“Bass Player” – 1997 // Chi Interviewed

BASS Player May 1997 BASS Notes Chi Cheng, The Zen of Metal www.deftonesworld.com By Thomas Wictor It’s hard to put the Deftones’ Chi Cheng into a neat little box – just as his band itself defies categorization. Ostensibly a heavy metal outfit, the quartet from Sacramento, California, is no clutch of head-banging, oafish thrashers. Lead […]

“Guitar School” – 1997 // Chino, Chi and Stef Interviewed

Chino, Stef and Chi interviewed by Guitar School ©1997 <———-> Over the past two years, the Deftones have toured incessantly in support of their 1995 Maverick debut, Adrenalize, celebrating the untrammeled id at every stop from coast to coast. Metalheads, skaters and punks have all been inflamed by the Deftones’ firestorm of noise, which blends […]

“Drummer Magazine” – 1997 // Abe Interviewed

DRUMMER DUDE (Issue #6) By Randy Sanders www.deftonesworld.com ————– Hangin’ in your hometown with your band budz – getting ready to start a world tour which will land you on bills with Pantera, White Zombie and Dick Dale among others, sounds like a cool way to kick off the summer! Eve since being signed to […]

“Deftones.com” – 1996 // Critical Soundbites

“On the outside, Sacramento’s DEFTONES are all pummeling rhythms and high anxiety, but delving further into the music turns up some surprising nuances: traces of post-punk pop, tinges of rap, a pinch of industrial grit. Chino Moreno rants, sobs, croons and even works some Middle Eastern overtones into his vocals, while Stephen Carpenter’s guitar shifts […]

“Entertainment Ave” – December, 1996 // Stef Interviewed

Stef interviewed by Stu Gotz (Entertainment Ave!) © December 4, 1996 <—————-> I first met Stephan Carpenter of Deftones after a KISS show here in Chicago. He was just hanging outside his tour bus while Chino was on a tirade spouting out about what rock and roll really is all about. Wedge, Deftones tour manager, […]

“Phoenix News” – October, 1996 // Chino Interviewed

Stage Fright Desert Sky damage put at $150,000 after besotted musician allegedly incites riot By David Holthouse The mood was surly in a dressing room inhabited by the Deftones, the ninth of ten bands scheduled to play at the 1996 U-Fest, an annual rock festival that erupted into a riot, causing a reported $150,000 in […]

“Flavir” – July, 1996 // Stef Interviewed

Chino and Chi interviewed by Flavir ©July, 1996 <—————-> Flavir: Chino, your band is quite fat. Your vocal style is unique in that you’re not constantly barking. I like it. How was that inspired? When and how did you decide to use this style? Chino: I think the style just came from the music I […]

“LiveWire” – July, 1996 // Stef and Chino Interviewed

LIVEWIRE June/July 1996 Def Jamming Deftones vocalist Chino Moreno and guitarist Stephen Carpenter explain the origin of their band’s funk/metal/pop/hardcore blend. By Tomas Pascual www.deftonesowrld.com *——————-* There are many bands these days that lay claim to a diverse section of influences. But no one band is as subtly boisterous to about their eclectic mix as […]

“Loudside” – June, 1996 // Chi Interviewed

Chi at the Warped Tour in Denver, interviewed by Eric Nielsen (loudside.com) © June, 1996 <———–> Q: When are you guys going to go into the studio to record the next album? A: Hopefully in January. We’ll tour up until December and take some time off. Q: Will any of your old demo songs that […]

“The Vine”– January, 2011 // Chino Interviewed

January 2011 is an interesting time for Australian fans to be witnessing Californian hard rock act Deftones. Here in the country for their first tour since 2007 – they headlined the Soundwave Festival that year – it’s been eight months since the five-piece released their sixth album, Diamond Eyes, to extensive critical acclaim (TheVine included). […]