Deftones Crew (2000 Listing)

Steven Kidd ----- Tour Manager |pic|
Eddie Kercher ----- Production Manager
Billy Head -----
F.O.H. Sound
Mike Piper -----
Andy Battye -----
Scott Farris -----
Flemming Larson, Sean Bates -----
Chaz Martin -----
Lighting Designer
Juan Gonzales -----
Band Asst.
Matt Olsen (U.S.), John Butler & George (Europe) -----

Terry Date ----- Adrenaline, ATF and White Pony producer |pic|

 Deftones Guests

- Rodleen ("Knife Prty" - White Pony)

Her name is Rodleen Giecek [get-sic] and she used to be the lead singer of the Rein Trine from San Diego.
Check her website at
Check Rodleen pics |
here| : |here| : |here| (pic 1&2 thanks to SACTO's page ; pic 3 thanks to Rodleen)
You can also see [HERE] a pic of Rodleen when she was nine

- Jonah Matranga ("No Ordinary Love", "Savory", "BQAD remix", "Do they know it's Christmas?")

Jonah wass FAR's lead singer. Now he's on ONELINEDRWAING Check Jonah pics |here| : |here|

- Maynard ("Passenger" - White Pony)  pic |here|

Maynard is from TOOL. He also has a side project which is Perfect Cicle. Chino considers Maynard as a big influence.

- Max Cavalera ("Headup" - Around the Fur)  pic |here|

Max Cavalera is Soulfly's frontman, former Sepultura vocalist. He co-wrote some songs with Chino. The issue of those songs was Dana. Dana was Max's stepson who was killed by a drunken driver. Dana's pic |here|

- Ross Robinson (Produced "Fist" and some other demos)  pic |here|


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