Chino: tattoos comments


Here’s a little bit of an old interview with Chino: Tattoos? How do you feel about ’em? Chino: I’ve got three, this is the first one I got [a sun on his wrist], I don’t like it, but our bass player has it, and I got it. Actually, the sun is probably my biggest enemy, […]

Chino: a city’s name


Did you know that CHINO is also a name of a city near L.A.? That’s true. (mainly all new houses and cows there) Also in California there’s Moreno Valley and near there you can find Chino Hills. In Chino Hills there’s Chino Avenue and below Chino Hills there’s the Boys Republic…|. (thanks to Jessica, Carlos and […]

Chino in Papa’s Video


If you check really close Papa Roach video “Last Resort”, you can see that between all the fans showed there, there’s a girl who has a poster of Chino in her bedroom.

Pony’s Leakage


This article was at the official BB. And apparently it came from a reliable source. It’s about how White Pony got leaked and why there’s different track names on Napster… “The band only initially finished 12 tracks, and then finished Back to School over the summer making that 13 finished tracks for the White Pony […]

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