On almost all old Deftones shows and pics, Chino just holds his mic. But later like after he cut his hair he winds the wire of the mic around his hands and fingers. First I thought it was because he doesn’t want to lose his mic when he dives into the crowd, but I’ve also […]

Found a Grave


This is some freaky shit that. There’s a dude named Camilo Moreno that was born June 12th (8 days before Chino) that died in Texas. Check his grave |here| (thanks to Liz)

Abe Interview @ KUOI 89.3 FM


Listen below to an interview done with Abe Cunningham during the blackdiamondskye tour with Alice In Chains and Mastodon, October 9th in Portland, Oregon. Abe Cunningham | Deftones Interview | KUOI 89.3 FM by KUOI 89.3 FM

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