they have to buy the new album, is that any sales strategies? How many 'White Pony' versions we still have to buy? It's good to hear new tracks but in nowadays not everyone can afford a new CD every month! So think about that next time...
In my point of view it was better to keep 'Back to School', 'The Boy's Republic', 'Crenshaw'  and 'No Ordinary Love' for a new record with more 6 or 7 unreleased tracks and make a new record, instead of keep on adding new tracks to the original 'White Pony' structure every month.

Ok, I had to say this cuz it was hard for me and it stills for thousands of fans out there, to download the new track.
If you have problems on hearing the new track, read this cuz after you read it you'll sure hear the new track 'Back to School'.  
So here's what you have to do:

1. Your 'White Pony' original CD has to be on your main CD drive, and you must to be online to do this. Then just run the enhanced CD program and go straight to the 'Worldwide' section. Click on the globe and you'll enter the secret page for this download. After that you'll have to read some stuff from Maverick and then it will appear a button saying 'Download Now', press that and a program called 'btoschool.exe' will be downloaded to your hard drive. This program is something like Napster, but it's only for safety downloads like this one. So this program will install on your system the MusicMark Client access for this song's download.

2. After the 'btoschool.exe' download finishes, run it! And now you'll have some problems if you are connected under 56k, but don't give up cuz I guess this program stores something in memory and if the download don't happen at first, on the next tries it will be faster.

3. When it finishes the download 'Back to School' mp3, I advise you to restart your computer.

4. After you restart your computer you don't have to be online anymore. First of all run the shortcut on your start menu (MusicMark Client). When you run correctly this program, you'll see a tray icon (near your windows clock on the start menu bar). If you don't have this shortcut in your start menu try to find anywhere in your computer a program called 'mmexe.exe' and then run it.

5. After you see that tray icon near your windows clock you'll be able to listen to the mp3 of 'Back to School'. And if you listen at first some guy saying that you'll hearing some scratch after the first minute is because you did something wrong. I helped a lot of people with this, so I swear to you if you follow every steps you'll make it right!

Obs. The best way of listen to this song is with Winamp (versions 2.5 to 2.65) you can download that |here| cuz the link for the Winamp page is broken at deftonesworldwide.com secret page.

|| Chino comments Taproot

Chino Moreno recently commented on upcoming tourmates, Taproot stating:
"I like that they're young and doing stuff that's not your typical rap-rock, they're refreshing."
You can also download Taproot's cover of 'Teething' |here|

source: prp

In other news Back to School will be released as a single on September 26th, with a video following shortly, expect a clip of the video on the official site soon.

The Maverick representative on the deftonesworldwide.com bulletin board is giving the fans a chance give the Deftones some questions for an upcoming interview, with the best question being picked - post your question on the thread |here|

source: deftones SACTO, CA

|| Fresh Pony

The Deftones will re-release their latest album, "White Pony", on Oct. 3 with the addition of a new single, "Back To School (Pink Maggit r/m with some differences, a.k.a. Mini Maggit)". The band plans to shoot a video for the track this week. The band will hook up with director Paul Hunter in Los Angeles for the clip, which will be set in a high school. The new 'White Pony' will also contain a new cover artwork that it's expected to be like the one bellow:

This new cover isn't official yet! But right now it's the most credible.
" 'Back To School' was a song we had originally wanted to put on 'White Pony,' but we never completed it," Chino Moreno explained in a statement. "When we were in Los Angeles last month, we went into the studio and finished it. We took it to Maverick, and they were so blown away, they wanted to release it as our next single and re-release the album, with it added. If you listen to 'Pink Maggit' you'll hear the original, moodier version of 'Back To School (Mini-Maggit)'. That's about as far as we got with it when we were recording the album."

Deftones DJ Frank Delgado tells that the Internet helped create the greater demand for the song.
"Before our album was out, pretty much the whole album hit the Net on Napster and this song hit the Net, too, with it. And people have been talking about it, a lot of fans have been asking for it. It was never originally supposed to be on the album, but it hit the Net with the rest of the stuff so they all assumed it was. So anyway, it got such a good response, we went back in, mixed it, Chino did his vocals over again, and now we're gonna put it back on the next batch."
Delgado adds, "It's an energetic song. We think the kids will like it even more now that we've touched it up here and there."

The band isn't ignoring all the fans who bought the original enhanced version of "White Pony". They'll be able to get "Back To School" for free starting Sept. 20th. All they have to do is insert "White Pony" into their CD-ROM drive, click on the "Worldwide" section, and follow the instructions from there.

Meanwhile 'Change (in the house of flies)' and 'Be Quiet and Drive (acoustic)' are the chosen for the O.S.T. of  'Little Nicky' and not 'Back To School' as it was noticed. 
The Deftones kick off their "Back To School" U.S. tour on Friday, October 13 in Seattle, WA... Friday, 13...good luck guys!!!

|| No Ordinary MTV

The Deftones are about to kick in a track for "The Return Of The Rock, Volume 2" compilation from MTV and Roadrunner Records, which is due to hit stores on November 7. A specific track listing has yet to be firmed up, but the Deftones will be joining Godsmack, Papa Roach, Marilyn Manson, Orgy, Disturbed, Nickelback, Spineshank, and others on the album.

Also on MTV, Chino stated some interesting comments about the track 'No Ordinary Love'...
Chino: It was the last song we recorded when we were in the studio," frontman Chino Moreno told MTV Radio of the eerily spot-on cover. "I just wanted to save it for a soundtrack or something, because it came out really good. It's really close to the actual, original song. We didn't want to try and make it all heavy metal or anything like that. It's really, really ambient, and I added a bunch of different guitar lines that aren't even in the song itself. It's real moody sounding and dark.
About Jonah Matranga (FAR) collaboration on this track, he said...
Chino: He actually sang on the acoustic version of 'Be Quiet And Drive' with me, and we covered a Jawbox song together for one of their EPs, and I think our voices really compliment each other. It was a really good idea to have him come down, and it came out really well.

source: MTV

|| Re-White Pony

Deftones will re-release the "White Pony" on October 3rd through Maverick Records. The new version will contain "Back To School", which will also be featured on the "Little Nicky" soundtrack and was on the original mp3 leak of "White Pony". The track "Back To School" will also now be the next single from "White Pony" instead of "RX Queen". For those who have already purchased "White Pony", a special download of the track will be made available soon.

|| Brazilian 'Tones

The Deftones, Queens of the Stone Age, and Rob Halford are the latest acts confirmed for Rock in Rio for a Better World, a 10-day Brazilian music festival in Rio de Janeiro from Jan. 12-21, 2001. Brazilian pop princess Daniela Mercury has also been confirmed for the show.

