Drums (TAMA):
TAMA Starclassic Maple in Green Sparkle or white finish (l-r)
16x18 floor tom ; 7x8 tom ; 6.5x14 bell brass snare (or 7x13 maple snare)
18x20 bass drum ; 8x10 tom ; 9x12 tom ; 16x16 floor tom

Cymbals (ZILDJIAN):
Zildjian ( all are brilliant finish except Crash of doom ) (l-r)
14" A Mastersound Hi-hats ; 12" A Splash
20" Oriental Crash of doom
19" A Rock Crash ; 10" A Splash
22" A Custom Ride
20" A Medium Crash
20" Oriental China trash

(ZILDJIAN): Zildian, Session master model

Bass: (FENDER) 
'57 Deluxe Bass Jazz, Precision Reissues 2x

4 SVT 8x10 Cabinets and 2 SVT2pro Amplifier Heads

Sans Amp GT2

Microphone: (SHURE) 
Wired Microphones 

Microphone: (SHURE) 
Wired Microphones 

Green Company Amps 

ESP Viper 301 Guitar
Epiphone G-400
Gibson 1961 Les Paul SG

Pedals: (BOSS)
Chorus and Delay pedal
Guitars: (ESP)
Green Horizon, LTD SC-500, LTD SC-607B (7string), LTD SC-600, LTD SC-200 & several custom ESP Horizons ; Guitar Pickups: (ESP)
Seymour Duncan SH-4, LH-200 & SS120, SC-10

Whirlwind A/B box switcher, Rocktron All Access Pedal, Rocktron Patch Mate, Rocktron Replifex, Rocktron Silencer, Boss Octave pedal, Boss tremolo pedal, Boss Hyper Fuzz pedal, Korg tuner, 
Rane Mixer :: Pedal Board Pic /
Sketch of Stef's Equipment

Preamps/Amps: (MARSHALL)
ADA MP-1 pre amp, JMP-1 pre amp, 2 x 9200 power amplifiers

Speakers: (MARSHALL) 4 Marshall 4x12 Cabinets (
Thanks to Ryan)
Turnables & Effects : 
Technics SL1200MK2 Turntable, Rane Inc. TT-M54 Mixer, Vestax PMC-05 Pro Mixer
Shure SC35 Pro Cartridges, Effects - Phaser, Delay, etc.
Small Stone Phase Shift Pedal, Nord Lead Synth, Space Cases, AKG Headphones 


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