1. Like Linus

Oh, when I think now It’s so unreal What did I just imagine Was I awake was I asleep god Please tell me if it was a dream now Do you know? That I’ve been through all this one time before I forget cuz’, I’ve been drinking, Too much god damn ale I can’t stand […]

2. Some People

Some people think that they can get behind your back And they can say whatever they wanna, ah But you see I can’t let them get away with that Because it’s wrong oh no I’m not gonna You can sit and lie in your bed You can think and think then come up with an […]

3. Answers

I’m searching, need to find her Don’t think I know when I’m right beside ya’ Too much social, I lay down my pride From the soul which comes from the inside I am the one who is most high Let me ask you cuz How should I know I don’t know so why must I […]

4. Hump

Lately pistols And your hair hangs Blanket over hollow mirror We hold black mans hands spy glass We carefully mold like water lovers No! hear you change me, and I change you, Tattooed forever make me assist her – and I… When we lay down by our favorite Ones who scares me and who could […]

5. Christmas

Ah caca, scale skin, left alone Revise me longing My sister shes my waiting owl Don’t stop believing I’m just the last to kick the cup You think you know me oh, just shut the fuck up I keep my word cuz im bound to get it right Standin’ up tall, and I’m jack, I’m […]

6. Plastic

I kick my heart above your door way Hanging Christ like bleeding Cold the well within my soul cuz’ The rosy air I’m breathing Shame… yeah I wait to say who’s but ever linger Poop is what your head does Everlong around my finger Who said me so scared! And hold! Plastic seems to seal […]

7. Venison

Blood stain…on his eye Reefer on his mind Well! Shut up and listen, you might be missin’ Your hell blindfold Not touching no one And further sicken myself You got to miss and go, hell! Thought that you’d be myself Chooper…me beside Listen…you might learn me Said! Don’t talk to no one and me’s like […]

8. Gift

Oh, I try They can’t say I didn’t try I waited by a smaller child, Oh… Tried to leave her When she says I’ll never love again I wave my head in shame In memories And more This love, I share I share it, with you Drunken Water, water Please stay I wanna love again […]

9. Freaks

Ready? Huh, okay my dick is small this time My dick is messin’ up your call So, make her think that maybe you’ll survive Well, if you can’t do that at least I take a little to the bridge Yes shit that straight up, Yes, they’re pissin’ me off to the point to get it […]

10. Engine No. 9 (demo)

Yeah, this ain’t no motherfuckin’ stick up, pick the stick up And watch it roll real close, rolling out of my hand ’til It cracks to that fucking dome, living off the curb That peels you from the curb, a lick rest off, do you dig Many in ’93 been making them fools go ’bout […]