The festival will boast a decidedly Brazilian flair, with an army of South American acts including Fernanda Abreu, Pato Fu, Funk 'N Lata. 
While two previous Rock In Rio concerts have rolled out in years past, this time around AOL is backing the fete, which has expanded its title to the more charitable "Rock In Rio For A Better World." Proceeds from the 2001 event will benefit educational projects from Viva Rio, a preeminent social services organization in Rio De Janeiro helping 11,000 young people.
Concert organizers expect some 1.5 million people to head to Barra Da Tijuca (an area of Rio De Janeiro) for the event. 

The four new acts join R.E.M., Foo Fighters, 'NSync, Britney Spears, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Silverchair, Iron Maiden, and James Taylor on the non-Brazilian side of Rock in Rio's menu. The festival's lineup is expected to swell to nearly 100 acts by its kickoff.

Rock In Rio will take place in the Barra da Tijuca area of Rio. Tickets for the event will go on sale in October. Check out the event's Web site for more information on ticket sales.

|| More news by Chino

I guess my short interview with Chino also have some updated news like...

What about your new album? It's gonna be the covers album?
Chino: No. We might still do a covers record. But what's going on is that...we gonna do a project called the Black Stallion first. It's every song from the record (WP) remixed.
But first is White Pony with the new song right?
Chino: Yes.
That song 'Back to school' is the one '...behind the walls smokin cigarretes'?
Chino: Yeah. But we reedit. It's not the same version you heard. It's the same song but I'm really singing. We sing.  (I understood that the song is the same but his voice and rhythm are different, and perhaps that 'We sing' means that Chi is on the chorus)

What about 'RX Queen' video? Are you direct it?
Chino: Yeah, we wrote a treatment for it but we are not doing that video it next. In spite of the treatment, while we are on the road we're not doing that. But we still have the treatment and the idea for it...
But it's gonna be cool right?
Chino: Oh, I can't tell you that.

You can see the entire interview |here| he also says some cool stuf like Chi's real name (Dai)...the meaning of the word 'Lhabia' and more...

|| Deftones' New Album

I found out one of the most recent interviews that the Deftones gave, to a british magazine called "Metal-Is", while in their European Tour. On this interview Chino and Stef are talking about the new Deftones' album, and they have in mind to put an album with all their covers. Here's Chino's and Stef's own words:

Chino: I'm on the new Soulfly album, but I ain't gonna be doing any more collaborations. I have an idea that I wanna do, and it's another argument in the making. I wanna put together an album with all our covers, 'cause we've done a lot of covers, especially of new wave shit. I wanna record a couple more covers and put them all on one CD.

Stephen: Here's the predicament: what he said is his side, and my side is the same, but I don't want to put out the ones we've already got out. I wanna make a whole record of new covers. That's the dispute. I believe my dispute is the better side, but time will tell. When it's actually been filtered through all of us, I know I will come out on top, 'cause mine is the better idea. The whole world got the old shit, so why do they wanna hear it again?

Chino also talks about his 'Team Sleep' project, within a year or so the 1st 'Team Sleep' project could be out:

Chino: I'm still gonna work on it. On this whole touring cycle, I'm gonna be writing and putting stuff together, so possibly within a year, I can have something out. It started off as something really small, but a lot of the songs are coming out really good and I like them a lot, so... it's just another side of what the Deftones are. Stephen has his own thing on the side, Kush, with some of the guys from Fear Factory. Everyone has their own outlet.

You can check the entire interview |here|

thanks to: www.metal-is.com


|| Help Donk

Mike Donk, the man behind some Deftones' projects like the 'White Pony' enhanced cd or the www.deftonesworldwide.com is needing some help from fans worldwide...here's what he has to say:

The deftones, maverick, and i are working on a brand new project. i can't say exactly what it is or what it is for yet cus its all top secret (think music video)... but, if you want to be a part of and/or actually be in this future deftones project read on...

we are looking for pictures and/or video footage from you. we are looking for lots of different types of stuff. the more you send in the more likely that your stuff will make it in the final cut. here is what we need.

video footage from your high school - shots of lockers, hallways, + people

video footage of people walking down hallways, people skateboarding, people partying (smoking + drinking), people at pep rallies, + other similar types of things you can think of.

See the rules for this project |here|


|| Chino at Kerrang

Chino Moreno spoke to BBC radio1 about the award Deftones won (Best Album). And he talks about the Deftones tour around Europe in special the concert in Portugal. He said "it was insane and beautiful". You can hear these words |here|

thanks to: Chin0M0r3n0

|| Incubus Riding The Pony 

Incubus is confirmed to be the band who will tour with the Deftones on their US second leg tour, and Mike Einziger of Incubus recently stated:
"I really like the Deftones a lot. I think they're a lot like us in that they're not afraid to show their not-so-heavy side," he noted. "They're way more in touch with their musicality - more so than other bands do who are into making kids beat the sh-t out of each other at concerts. There's a lot of music like that around these days. It's like, that's cool, it has a place, and I can see why a lot of kids like that stuff, but I don't really relate to that, you know?"
Einziger adds, "The Deftones, now there's a band I can really relate to." He also says that White Pony is one of his favorite new albums.

source: deftones SACTO, CA

|| Chino's Team 

After a few false starts, Deftones frontman Chino Moreno now plans to work on his much talked about side project Team Sleep in a portable studio while on tour throughout the fall and hopes to release the album by February next year. He describes the sound as "all kinds more ambient break-beat stuff" and will not begin officially recording till possibly as early as late this year. Chino took the time to elaborate a bit on the project's sound and ideas stating: "It's real simple, it's basically like a lot of my vocals with beats from DJ Krook, who worked on the song 'Teenager' on our new record. The music's like turntables, old school drum machines, acoustic guitar and electric guitar. But it's kinda got a cool, real mellow tone to it. I just want to make a whole record like that, a whole dreamy record."
The album is more than likely to be released on the Deftones own Maverick/Warner imprint, Tone Def Records.

source: pimprock palace


|| White Pony: Best Album

The Deftones won the 'Best Album' award on this years edition of the Kerrang! awards. The 'Best Band In The World' went straight to the Slipknot's pockets. And that's a shame, but for us, the Deftones are the BEST BAND IN THE WORLD and that's what matters! Anyways these were the winners:

Best Band in the World: Slipknot
Best Single:"Wait and Bleed," Slipknot
Best Album: White Pony, Deftones
Best New British Band: Hundred Reasons
Best International Newcomer: Queens of the Stone Age
Best International Live Act: Slipknot
Spirit of Independence: Napalm Death
Best British Live Act: One Minute Silence
Best Video: "All the Small Things," Blink-182
Best British Band: Stereophonics
Kerrang! Creativity Award: Ross Robinson
Classic Songwriter: Foo Fighters
Hall of Fame: Marilyn Manson Silver K Award: Motorhead

|| Chino Call

www.deftones.com has a new call from the Deftones. This one is from Chino. Chino talks about the new edition of "White Pony". It's something like the 'final pony version'. Chino talks about a new song opening the album, and it's called "Back to School", and he also said that some of we (fans) already have it. So it's probably the "Pink Maggit" rap/metal version, some also call it "Mini Maggit". And it's already known that "The Boy's Republic" track will make part of that upcoming version and also of the normal "White Pony" edition, but it stills a doubt if it will be a normal track or hidden like "Damone".

