“Flavir” – July, 1996 // Stef Interviewed

Chino and Chi interviewed by Flavir ©July, 1996 <—————-> Flavir: Chino, your band is quite fat. Your vocal style is unique in that you’re not constantly barking. I like it. How was that inspired? When and how did you decide to use this style? Chino: I think the style just came from the music I […]

“LiveWire” – July, 1996 // Stef and Chino Interviewed

LIVEWIRE June/July 1996 Def Jamming Deftones vocalist Chino Moreno and guitarist Stephen Carpenter explain the origin of their band’s funk/metal/pop/hardcore blend. By Tomas Pascual www.deftonesowrld.com *——————-* There are many bands these days that lay claim to a diverse section of influences. But no one band is as subtly boisterous to about their eclectic mix as […]

“Loudside” – June, 1996 // Chi Interviewed

Chi at the Warped Tour in Denver, interviewed by Eric Nielsen (loudside.com) © June, 1996 <———–> Q: When are you guys going to go into the studio to record the next album? A: Hopefully in January. We’ll tour up until December and take some time off. Q: Will any of your old demo songs that […]

“The Vine”– January, 2011 // Chino Interviewed

“The Vine” – Chino Interviewed

January 2011 is an interesting time for Australian fans to be witnessing Californian hard rock act Deftones. Here in the country for their first tour since 2007 – they headlined the Soundwave Festival that year – it’s been eight months since the five-piece released their sixth album, Diamond Eyes, to extensive critical acclaim (TheVine included). […]

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