3. Leathers

This is your chance Revolt, resist! Open your chest Look down, reach in Shedding your skin, showing your texture, time to let Everything inside show You’re cutting all ties now and forever, time to let Everything outside you This is your test Come forth, confess! Extend your tongue Speak out, go on Shedding your skin, […]

2. Romantic Dreams

I process You’re a constant changing phases I watch them Releasing right on cue… In time, in sync Tonight the stage is yours So why wait to discover your dreams? Now here’s your chance I promise To watch and raise your babies In time, in sync Tonight the stage is yours I’m hypnotized by your […]

1. Swerve City

She breaks her horses With strange distant voices That travel through the air They travel through the air She tames me with her voices As she plays around with her forces That travel through the air They travel through the air Ooh the distant howling out Keeps you floating around Ooh distant howling out forces […]

“Prayers / Triangles” official music video

Deftones have just released their debut video for Gore’s first single – Prayers/Triangles – check the video below.

Behind the Scenes of Deftones’ ‘Prayers/Triangles’ Music Video

Check Rolling Stone’s exclusive behind the scenes video of Deftones’ upcoming music video for ‘Prayers/Triangles’ here:  

Pre-Order “Gore” here

Deftones’ upcoming album is set to be released on April 8th 2016. You can pre-order the album HERE. The tracklist of the generic CD to be sold worldwide will be the following one: 1.Prayers/Triangles 2.Acid Hologram 3.Doomed User 4.Geometric Headdress 5.Hearts/Wires 6.Pittura Infamante 7.Xenon 8.(L)Mirl 9.Gore 10.Phantom Bride 11.Rubicon

Listen to “Prayers/Triangles” – Gore’s first single

Deftones just released their first single as an audio video on Youtube. “Prayers/Triangles” will be on Deftones’ upcoming album “Gore” to be released on April 8th 2016.

Chino explains why “Gore” – Deftones’ new album working title – has been delayed

from: www.theprp.com “The guy [Matt Hyde] who started—who recorded the record with us—had mixed it, but at the time, we had finished the record and then we went and started doing some shows. So we weren’t around while it was being mixed. So, when we got off tour we listened to it and went ‘ahh, […]

Cool backstage footage with Deftones

Back in March, Deftones visited Austin, TX for a sold out show, here’s a great video with backstage footage with the band. The latest installment of Backstage Austin features the melodic, metal, musical-giants of rock: Deftones. The notoriously private band granted Backstage Austin all access to their recent show at ACL Live at the Moody […]

“Swerve City” – The non-horses videoclip

NME released today a new Deftones videoclip for “Swerve City”. This time the band is on the video, playing and walking around english town, Manchester.