You can check that Chino call |here|

|| Deftones feat. Fred Durst

Yeah! That was true. Mr. Fred Durst on stage with the Deftones trading lines with Chino Moreno in "7words". It happened on August, 23rd here in Portugal at Ermal Festival. Durst sang at the same time the 'suck! suck! suck!' part  and on "7words" break, they were like this:

CHINO: 'You speak fast you don't know me!'
FRED: 'Speak fast you don't fuckin know me either'
CHINO: Shut the fuck up, cause you dont know me'
FRED: 'And shut the fuck up, cause you dont fuckin know me'
CHINO: 'Squeal like a pig when you...'
BOTH: 'Big fuckin, big fuckin..ape'

I'm working on finding this rare song 'cause a radio station transmitted it  live. So lets wait for it. Meanwhile you can check some pics of this rare moment |here|

|| Deftones: 2 nominations for the kerrang awards

The deftones have been nominated in two categories at this years Kerrang Awards. The band are up for the Best Album with other nominees including Slipknot - 'Slipknot', NIN - 'The Fragile', Korn - 'Issues' and Pitchshifter - 'Deviant'. They are also up for Best Band In The World with other nominees including, Slipknot, Korn, Marilyn Manson and Metallica. The awards are voted for by Kerrang readers and the ceremony itself will take place in a secret location in London on August 29th, and the Deftones are confirmed for a live act on Kerrang's stage.

|| White Pony goes Gold!

The "White Pony" has now sold over 508,564 copies in the U.S. which means its now gone gold according to the R.I.A.A.
So the "White Pony" follows the same way as "Adrenaline" (623,102) and "Around The Fur" (643,160) , both previously attained gold status as well.

|| Iommi Album

Chino Moreno is definitely out of  the upcoming Tony Iommi solo album entitled "Iommi".  Although Chino was in studio with Iommi and they recorded one track, but that is supposed to be a b-side in a near future . The tracklisting has been set as it follow: 

"Laughing Man (In the Devil Mask)"
Vocals: Henry Rollins, Bass: Terry Phillips, Drums: Jimmy Copley
"Time Is Mine"
Vocals: Phil Anselmo (Pantera), Bass: Laurence Cottle, Drums: Matt Cameron (Soundgarden)
"Black Oblivion"
Vocals: Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins), Bass: Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins), Drums: Kenny Aronoff (Smashing Pumpkins), Additional Guitar: Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins)
"Goodbye Lament"
Vocals: Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters), Bass: Laurence Cottle, Drums: Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters), Additional Guitar: Brian May (Queen)
"Into the Night"
Vocals: Billy Idol, Bass: Ben Shepherd (Soundgarden), Drums: Matt Cameron (Soundgarden)
"Flame On"
Vocals: Ian Astbury (The Cult), Bass: Laurence Cottle, Drums: Matt Cameron (Soundgarden), Additional Guitar: Brian May (Queen)
Vocals: Skin (Skunk Anansie), Bass: Bob Marlette, Drums: John Tempesta (Rob Zombie), Additional Guitar: Ace
"Just Say No"
Vocals: Peter Steele (Type 0 Negative), Bass: Peter Steele (Type 0 Negative) and Laurence Cottle, Drums: Matt Cameron (Soundgarden)
Vocals: Serj Tankian (System Of A Down), Bass: Laurence Cottle, Drums: Jimmy Copley
"Who's Fooling Who"
Vocals: Ozzy Osbourne, Drums: Bill Ward (Black Sabbath)

Producer:  Bob Marlette 
Release Date: October 10th
By Divine/Priority
First Single: "Goodbye Lament" (September).

|| City Key / Crazy Fan

The band was honored by a representative of the office of Sacramento, California, Mayor Jimmie R. Yee during its homecoming gig on Monday night (August 14) by being given ceremonial keys to the city and plaques declaring the group's "continued artistic achievement from the City that loves them most." The presentation prompted Deftones' lead singer Chino Moreno to ask, "So, where can we get in for free with this key?"

The Sacramento performance marked the end of a seven-week tour across North America by the Deftones in support of their third album, White Pony. 


 After this first leg of dates in the U.S. Chino stated to Launch.com...
"They've always been crazy, but at some of the shows we've been playing recently, the crowd is just insane, man. The other day this kid jumped straight . . . it must have been 20 feet up off this balcony, and I was just looking at him like, 'Don't do it.' And he just flew. And he didn't even stage-dive jump, where jump and land flat--he jumped feet first, like he was gonna land on his feet. And everybody was looking up and I was like, 'Oh man, he's not gonna do it... There's something about our music sometimes that fuels people just to do insane things."

Boy's Republic / ChinOzzy

|| The Deftones have recently decided that 'Boys Republic' will now be included on all future pressings of their latest Maverick release, the White Pony.  This is not unheard of, as Nirvana did this 10 years ago, adding a hidden track "Endless Nameless" to Nevermind after the first 100,000 copies were pressed.  The track "Boy's Republic" first surfaced as a limited edition bonus track on early limited edition pressings of White Pony.  It was not included on the regular edition, but the band has had a change of heart.  They felt it fit the record well enough to turn up as a hidden track, what held them back originally was having the finality of a heartbeat close the album.  While it is unsure whether the track will be on track #12 like the ltd. Edition copies or hidden a few minutes after the closing track "Pink Maggit", a few things are for sure. With the multimedia portion on the White Pony, there isn't too much space that the band can use for a gap on track 11 between the two songs, like the 30-minute gap found on their previous record Around the Fur, somewhere around 5 minutes seems to be the best possibility.  The cover art will not be altered in any way, and the only modification in the liner notes in fine print will be the mention of "Boy's Republic" in the production credits section.  This is confirmed and straight from Abe and Chi themselves, after having spoken with them at 2 recent shows

© www.thedeftones.com

|| Chino Moreno will, once again, make another guest appearance this time with the greatest Ozzy Osbourne. Chino and Ozzy are preparing a song called "Back to School". This same song will make part of the O.S.T. of "Little Nicky", which features Adam Sandler, Harvey Keitel, Patricia Arquette, Quentin Tarantino and guess what... Ozzy himself will appear in the movie. "Little Nicky" release date is November, 10th...

