FUCT This Job


A Texas newspaper editor was fired for running a photo of the Deftones featuring singer Chino Moreno in a sweatshirt with the letters “fuct.” Nora Garza said her supervisors at The Monitor, a daily in McAllen, cited the photo’s “obscene” language when they dismissed her on Monday. The photo ran Friday on the cover of […]

Chino’s hair


Most of you (men) want to know what Chino used to put in his hair (mostly before ‘White Pony’) to get that spikey style. Here’s what he has to say about that: Chino Moreno: “It’s called Murray’s. It’s pomade. It has a lady with an afro on the can, so I think it’s for black […]

Depeche/Gus Font


There’s a Depeche Mode cover with the font used on the ‘White Pony’. That is called ‘Avant Garde’ font (Corel name). Coincidence I guess… You can check that cover |here|. (thanks to Ramon Bravo) Gus Gus, a well known Icelandic band, has a CD with the Deftones Ribbon font on it as their logo.|here| (thanks to Jeremy Clymer)

Break Dancer Chino


I read in Flavir Magazine a very old interview with Chino. He stated that before he went into music or skateboarding he got himself into break dance when he was about 11. Read this great interview |here|

Headup Max


Max Cavalera named his band – Soulfly – thanks to ‘Headup’ from “Around the Fur”. Here’s Max own words: Max Cavalera: “The name came up on the Deftones ‘Around the Fur’ record (..) we wrote ‘Headup’ together. On ‘Headup’ says SOULFLY on it (…) And when we did this TV show, I announced the name […]

Chino Autographs


Have you ever got autographed stuff from Chino? If yes, perhaps you’ve watched that he writes in a very funny way… He holds the pen with the back of his thumb!!! It’s damn weird how he writes! You can see a pic of him signing some stuff |here|. Also about Chino autographs I remember that […]

Chi’s Spirit


I read in Chi’s personal liner notes on ‘Adrenaline’ that the first person he thanked was – “The Almighty Spirit That Moves Through All Things”. I also read Chi’s comments about that: Chi: “A guy named Tom Brown Jr. studied under an Apache elder. instead of categorizing under one God-head, he saw that everyone was […]

Greg Moreno


Did you ever see the ‘Felicity’ show? There’s a character on this show called Sean. His real name is Greg Grunberg, and let me tell you that he looks just like Chino, specially his eyes and mouth.  Greg also plays a role in the movie ‘Hollow Man’.  I guess if I made a defmorphation of […]

Adrenaline cover

Child's nasal aspirator isolated on a white background

The object on the Deftones’ first album – Adrenaline – ain’t a kid’s top, like it appears to be. That is an aspirator, used for babies when they have mucous in their lungs or nose since they cannot blow it out themselves. You squeeze the hollow air filled ball and place it into their nose […]

Chino Nosedive


You can’t pick your fans, and you can’t pick your fans’ noses. But, as Chino Moreno learned on June, 20th 1998 (his birthday) during a show at Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre in Irvine, Ca., occasionally, if the timing’s right, a fan can pick your nose. It seems when Moreno dove headfirst into the crowd during the […]

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