Chino vs Slipknot

|| Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor had some less than kind words for Deftones frontman, Chino Moreno at yesterday's Tattoo The Earth date in San Bernadino, CA. Stemming from the comments Chino made calling Slipknot the "Mickey Mouse Club", Corey spoke about how the last time he spoke to Chino they were friends, and if he wants to talk shit about the band he should say it to his face.

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Deftones come home

|| The Deftones's North American tour in support of their third album, White Pony , arrives in the band's hometown of Sacramento, California, on Monday (August 14). The gig marks the end of the band's current swing of dates stateside before it heads overseas for another leg of dates in Europe.

Bassist Chi Cheng tells LAUNCH.com that many recent performances have been extraordinary. One in particular, in Columbus, Ohio, stands out as a high point. "It was just one of those shows where there was some kind of magic there and everyone walked off stage and it was just so beautiful, such a great thing," he enthuses. " I think that's the kind of show that we love to have, where everyone is just on the same page and the audience is out of their minds. Nobody was thinking about anything but the music. Every tour I have a couple shows where I'm like, 'Oh, man, that's why I play music. That's right. That's why I do it.'"

The Deftones's next round of European dates begins on Saturday (August 19) in Weeze, Germany.


Deftones: virtual skaters

|| The Deftones, Cypress Hill, and System Of A Down are among the artists who will pump away in the background while gamers get their skates on with THQ's latest offering.

When "MTV Sports: Skateboarding Featuring Andy Macdonald" hits stores this fall, users will be able to listen to the aforementioned bands, as well as Pennywise, Snapcase, Goldfinger, No Use For A Name, OPM, Flashpoint, and the Pilfers, while working through indoor and outdoor parks, buildings, streets, schools, and other settings.

While the Deftones and company play on, gamers will be able to choose from among 30 different skaters (including Macdonald, Colin McKay, Danny Way, Rick Howard, Stevie Williams, and Alan Petersen) and work them through events and competitions on 40 different levels.

PlayStation, Sega Dreamcast, Game Boy Color, and PC versions of the game are expected to arrive this fall. Once the game hits the market, it will face stiff competition from "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2," which boasts music from Rage Against The Machine, Papa Roach, Bad Religion, Powerman 5000, and others


Linea 77 not feat. Chino

|| Linea 77 is a new italian band that sounds nearly like Taproot. And recently some rumors of Chino appearing on one of Linea's song gave me the reason to found if it was really true or not. The rumors started on Napster with a song called "Touch" and some other song that I didn't get the name. The song's name containing something like this - Linea 77 feat. Chino from Deftones - and everyone was starting to believe on it. But I finally got the official truth by Linea 77 themselves: 

"I'm sorry but it's completely false, we would love to make it because we really like deftones but we didn't had any contact never. 
anyway, it's really curious and funny to know this kind of stuff."

Thanks to chinaski from Linea77

By the way check out this band cuz it's really cool and it also proofs that European bands could make good stuff too.

Pony Remixed // Chino out

|| Rumors of a Deftones remix EP/album entitled "Black Stallion" have come up, with DJ Shadow and The Automator remixing material from the album, nothing official has been stated as of yet though. // © pimprock palace

|| Chino Moreno is definitely out of the upcoming tribute to fallen Snot singer Lynn Strait. The album will be called "Strait Up" and the tracklisting has been set as it follow: 

01 - "Starlit Eyes" (feat. Serj Tankian of System Of A Down)
02 - "Take It Back" (feat. Jonathan Davis of Korn)
03 - "I Know Where You're At" (feat. M.C.U.D. of (hed)p.e.)
04 - "Catch A Spirit" (feat. Max Cavalera and Marcello of Soulfly, Shavo of System Of A Down)
05 - "Until Next Time" (feat. Jason Sears of RKL)
06 - "Divided (An Argument For The Soul)" (feat. Brandon Boyd of Incubus)
07 - "Ozzy Speaks" (feat. Ozzy Osbourne)
08 - "Angel's Son" (feat. Lajon Witherspoon of Sevendust)
09 - "Forever" (feat. Fred Durst and DJ Lethal of Limp Bizkit)
10 - "Funeral Flights" (feat. Dez Fafara of Coal Chamber)
11 - "Requiem" (feat. Corey Taylor of Slipknot)
12 - "Reaching Out" (feat. Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray, Whitfield Crane of Medication)
13 - "Absent" (Snot's Remix)
14 - "Sad Air" (feat. Sonny Mayo and Lynn Strait)
15 - "313" (Snot)

Chino in Pain

|| Roadrunner has confirmed the guests on the upcoming Soulfly album "Primitive" which the band is currently recording in Mesa Arizona with producer Toby Wright, so far confirmed to appear on the album are Chino Moreno of the Deftones and Grady Avenell of Will Haven on "Pain" track. The band hopes to have the album out in August through Roadrunner. About this special appearance Chino had this to say:

Chino: its a pretty typical Soulfly song. Max comes up with the song title and subject matter, so I just go in and do my bit. He and Grady are good friends of mine, so it was a lot of fun to work with them. The only thing was, by the time I got round to doing it, I was so burnt out from four months of recording our album. I just heard it the other day and I dig it. Its straight-forward, heavy and tribal

|| And more recently to Kerrang:

Chino: I think guesting on albums is cool. For me it's always fun to do because I enjoy working with those people. I've been working with the people in my band for the last ten years, so it's always good to work with other people - you kind of get a whole different perspective on your music and what you do individually. It's a learning experience. Doing the Soulfly thing was cool, Max Cavalera is a good friend of mine. I know there is a lot of guest stuff going on at the moment, so maybe I should just sit back and do my own thing. But it's hard to say no to Max because he's a good person.

Soulfly have now tentatively set September 26th as the release date of "Primitive".

Deftones on MTV Europe

|| Finally this crappy MTV gave some attention to the 'Tones. That was about 5 minutes or so...but then they gave 10 minutes or more to a band called "Savage Garden"....savage? That's only on the name cause they are so N'Stink style...I can't understand this society where we're living in, Chino is damn right - IT GETS RUINED BY YOU FUCKIN' SLOBS! - ... but n*e*wayz, on those 5 minutes the band talked about some important stuff that every defanatic likes to hear:

- It's Summer...sunbaths, lots of time to rest and relax...
Chi: We don't really take much time off. It's like when we are not touring we are writing. I don't think anyone takes vacations or anything like that, we just work constantly...

Chino: We tour most of the time, but the last year... I mean we basically stand makin' the record. We took a long time makin' the record.

- Change (in the house of flies)...
Chino: We were just jamming and we start playing that song, and everybody started to join in. In half an hour we had a song... The rhythm is just how our song is supposed to be written.

- Deftones on today's music scene...
Chi: We are not the biggest band out there, but the reason why this kind of music is so popular is that we've been paving the way for 11 years. We've always tried to stay a little ahead of the pack rather than be part of the pack, and we've done everything we could to segregate ourselves from being a part of any kind of scenes. We've been around for such a long time and we still haven't reach much of...success as supposed as appears. So for us that have been around for 11 years and built it up the hard way and done it the right way, we feel that our only obligation is to write music we feel good about and have the faith that our fans trust us, and I think they do...

Chino: I think our dynamics have always been the best trade of the band.

RX Queen next single?

|| "RX Queen" seems to be the next single of the "White Pony". The HouseuvFlies website took this info from a reliable source on the Deftones Board. "Knife Prty" was expected to be the next single but the band didn't liked how the edited version sounded, so "RX Queen" will probably succeed "Change (in the house of flies). More updated news about this issue to come soon...

Chi's Parachute

|| He may spend his evenings pumping out rib-rattling rhythms, but DEFTONES' bassist CHI CHENG does some of his heaviest work with just a pen and paper.

- After years of poetry writing and the occasional coffeehouse appearance, Cheng has released the compelling "Bamboo Parachute" a collection of 25 riveting and eclectic poems. The spoken-word disc is available only through Deftones official web site ­ www.deftones.com ­ and at the band¹s live concerts.

- Says Cheng, who is currently touring with Deftones in support of their critically-acclaimed third Maverick disc "White Pony,":
 "I had six books¹ worth of material sitting around collecting dust. Although I¹d like to get published, I convinced myself that I didn¹t have time to deal with all those rejection notices. Instead, I decided to cop out and do a spoken-word album."

- "Bamboo Parachute" is priced at under eight dollars per copy (depending on where and how you purchase it), with half of the proceeds going to homeless teens and WEAVE, a Sacramento-based non-profit agency specializing in domestic violence and sexual assault prevention and victim assistance. Says Cheng: 
"I think people should be more involved within their own communities. In addition to WEAVE, I¹m starting a music program for homeless teens in Sacramento. They¹re good kids who are just trying to get by, and music means a lot to them."

- As Cheng tells it, he began writing poetry at age 17, encouraged by a high school English teacher, and later by his college professors. 
"After I left school, they¹d ask me to come in and speak to their advanced poetry class," he says. Surprisingly, though he likes "Kerouac¹s stream of consciousness and Bukowski¹s rawness," 

- Cheng admits to not reading much poetry. Says Cheng:
"Unlike music, which I choose to do, poetry is something I have to do. It¹s like my head gets flooded with all this crazy shit and I have to write it down. Music, however, is much more of a release."

- Of "Bamboo Parachute," which features poems entitled "The Small Black Box," "The Inside of My Pocket Knife," and "Whiter Than God," Cheng says:
 "These are my odd reflections on life, and hopefully they'll be applicable to everybody intrinsically. For example, everybody looks at a Matisse differently, but it still means something to each person."

- However, don¹t feel badly if some of the disc¹s material goes over your head. Laughs Cheng:
 "It is pretty wacky stuff. I'll read something to my wife, and she'll look at me and say, I don't know what the hell you're talking about."

The tracklisting for it is as follows:

01 - "The Man Who Made October" // 02 - "The Receiving Line" // 03 - "Goin' South" // 04 - "The Bitter Angels" // 05 - "Beautiful"
06 - "Witness" // 07 - "Whiter Than God" // 08 - "It Would Be Good..." // 09 - "Don Pablos" // 10 - "What Kind Of Person Could Do That?"
11 - "The Inside Of My Pocket Knife" // 12 - "The Small Black Box" // 13 - "The Host Animal" // 14 - "My Life On A Swing"
15 - "On Tour Car" // 16 - "Something's Better Left Unsaid" // 17 - "A Light Blue Afterthought" // 18 - "Blow The Whistle"
19 - "You Make A Good Robot" // 20 - "Manzanita (for Gary Snider)" // 21 - "Do You Have Enough Stories"
22 - "Sometimes Long Lines Work" // 23 - "The Halatosis Poets" // 24 - "Braces" // 25 - "The Protien Of An Ant"

Thanks to ©Guitar.com

And here are the cover scans of "The Bamboo Parachute" 1 - 2 - 3 (Thanks to House Uv Flies)

Deftones on MTV

|| The Deftones were interviewed by MTV, they talked about  new stuff and some secrets too. Here's a bit of that wicked interview:

MTV: Ever forget lyrics, or forget which song you guys are actually playing?

Chino: It's not that dramatic, no. I don't think we've ever...
Stef: It happens, though. I've seen this fool [points to Moreno] running around, going, "I forgot the words!"

MTV: Are you ever singing one of your own songs, and a fan looks at you and says, "You're singing the wrong words?" Or you see them, and they're singing the wrong words, and you think you're singing the wrong words?

Chino: Yeah, that kind of stuff will happen. I've seen it. Especially because I go down at the very end to the front, and I sing sometimes, and I'll grab the microphone and hold it up for some of the people to sing or whatever, and some of the people, they don't know the words and they'll be like, "Aughhh." Falling into the microphone.

MTV: You had one person from the crowd singing with you on your songs. Was that off the cuff? Weren't you worried about somebody just grabbing you or hitting you or something?

Chino: Nah, at that point, I work out of my own vibe. Just the energy. That's why I end up doing dumb things, too. I end up going out into the crowd, and people, they were, like, pulling down my pants.

MTV: Will your wife get jealous?

Chino: Nah, she don't mind. She will, but...

MTV: You pretend to enjoy it. [Everyone laughs] Chino, you need to get a belt. Your pants fell off a million times. How many times did you have to pull your pants up?

Chino: These are Gucci right here, so they don't have belt loops.

MTV: Do you guys get worried when Chino dives out into the crowd, and you're going, "Uh-oh, he's not coming back up?" Do you ever think about that? "What are we going to do for the next hour?" Especially like tonight, when he jumps out after the second song.

Chino: I get scared when I don't think I'm coming back up. If I get out there, sometimes, if the crowd will collapse, and I'll be going down, I'll just like, my life will be flashing in front of my eyes. "Yo, this is it. I'm suffocating." I'm claustrophobic, too, so I just start tripping.
Stef: You know what, though? Like, you ask about him and worry about him, and I never trip on it, because he's been doing it for so long, for so many years, long before I've ever seen anybody jump out into the crowd. The kids, they don't just expect it, but they actually like it when he comes out there. It's just another part of how we interact, when he's out there. They're not going to let him get hurt, they're not trying to hurt him. They're like, "Yeah, man, keep doing it." You know, "Don't stop."

MTV as also some real videos with a Deftones live performance at Philadelphia's Electric Factory, you can check it and the entire interview here

Chino's Projects

|| Deftones SACTO, CA website found out that Chino Moreno will make a guest appearance on Hesher's debut album. The track is called "Things" and you can download one minute sampler of that song here . The track also have a guest appearance of Bad Brains/Soul Brains Members. And Everlast is also contributing for the album. More details to come soon.

Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi will be releasing his debut solo album tentatively titled "Iommi" on October 10th through Divine/Priority. The album features Chino singing and playing guitar on one track.
Other guest appearances are : Phil Anselmo of Pantera, Serj Tankian of System Of A Down, Scooter of Cold, Skin of Skunk Anansie, Peter Steele of Type O Negative, Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters, Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins, Matt Cameron formerly of Soundgarden and Ozzy Osbourne himself among others.
Thanks to © pimprock palace

Takin' it on the 'Jaw

|| Deftones frontman Chino Moreno had some less than kind words for a few bands in an interview featured in the New York Daily News, today Monday July 10th. He took the time to comment on a variety of current bands and also on the status of the rapcore sound, here's what he had to say:

Chino: Honestly I don't think there's any band out there that does rap-metal correctly, except the Beastie Boys, the rest just seem silly to me. It's hard to turn on MTV and see all these bands on 'TRL' doing really shitty versions of a sound we helped pioneer, while our videos get played once at 3 in the morning.

He also went on to call Kid Rock a "novelty" and stated Limp Bizkit is "frat rock, a mockery". When asked about how he felt about the current crop of nu metal bands and Slipknot in particular he stated:

Chino: I grew up seeing real metal bands, like Metallica, compared to them, Slipknot is the Mickey Mouse Club.

And laying to rest the rumor of the band breaking up, he commented on the bands longevity saying:

Chino: I love bands that keep putting out records which always take the music ahead another step. That's the kind of band we hope to be.

Thanks to © pimprock palace

|| Far and Will Haven - two bands who've received the Deftones' seal of approval in the past. So who's the latest band to get Chino's thumbs up?

Chino: I think it has to be Glassjaw. They're playing with us. If anything, we chose them 'cos they're different from everything that's going on in music right now. I'm a little tired of just angry music, or loud rap music, I can't fucking stand it any more. The first time I heard Rage Against The Machine, I thought it was played out then, and that was eight years ago! Every year it's getting worse with more crappy music. And Glassjaw are doing something leftfield from all the other stuff. At least they'll be a band I'll enjoy watching without giving me a headache!

Glassjaw are responsible for creating one of the most eclectic new metal album's of the year - "Everything You Need To Know About Silence" (out now on Roadrunner) And it's one hell of a rollicking album - full of twists and turns, brimming with bitterness inspired by frontman Daryl Palumbo's ex-girlfriends.

Also about Deftones US tour, it is rumored that Weezer and Snapcase could join the Winter tour. But it stills not official yet.

Thanks to Metal Hammer

Metallica vs. Deftones (08-07-2000)

|| Chino Moreno has spoken out to Kerrang about internet companies like Napster.com who Metallica are suing.
"There's a lot of our bootleg stuff on the internet", Chino says. "And I'm not completely upset by it. We would use it to our advantage. When I was growing up, I loved to find underground stuff. I still do. Some bands get bummed out because they don't make any money from it. But the only people who buy that stuff are true fans of your music. It's not like Metallica need any more money. I don't know why this should make them angry. People want free songs, but they also want the full package."
But now Metallica drummer, Lars Ulrich, came up with this:
"I read Kerrang every week and saw that idiot from the Deftones saying shit about me, Is that the best argument people can come up with?"

Thanks to KERRANG!

Now Chino came up with some kind of "peace act". He shows that he doesn't want conflicts with other bands. Here's what he declared recently to "Metal Hammer":
"Metallica were the best, too, when I heard "Master of Puppets" I was tripping out and the "...And Justice For All" album completely fucked me out! Abe and I went to school together, and we used to sit there at our desks and we had a walkman with a double input plug, so we'd both have our headphones on with our hoods on so the teacher couldn't see, and we'd been rocking out to that album! I did study, but music was always my number-one passion and if it came down to studying for a test or listening to a Metallica record, I'd listen to the Metallica record! Those are my earliest memories of being a straight rocker."

Thanks to Metal Hammer

"Change" single release (07-07-2000)

The Deftones upcoming European single for their track "Change (In The House Of Flies)" will be backed by the tracks "Crenshaw" and a cover of Sade's "No Ordinary Love" featuring Jonah Matranga (Far/Onelinedrawing).

Thanks to ©thedeftones.com

Chino on Metal Hammer (06-07-2000)

The Deftones are this month cover stars on "Metal Hammer". And Chino Moreno was also interviewed:
"We were doing photos all day, and you start to think, What the fuck? I'm wearing the same thing in all of these photos(...)
Kurt Cobain blew his brains out as a way of dealing with success..."
Check the entire interview here

Abe Interviewed (04-07-2000)

"Blitz" a portuguese news letter interviewed recently Deftones drummer, Abe Cunningham.
Abe talks about the hard work they had for releasing the "White Pony", some other issues are Chino's voice, Maynard appearence, Terry Date relationship and tracks thoughts and analysis...
"This was what we really wanted to do!"
Check the entire interview here

Tone Def Label (27-06-2000)

The Deftones have now set the name for their own Maverick/Warner imprint, it is called Tone Def and currently the band is working with at least one act who's name has not yet been revealed, but band frontman Chino Moreno took the time to comment on them saying:
"One band we are working with sound really epic, Tool-esque. I don't want to reveal their name just yet but their music just starts at one place and takes you to outta space, kind of like 'Star Wars' type music. This is a band we are working with right now but are not sure exactly when it will come out."
Chino also took time to comment on how the label operates stating:
"A lot of bands know the type of music people want to hear as opposed to what an A&R guy or 50 year-old sitting in an office behind a desk thinks. We live around music and are constantly seeing bands play. We are basically our own A&R people but we are doing it for our own label, and hopefully once we start releasing music people will benefit from it."
Heavy rumors have come up of the band considering signing Sacramento's own Will Haven to the label as their contract with Revelation Records is up after the bands upcoming next album is released, but as of yet nothing has been finalized.

Thanks to www.thedeftones.com

Pony release (19-06-2000)

Some light has been shed on the tracklisting of the upcoming Deftones album "White Pony", the version that was leaked to the internet early in mp3 format featured an untitled track that was seemingly a more softer version of the track "Pink Maggit", now on the final version of the album that song is in fact titled as "Pink Maggit" and the song that was in its place with a rap/metal structure is not included. The limited edition versions of the album, both red and black also feature a new track entitled "The Boy's Republic", which is a bit of a departure from the normal Deftones sound and even features a didgeridoo, and it alsos include pictures, poems a dope pac-man style game and rehearsal footage.

Thanks to © pimprock palace

Abe & Frank interviewed (17-06-2000)

Abe Cunningham (drummer) and Frank Delgado (DJ) were recently interviewed by Brian's Webb site - www.thedeftones.com - these are some of the questions and answers:

thedeftones.com: What does the White Pony symbolize?
Abe: To me its our stand on the way things our these days. It's a proud triumphant stand.
Frank: It could mean a lot of different things. Like when we came up with the initial idea we were just sitting around drunk and Chino was like "why don't we call the album White Pony" and we were like alright and this is while we were still on the road and hadn't written any songs. So we decided fuck it! We'll put up a red backdrop like a flag. Its like us putting up our flag and saying here we are, this is the white pony man, you cant fuck with it. You don't even know what it means but you're going to want to know just for the reason you're asking is why. It can mean anything just like our songs. It can mean anything to anyone. It really doesn't matter.

thedeftones.com: People are saying this is more of a "softer" Deftones. Do you think you're alienating the harder scene that has supported you?
Abe: I think we've given everyone just what they need, this is the record we finally feel comfortable making and we've wanted to make a record like this for a long time.
Frank: Abe said it well before and it may sound selfish but we make albums for ourselves, you know what I mean. It just so happens we have fans that are really into what we do and that's a good thing. I look at it like the band are in a car and if you want to ride with us get in lets go! Because who knows where we are going to go or going to stop. Why do we have to keep recreating stuff where we've been or done already?
Abe: I like to think that our fans have grown with us and are ready to except something new. Our fans are smarter than the average rock fan. You know what I mean. A bit more open minded.
Frank: If your looking for your simple, easy aggression song then theirs plenty of bands who can offer that. We are offering you what I think is a little bit more and if you take that in I respect you as a fellow music fan who is open to everything.

thedeftones.com: Looking back on your first two albums, how do you perceive them in contrast to the new album?
Abe: Its funny. Just the other day I listened to Around The Fur and I was like Fuck this is pretty good! And then one record I hardly ever listen to is Adrenaline and I put that shit on and I hadn't heard it in such a long time and its pretty cool.
Frank: We are proud of our albums man. I think ATF is a fuckin great album and at the time it came out it was overlooked by a lot of people, which is good I think as it put us in the position to make this album. If Around The Fur blew up, we probably wouldn't have made this album the way it is. We were in the position to do anything we want and we knew it. We were still on this level where we have this great fan base but as far as the masses or MTV, we knew they hadn't touched us yet so we did anything and everything and I think that's a great position. You don't want to be in a position where you feel you have to keep making the same song over and over again just to stay up. We don't have a formula basically and after a while you see that a lot of bands have this formula. If you take one song off White Pony and play it to somebody you can't say this is what the new album sounds like. Because each fuckin song is different and how many albums can you say that about.

thedeftones.com: Did you seriously consider adding a new guitarist to the band?
Frank: We talk a lot of shit and it can get out on the Internet. It's kind of like the Chino changing his name thing. It could have been done but as long as Chino feels comfortable. He was more worried about being tied down, but it's only a few songs in the set.

thedeftones.com: So how does Stef feel about Chino picking up the guitar for some of the songs?
Abe: He hated it at first... It was the times we were going through. He fuckin hated it but if Chino hadn't of picked up the guitar we wouldn't have made this record.

To see the rest of this interview click here

"White Pony" 200,000 downloads (11-06-2000)

Deftones have been speaking to dotmusic about the huge number of downloads their new album 'White Pony' has been receiving even before its release. Although the album is not due for release until June 19th, the Sacramento alternative-metal quartet have discovered the album has already been downloaded around 200,000 times through sites such as Napster.com. Speaking to dotmusic, Deftones frontman Chino Moreno explained:

"When someone puts up the record in the wrong sequence with all the bonus tracks already out there of course it could affect us in sales. We looked to see how many downloads and it was somewhere over 200,000 downloads of the record. I'm sure they'll be a lot of people who'll buy the record of course. White Pony is out there and has been available. It's not because of Napster, it's because some kid put it on there. If it was used for the right reasons it would be a beautiful thing. As a fan of music myself I love to go online and find music, especially rare music - which is what the majority of the stuff people are downloading should be' he added."

Thanks to © dotmusic

Stef and his relationship with Chino (05-06-2000)

Recently Stef was interviewed by GuitarOne Magazine and these are some excerpts of that interview:

Chino's voice is much better on "White Pony":

Stef: Chino's been able to sing like that since the day he got in the band; he's just never really believed in himself enough to do it. When it comes to writing songs for our band, everything I write is based on the fact that I know he can sing. So as a guitar player I'm not trying to say, "Check me out! I'm the guitar player." I write riffs that I know he can sing over, and that's really how we write songs. We all write music, based around riffs and little ideas here and there, so he can do his part. Everyone listens to vocals and pays attention to the singer, so, knowing that, we should make that part the best that it can be.

Stef and Chino relationship:

Stef: We shoot each other down left and right. That's all we do. That's like our band pleasure--brutalizing each other. We often verbally assault each other, but not in a hateful way, just to keep each other in line. And it was mainly me and Chino throwing down, because he and I are absolute opposites when it comes to music. He thinks a lot of stuff's really cheesy, and a lot of stuff he thinks is cheesy I really like, and vice versa. Stuff that he really loves, I'm like, "Man, that sucks!" 
So when we were writing, we said things like, "No, I don't really like that. I'm not gonna play it." There are at least three songs on our record that I didn't wanna play. But it wasn't because I hated the song. I was just thinking, "You're not accommodating what I wanna do, so why should I accommodate what you wanna do?" And that's the way it was from day one.

Deftones House Party review (04-06-2000)

The Deftones "House Party" was a blast! Definitively they are the biggest band in the world. They just played 8 songs. "White Pony" was represented with only 3, the surprise was the Depeche Mode cover "To Have and To Hold". Surprisingly they didn't played songs like 7words, Root or Fireal, just an example of fans favorite songs, as it was said. But anyway it was a great show, they played:
1. Be Quiet and Drive (far away)
2. My Own Summer (shove it)
3. To Have and To Hold
4. Change (in the house of flies)
5. Digital Bath
6. Knife Party
7. Lifter
8. Around the Fur
It was a very competed party, not only by fans but also by VIPs, some great bands where there like Static-X, Fear Factory, Orgy and System of A Down, that said they were missing Deftones a lot, so it was a great opportunity to remember "old" times.
The band was absolutely crazy, Chi was jumping everywhere with his long plaits. Stef and Abe where also rockin' out. Chino was a surprise. He's so different, now he's a bit overweight, maybe when they went on tour he'll lose a couple of pounds. His hair isn't spikey any more, now is down on his face and now he's more adult in his way of dressing, he stopped using "street wear" clothes. He changed his look but let me tell you that his voice stills great, on this party Chino's was singing like an angel, even when he was playing the guitar (To Have and To Hold, Change, Digital Bath). When he plays the guitar, he's so romantic in the front of his microphone it seems he want to make sex with the mic or something...
Great Party!
The official Deftones website have archive the House Party for those who didn't see it, check it here.

More "White Pony" band comments (23-05-2000)

Here are more comments from Chino and Chi about Deftones upcoming album "White Pony"
Thanks to © KNAC.com

KNAC.COM: You'll have plenty of band stuff to keep you sane in the coming months.

CHINO MORENO: Yeah, our main concern is getting the record out and focusing all our effort on that. This record is gonna be a big step in our career and we want to make sure everything is in line.

KNAC.COM: Do you get the feeling things are going to absolutely explode for you?

CHI CHENG: That's the smoke everyone has been blowing up our butts. We'll see. I'm just happy that people dig the album and I would like a lot of kids to hear it. Our fans are kind of protective of us because they've had to find out the hard way about us and there's a feeling of not wanting to share it with other kids you may consider lugheads. They've got to realize that we want to bring the music to a bigger audience. We're not trying to be the biggest band in the world, we don't have any aspirations or cares about being that. But we definitely would like to have more kids into the music, more kids at the shows.

KNAC.COM: It seemed like you guys have taken great pains to prepare everyone for the fact that this album was going to take a different track.

CHINO MORENO: The impression got put out there that this was going to be a really mellow record and it's not a mel-low record, it's actually pretty heavy, but it's not that heavy, aggressive, senseless angry music. It's not like that I'm going through this painful time in my life and I just need to vent. It's more emotionally heavy as opposed to being an angry record with chunky riffs on it.
The single that we chose, "Change (In A House Of Flies)," it's already on the Internet somehow and people are hearing it and all the feedback I've read is saying it's different, but it's Deftones and it's the most beautiful song they've heard by us, and I dig that. It's not like a novelty type of song, like, say, The Bloodhound Gang where you know you like it, it's a funny song and you dig it, you bob your head to it, but it still gives people a lot of reason to hate it.Our record doesn't have anything like that on it. It doesn't give anybody any real reason to hate it. The songs are pretty well structured, and they don't just have a bunch of riffs and nonsense and useless parts in them, they're pretty lean and mean. It's more of a trip from beginning to end on the record, there's not any wasted time.
There's all these different moods and they fit in right. There's some songs that are real extreme on either end of the spectrum. If you compare a songs like "Elite" with something like "Teenager," they are extremely different songs, but all the other songs help bridge them together so it's not like "here's our wimpy song, here's our heavy song." It all kinda fits.

KNAC.COM: You mentioned your own writing style is more mellow. Are you more comfortable singing that way as well or has it been a struggle to move away from just screaming to actual singing?

CHINO MORENO: I've always loved to sing. When we did our first record everybody was saying, "Why are you scream-ing, radio's not going to play this, blah, blah, blah, why don't you sing more?" And I was like, "Well I just feel like screaming." That's just the way I was, a lot of these songs were written when I was 16 years old, so I was an angry teenager who felt like the whole world was against them. That's the way I perceived it and that's what came out. Now radio is playing all kinds of heavy shit that they wouldn't even think of playing when our first record came out. Now our label and everybody wants us to fit back in with all this, but we feel like we've already grown past it.

KNAC.COM: I talked to Stephen when your first album came out and he likened your voice to another instrument. Do you still feel this way, or do see your voice as more of a complement to the music?

CHINO MORENO: I think I've grown out of that. On the first record, especially, my vocals were kind of intertwined in the music. It was more like an instrument, I was just singing in and out of the music. On this album there's still some of that intertwined stuff, but now I find myself singing more over the songs a lot more. That's where we have progressed and I feel like I can do this now and I've figured out how I can do it.

KNAC.COM: Where did the White Pony concept come from and why did it stick?

CHINO MORENO: I don't why it stuck, it was just an idea that I came up with from no one specific place. I just liked the imagery of it all, and then we created that little logo with the horse and decided "let's just use this, let's run with it and see how we far we can manipulate this."
Coming up with artwork is really hard, especially for a band like us, because it's really easy to want to go along with the music and make everything really dirty and scary or heavy metal or really artsy. To me it's not really artsy, it's not really anything. It stands on its own, it's kind of militant in a way, it has its own look to it.

Chino talks about White Pony tracks (03/05/2000)

Chino Moreno finally talked about every track on White Pony, here's what Chino have to say about each Pony track:

1. Feiticeira - "An old type of deftones song, with really cool rhythms and heavy soft dynamics. Its named after a Brazilian female, but its lyrically about a kidnapping scenario. It details a few hours of being held captive. There's a lot of dialogue in there that was fun to write"

2. Digital Bath - "Abe and I wrote this one, and I play guitar on it. its real celestial sounding with intimate singing. there's a big story behind it. Most of the songs on this album are about different situations"

3. Elite - "Probably the hardest song we have ever written. its really straight forward and doesn't have typical deftones dynamics. its just heavy. I use a vocoder which gave my voice a demonic robot effect"

4. RX Queen - "The most futuristic sounding song. Abe and I created the drum loop - its a crazy, bionic rhythm. I wrote a seedy guitar line over it, and worked with Scott Weiland (stone temple pilots) on the vocals for the bridge. he came up with a really cool harmony for me to sing"

5. Street Carp - "A classic deftones song, with a rolling riff and some really interesting chords in the chorus. the vocals are kinda crazy - I'm singing out loud over the top of the music, like (the smiths front man) Morrissey or something, a cool contrast"

6. Teenager - "This was originally a team sleep song. its acoustic and electric, with pink floydy keyboards. kinda trancey. lyrically, its a teenage love story, which sounds pretty goofy, but its actually alright"

7. Knife Prty - "the record company wanted this to be the first single, but I battled them because it was a little to weird. its a seductive song with a lot of violent imagery. people don't tend to like sex mixed with violence. The mid section has amazing vocals from a girl called Rodleen who worked next door tour studio"

8. Korea - "The first song we wrote for the record. we played it live on the us ozzfest. real heavy and bouncy"

9. Passenger - "This is the one with Maynard. its about being a passenger on a cry journey - we have a lot of car songs! Maynard and I trade off in the verses. its a lot like a tool song, where it goes through different phases. me and Maynard have been friends for a while"

10. Change - "that's the first single we are putting out in America. its not mellow but very washy. its a bit like be quiet and drive. I play guitar on that one too. its a beautiful metamorphis"

11. Pink Maggit - "It starts off really spacey and freaky with just guitars, vocals and turntables. then it turns into just me, and ends up a triumphant anthem about being on top of the world and feeling like the coolest kid in school"

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